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Resident Evil: Director's Cut - Dual Shock

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Resident Evil Directors Cut Dual Shock a mouthful of a name for the 3rd redemption of the original. What's so different about Dual Shock, well for those who have never played either original or the original Director's Cut it is quite a thrill. I have played the original and I have to say even though it's not that different even when you play Director Cut it is still kind of scary at night and when you don't know something is about to happen. With Capcom masters of all Dual Shock, they really did it great and timed it perfectly this game even before Dual Shock was added was still pretty creepy. And if you weren't paying attention or if you were scared it could make you even more scared. I remember some key situations where your out of bullets in a new place and all of a sudden a few zombies or coming right for you. Which in a sense was kind of scary. When things came out of no where it was quite frightening. Although the game is no where near a scary as it was when it was originally released because at that time the public wasn't yet use to 's urvival Horror' or the game that coined the phrase. So this game was quite a fright fest. I remember playing the original around the time it first came out and I have to admit that at some points of the game I was shocked at some of the events that took place while playing the game. I mean at that time the graphics were pretty good and the zombies well looked as realistic as possible. So it was a tad bit frightening when you were trying to dodge a few zombies and interweave in between. I say a few because when this was made there was only about 3 zombies on the screen with you. We know now that we can fit way more zombies on the screen and still not have the slow down. This game even though it's just a remake still has it downsides, but it's still not enough to hamper the game at all. The game is still pretty frightening and it's still fun as ever to play. Even though the signs of age are pretty apparent you won't think about the highly apparent 'jaggies' when you are frustrated with a puzzle. You won't think of the faded backgrounds when you get your meaty mitts on the shotgun for the first time. You won't be thinking about a lot of things when you're slaughtering zombies just because they're moaning. This game had a huge impact on me as a person this is still my favorite Survival Horror series even though some of the later games in the series have not lived up to the expectations and the overall greatness of the originals. Even though they look better they seem to fall quite short in my opinion to what went on here. This thing is like the King of all Survival Horror, and all action games of the 32-bit and up era. So we must pay tribute to this awesome game. I really love this game and as a player and a reviewer I like past its slight imperfections although some are vaster than other is. We have to look past these things and just feel the overall essence of the game. I remember when I first saw this game. I remember drooling over the great graphics and the fact that it seemed like you were killing people. The cool looking characters the spooky old mansion. This just seemed like a must have type of game, so when something is must have you must get it. That is what I did, and it's years later since then and I still love the game. I really like what Capcom did with the director's cut, it improved vastly on some of the graphics because I have to tell you the originals graphics weren't exactly the best graphics. But this improved on that; it also added a few more notes of music. It added all sorts of things in this new camera angles and much much more. Well anyway onto the rest of my review. Story 10/10 The story is as spooky and in some places as a corny as a scary B-Movie. But even so I love this story when I first heard it and it sounded pretty cool if you ask me. Now when you look back at it is kinda cheesy but it did start a huge series and a huge following. Originally local people in Racoon City have reported cases of people being attacked by gangs of men. They were bizarre attacks because the people seem as if they were eaten. There were also reports of a woman who hiked in the mountains of big dogs that were monster like a bery fast attacking them. S. T. A. R. S was sent in to research this. The Stars Bravo team researched the area of the attack. They were sent out to look for survivors of a tourist group where the woman who got attacked was in. There Helicopter failed, and they knew that the 'gang' hideout was an old rundown mansion. The Bravo Team was reported missing. The Alpha Team was sent in to find the Helicopter of the Bravo team and to rescue all the members. They ran into the mansion unknowingly to the fact that was the Zombie Hideout. On the way there large Zombie like dogs attacked them. 3 Alpha Team members made it to the mansion Chris, Jill, and Wesker. And this is where you come in you locate the members of the Bravo team and find out what is going on seemingly. In reality you just try to find a way to Survive the Horror of the mansion. The story picks up the story is basically the same to this point for the two playable characters who are well known in the Survival Horror world, Jill Valentine, and Chris Redfield. They both meet different people and even if you do the same with both you will never encounter each other for the most of the game. But you basically in the long run do the exact same stuff but there are slight differences here and there in the stories. Well consider this is in the action genre how deep and different can the story get? Not much in this Reviewer's opinion, that was a key thing you had to think about. Since the majority of the game was worrying about getting to the Chest to get more ammo or to switch weapons you didn't think too much of the story. But when you did you had to admit that this game had a pretty cool story and one that I would never forget. The story did indeed sound like some bad 80's movie you would watch on a Sunday and you were bored. But in a game format the story for except RPG's were never really all that good so this is really all you had to choose from. Overall I kind of dug the story of the game but I think it could have been expounded upon more than it had been. Seemingly on the surface it was a cool story but in the realm of this one game it led too much thinking in the end and too many unanswered questions. Plus there were too many large gaps while playing the game and too many differences that happened. I mean in an essence the story got hard to follow at key points in the game and this demanded a replay for you to really piece everything together. Graphics 8. 