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Seiken Densetsu Features Legend of Mana

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Reviewed by Greatest One To start, I'll admit that I have never played a Mana game before. So, the attraction may not be the same here. The concept of creating lands out of artifacts seemed pretty cool to me. I also wanted to check out the many sub quests that this game offered. I was soon disappointed to see that most of the sub quests were pretty lame. Also, I was disappointed to find that there is no real story in this game that would hold your interest. There are a few sub-stories, but they aren't really that good. But, this game does have a few good points to it too. The prospects of creating new lands was enough for me to keep playing and looking for artifacts. Also, the customisable choices in this game are awesome. You can customize your weapons and armor using various items you find in this game. The possibilities are endless. You can also make musical instruments for magic. Collecting items for these and trying out various combinations is a lot of fun. Also, you can capture pet monsters and raise them to assist you in battle. If thats not enough, you can also play Dr. Frankenstein and creat robots, called golems, which will also help you in battle. The battle system is pretty good too as it combines action and RPG elements. These plus points somewhat make up for the lack of story, but still the game could have offered more. Graphics: 7. The graphics are storybook like and instantly make you feel like you are playing a kiddie game. But, these graphics are done quite nicely and some places look incredible. Sound: 9. This is a real plus in this game. I really liked the music in the game and there were a surprising number of sound effects. Gameplay: 7. The game is very non-linear, so you probably will lose any track of any story you might find. The battle system is pretty cool, but the fights are too easy unless you raise the difficulty which is possible only after beating the game once. Replay Value: 8. There is a lot of additional stuff to do which will make you want to replay the game. Overall: 6 out of 10 The lack of story affects the score. I look for story in any RPG as the number one criteria and this game disappoints in that part. Otherwise its a fairly good game to check out.

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