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Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Legend of Mana in my opinion was an interesting game, a little weird and not a sequel to the popular SNES game Secret of Mana. This game held my interest for a long time for it's somewhat simplicity in it. In a sense its not a true RPG if you consider games that are turn based true RPG's since this one has real time battles its more of a side scroller in that sense. At first I didn't understand this game so I disliked it. So I decided I wasn't going to play it, but then once I got my barrens in knew what I was doing this game become a lot of fun, and I was intrigued as to what my quirky Heroin would get into next. For the most part this game was very interesting and I highly enjoyed it. This is a wonderful game and you really need to give it a chance, like I did. Many people didn't like this because of its lack of a meaty story since when you think about it everything is mostly events thrown together and there aren't any real plot twist a few here and there. When you get further into the game, but for the main 3 quarters of the game everything just seems to happen, and your hero or heroin is there to help out. Visuals 8. 5/10 The graphics on this game is pretty good everything is hand drawn and it looks splendid. At first I thought the characters looked too babyish for my taste but they grew on me. The backgrounds are so bright and colorful, everything is perfectly done, and the best hand drawn graphics I have seen. It looked like I was playing a colorful Disney cartoon, my only fault was the character size could of even a bit larger or the monsters in the game especially the bosses should have been shorter. I think the backgrounds show the best look in the entire game, the character non-playable and normal weren't done that well. The faces of the characters and when you read a book like an encyclopedia and there is a nice sketch of the character these things were done we.. Basically the graphics were up to code, they weren't really bad at all they could have been better but I'm not really complaining since this is an RPG. For the most part this game delivered in the graphic department in quite frankly I couldn't ask for better here. Audio 9. 0/10 Well if you aren't a fan of upbeat music then this won't be for you and you better play with the music off. For those of us who love upbeat music and a nice atmosphere this is definitely the game you want to play, for the vast majority of the game except at the end and in certain quest the music was dark. I liked the fact that that they decided to do it for this game this upbeat music really worked with it. I also loved the adventurous fast music during the fight stages and dungeons and caverns and things. The sound effects were also well done and they gave off a certain something that made the game more enjoyable on my part. Overall this music and graphics really gave this game a 'jolly' atmosphere. Game Play 10/10 So much to discuss because quite frankly this game offers a lot of fun. This game is very innovative its true you make your own quest basically. You get artifacts which enable you to open certain places and events and you can do everything at your place frankly if you don't care for the adventure in front of you, you can do a different adventure its all entirely up to you. Some adventures may require just a little bit of thinking while some are going through caves and finding some one or defeating a boss. That's the life of the mercenary, you get two different types Male and Female, I decided to use the female because the guy didn't look 'right' if you know what I mean. Anyway there are so many fun things you can do like animal raising which reminds me of Pok¸mon, and you can make your own weapons and you can make your own instruments and your own Golems! Wow, that's a lot of stuff that will help you on your quest one more fun thing you garden, you can have so much fun at your home doing things that are suppose to help you. Let me explain each one: Monster Raising It starts off with catching an egg, eggs tend to be difficult to catch at first but later on they become easier and easier. You try to catch the egg by dropping meat and if the egg likes it you can get it. It will be taken back to the Monster Coral, and soon it will hatch and it will become a monster. They start off weak but you can feed them certain foods to improve their strength or change their personality. Weapon Making Weapon Making is indeed fun as well, you can craft your own weapon, which takes a lot of experimenting and no know how. Basically you first start by getting a primary metal material. If you have good ones the weapon will be powerful, you can then infuse your weapon with coins seeds meat fruit whatever, experiment with it all and whatever raises your stats on weapon or armor is the one to choose. Instrument Making You can also make instruments. Instruments are tools needed to catch these ghosts like creatures. They drop coins which can be used to make better instruments or for your weapon. Instrument making is pretty fun, the more instruments you make the better making a good one can guarantee you some coins. Instrument making was in my opinion very mandatory, because you needed always to have a good instrument to catch the guys that give you coins. The coins were great for weapons that went into your golem. Golem Making Making Golem's is like a cross between weapons and instruments. A golem is made out of weapons armor and instruments and so are its attacks. So this is how all 3 of these connect if you are a Golem freak and want a real good one you'll make weapons and instruments for the sole purpose of creating a better golem. Golem making tends to be tricky but if you have some decent home made weapons and armor you can make a wonderful golem. Golem's were much like Pets but they were more obedient meaning they followed you better than the pets did, the pets liked to go off on their own too much. The Garden Well the garden was different than the others, there was a beautifully drawn tree in the back of your house, and you gave him seeds. You go out do a few missions and colorful named and looking fruit would appear, this was still pretty fun and I always took care of my garden making sure he gets a lot of seeds and I get all the fruit whenever possible. The fruit was used for your Monsters you could feed it to your monsters assuming you did a lot of gardening and he gave you the encyclopedia for Gardening you can know what you are feeding your monsters and make sure you got the right things for it. The Battle system was pretty much like a side scroller but there were many things you had to know to come out of battle successfully. Things like special attacks, and skills. You were given I think 10 skills in the beginning of the game, but when you used two skills at the same time a new skill would be made. Then sometimes you would get a new special attack, special attacks were devastating and often-left enemies help less. Also you got NPC's which stand for Non Playable Characters they come with their own skills and weapons so you don't' need to worry about it, a 2nd player can control your NPC's or they can just follow you. There were so many different things in this game that made it so unique and different from other games, on the market. Fun Factor: High I found this game fun, but not at the early going where everything was just go out and do the quest. When you started to be able to make you're own Golems and instruments and raise animals the game got much more interesting and I really enjoyed it at this point. I think that with things like this it keeps a game like Legend of Mana fresh and interesting. Replay Value: Medium This game definitely has a reason to play through again sense you won't do every quest on the first play through as a matter of fact you probably won't even meet every character on your first play through. So for reasons like these this game was worth while in my opinion. This keeps the game always fresh since you have two character types to choose from even though they are the same its still fun being both. Good Points A breath of fresh air from the RPG's on the market. Animal Raising, Golem, Instrument, Weapon and Armor making Easy battle system Easy Leveling Up Lots of fun NPC to have with you on your quest. Bad Points Graphics Too Childish These graphics could have been more 'adult' like I mean the characters looked like babies, and everyone looked real young, even though they weren't suppose. This game really looked like it was for a younger audience. Monsters Too Hard to Raise I for one had a difficult time trying to raise the monsters, it just seem too difficult and like it was too much work to raise the monsters properly. It seems as though they would never gain adequate levels or be strong enough in battle. Most of the time in battle they barely did anything even when I gave it a chance I suppose on a higher level the monsters do more damage but on a lower one they don't. Overall 7 out of 10 This game was pretty good but it just didn't satisfied me like I thought it would the game is entirely too short to be considered really good or get a higher score. You could probably beat this a few hours if you practiced at it and knew what was the right missions to take however it is a lot of fun when you first get it, and its worth 2 play through I would say. The graphics and music gave it a childish atmosphere I was surprised that this game was rated for teens, because it looks so cartoony, and for children. I think that children would enjoy this game the story line and raising monsters is fun enough and easy enough for a child to use. One thing that did bother me was the fact that the hero never says anything. I don't know about you but I'm tired of the speechless heroes in current RPG's, its just well annoying, it was cool when Crono did it but it isn't any fun any more. I know they do it for the drama but it isn't needed a talking hero makes the game more fun. Basically this is a very good game and if you are in dire need for a great game and you are sick of all the clones on the market this game is what you need.

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