0/10 The graphics on this game was pretty good. This when it came out were streamline graphics and some of the best on playstation. Key word when the original Resident Evil came out. This is Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock and it came out in 98. So these graphics weren't exactly the best on the market. But they were far from worst and they were touched up from the original. The backgrounds and the characters and zombies them selves have been touched up. The graphics are quite similar to that saw on RE2 its sequel. But they weren't nearly as good, they could have been better is my main beef here. Although I will as always discuss the good first. First the camera had different angles a lot of angles which was quite similar to the Square FF later series. Because the camera angles constantly changed and this was sort of a good and a bad thing. For the most part you got a good view of your character either very close or far away but when you were in a smaller room you were pretty close. The characters did have a high detail when they were close up you could see their distinctive features on their faces and the wrinkles and lines in their clothing. You could also see little things like small objects on shelves, and other stuff that was quite close up. Then there were the zombies who moved very stiffly which wasn't done because of lack of programming knowledge, it was done because that's how a zombie notoriously moves. The zombies were all about the same size they had sort of fat zombies, but they weren't really fat just a little bit more rounded than a normal zombie. Then they had zombies who were pretty scary looking with their faded faces and dead looking bodies, with the clothes falling off of them. The blood in my opinion looked pretty realistic from a far but when you were close to it you could actually see how jaggy and pixilated it was. This could have been improved on and it was in the later games in the series. But I think that if you didn't really pay attention to the blood it looked pretty real. I think the way the zombies moved when they got hit was truly great they actually looked realistic when you shot them with a shotgun up close. I also like the little things how Zombies would still walk even after you blew there head off and then just drop that looked so cool in my opinion. Everything about this game really showed a lot of effort was put into it to add to the realism. Then on top of this you had opening sequences which were awesome. This is the only PSX RE that I played that used live action actors for the opening sequence. Which I never watched before I got this version, I think that the live action actors looked pretty good even though you really can't consider them graphics because it was a movie. But they had other real graphic cinema scenes a few of them and I have to say those looked pretty good. Like the beginning one when you put the game first on and some later ones all had great graphics on them. Overall I think the graphics on this game were great. Sound 8. 0/10 Well considering the fact that this game for the most part didn't have music or when it did the music was usually pretty low or dark you really can't harp too much on it. When the music did play loud enough for you to listen to it I have to say in true Capcom fashion they really worked hard on making the music of this game sound as cool as possible. They consider the game was supposed to scare you so that is what happened here. The game kept either no music or really low music so the game would be scarier and this in a way up the realism of the game. I especially like the them from when you are on the balcony in the beginning of the game or when a hallway is full of zombies and that music pops up its kind of frightening. Then the music just goes silent on you when you get back signaling no danger, so in a way the music was an aid while playing the game. It made the game easier to play, and it kept you on your toes. Although some times zombies popped up no matter what music was playing even the usual 's ave Typewriter' music. Then there were the sounds. You heard the awkward moan of the zombies, when you were in rooms with the zombies, they moaned louder when you shot them, they never screamed and I think that is a good thing. Some others might argue that should have screamed but they were only left to moan. Which added to the scary and spookiness of the game, then you had more typical sounds like gunshots and what not which also added more to the game and made the better and more enjoyable playing. So overall I liked the sounds and the music of this game. These sounds and music were some of the best I heard in a video game in a long time. I mean they really went with the atmosphere so seamlessly. I mean the gunshots sounded so realistic. Well then there is the bad the voice acting could of used some work. Because some of the actors were pretty bad at it and there voicing just didn't go with the character type. Which is always a key thing when you are playing a video game of this magnitude. Overall though despite this insignificant flaw the game still was pretty good in the sound department. Game Play 10/10 This game is for one player only. You get a choice of two characters Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. You are equipped with the basic knife which isn't that great only in a must situation, and a regular handgun. You also get a couple more weapons but you will find out about those on your own. These are your basic weapons. The object is to find keys and other things around the mansions to solve the games various puzzles. So really when you think about it the zombies were just thrown in to get in your way and the real objective was trying to find your way through the mansion. That is what the game is about. Of course these are zombies you will be facing and maybe a few different type of enemies. But for the most part Zombies if you have played the later games in the series there are quite a few things you will notice about this. Number one you can't tell when you character is hurt or not you have to actually look at the status screen. Although you can run around while under danger this is actually a good thing. I hated having to drag my half dead body in other RE's because I was beat up too much. Then there is the fact that for some reason there is a major bullet shortage in this game. In RE2 even on hard popping four bullets in a zombie would drop them on the normal mode. Then in RE3 popping 3 could drop the zombie, but this you usually have to shoot them 6 times you may get lucky and get that head popper. But that's rare and doesn't come out all the time. So this combined with the shortage of the bullets in the game will really have you keeping that knife strapped to you at all times. That was the main strategy of the game it was easy to die here because you had to manually push the zombies off of you. Which was at times difficult, because you see the zombies were kind of stubborn. You had to mash the buttons really hard for the zombies to actually get off of you which at times tending to become very annoying. Especially when you were low on life you could be killed by one zombie and not even know you were about to be killed. This did tend to get kind of annoying. Some of the puzzles were entirely too hard, I mean even though I know where to go some places still stump me no matter how many times I play the game again. Overall though this was a pretty difficult game. Good thing the controls for this game were perfectly up to standard and were quite easy to use. They responded perfectly may have been slightly too loose. They responded too quick and since there was barely and room for era when fighting a few zombies you were usually dead if you couldn't move quickly enough. The difficulty for the most part on this game was adjustable and this game required one block of memory for the save feature. Overall 10 out of 10 Even though this game had its flaws it still stands out on top. For some very simple and basic reasons that many will recognize some of these reasons are the fact that the game has started a colt following. People hang on to this series like it's gold and have to have every game in it and have to write fan fiction for it. Even though this version is an obvious reason to suck money at anyone who loves variations or just have to have every different version of this game possible. Every thing about this game was just splendid and it was done well. Even though it had it's laws I mean they were easily looked over by the average gamer none really stick out and bug me like other games did. Although I would of appreciated if the game had a little more lead way for beginners. Because you really had to have experience playing the other RE's before you played this one. I mean you really couldn't just figure it out on your own. I think the original version of the game really was slightly different in the manner and a maybe more user friendly than this one. This one although it's a great game just didn't provide the things that the others one did. I mean in reality what were looking at is the remake of a great game. It wasn't that mcuh different that the other two versions. The fun factor was pretty low, on this game. I mean killing zombies will always be fun but how many times can you shoot the same zombies. Not too many in my book and this game is easily frustrating I ran around in circles a lot while playing this and got lost easily. It just goes to show you even if you know the game playing it in Director's Cut Mode is pretty difficult. The Replay Value was pretty high though because the fact that not only did you has a original mode you also had the director's cut. The Director's Cut was more than just different camera angles it was a lot of other things to. You had items in different place, which made the game entirely different to play. But once you beat both modes there is not too many reasons to hop back into it. Then there was the bad in the game. See some thing things you just can't avoid some of these things stand out more than others, because a lot of times while playing this I experienced some slow down. When you had like 3 monster on the screen you just moved too slow. If you were walking backwards shouldn't you be able to move pretty fast walking backward that's what I would think but that's not so here. You actually at some points move slower than the zombie does it self when you are walking backwards. This can and will be a problem. The game had more problems than just that some were more evident than. I think the fact that you had a low supply of ammo was real nerve biter. Plenty of times you had to actually watch how many bullets you used in the early going simply because you just didn't have enough bullets to go around. See this should have been solved I mean don't flood the game with bullets like RE3 but then they could have had more bullets than what you had here. I was pretty much disappointed because you basically had to live clip to clip. You couldn't really have a nice supply of bullets unless you got some good breaks and dumped off a lot of zombies pretty quickly. But that was a game to game basis and never happened all the time so it sort of made the game switch p in a way. Overall though this was still a fabulous game and one of my favorites.

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