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          VIGILANTE 8
**Default Controls**

Up - Gas
Down - Brake/reverse
Left/right - Steer
X - Gas
Square - Brake/Handbrake turn
Triangle - Rear View
O - Select Target
L1 - Select Previous Weapon
L2 - Fire selected Weapon
R1 - Select Next Weapon
R2 - Fire Machine Gun

**Main Menu**

One player:

Quest - Quest mode consists of a series of four levels for each character.
        To win each level, you must complete the mission objectives and 
        destroy all enemy vehicles.  After beating completing all four 
        levels your characters fate will be revealed.  It will also unlock
        secret characters and arenas.  If you fail mission objectives you 
        can redo the level. 
Arcade - You select your vehicle, arena, and opponents.  

Two Player:

Versus - You get to battle it out with someone else.  The match is over 
        when one player is destroyed.  You can restart the battle after it
        is over.
Cooperative - Players team up to battle a group of enemies.  The game is 
        over when either player dies so watch out for each other.


Game Status - shows the status on all the unlocked characters and arenas.
        Press O to enter a password and X to accept it.  Press X to view a
        character's movie if their quest has been completed.
Difficulties - Unleaded = Easy
               Super Unleaded = Medium
               Premium Hi Octane = Hard
Controllers - Configure your controller (This game supports Analog)

**Gameplay Screen**

- The box in the upper middle shows which weapon is equipped with how much 
ammo remains to the right.
- The dots over the weapons box show how many weapons are equipped (3 max)
- The radar has red and green dots.  The red is enemies and the green is a
selected enemy.
- The box in the lower left corner is a selected enemies health.
- The  bar in t he upper right corner is your health.
- When the target reticle (crosshairs) are white your weapon does not track
an enemy.  When it is green it will track the enemy.


-Note-  Check for all the weapons' special moves.

Interceptor Missiles - Uses a combination of optical and heat-seeking 
        tracking systems.  Tracking accuracy depends upon size of target,
        Pretty slow and crappy from my experience.
Bulls Eye Rockets - No tracking ability.  Pretty powerful and the special
        moves are good.
Sky Hammer Mortor - Fires an explosive charge of semi-intelligent matter.
        Pretty good.  Hard to hit someone unless they have slowed down or
        are stuck somewhere.  The crater maker special is great!
Bruiser Cannon - Tracking turret.  Rotates very slow so don't make quick
        moves while trying to shoot.  Cow puncher special is very strong.
Roadkill mines - pretty weak but a pain the butt.  Bear Hug special can
        come in handy but watch out, it can get you too.

Green Crates - Contain a special weapon
Brown Crates - Any weapon, standard or special


Shield (green diamond) - force field for a limited time.
Radar Jammer (yellow squiggle) - confuses enemy radar and homing dvices for
        a limited time.
Weapon upgrade (blue X) - Doubles the damage factor of any standard weapon
        for a limited time.
Repair Wrench - partial repair.

**Tips for Combat**


- Double tap the gas for faster accelaration.
- Use hand brake for sharp turns at high speeds.
- Use the afterburner special with the missiles to get more air on jumps.
- If the engine stalls press Gas repeatedly until it starts.  All in th
- Upside down?  Press D-pad repeatedly to one side to get back over.


- If you are carrying three weapons and you pick up one more your active 
weapon will be discarded, prepare!
- Weapons can overheat, don't fire too fast or it won't fire at all.


- By default your radar will attempt to target the enemy directly ahead of
- You can override the selected target by pressing the cycle target button.


- Smaller cars are weaker, but harder to target.  Keep moving.
- Larger cars should consider ramming smaller cars.
- If you hit your opponent with two or more weapons simultaneously you get
a "whammy".  This causes more damage.
- If a vehicle wrecks it will stall before it blows up.  Hit it with a 
special move or secret weapon to total it.

**Story in Brief**

It's the time of the oil shortage.  Sid Burn has been hired by the Oil 
Monopoly Alliance Regime (OMAR).  OMAR wants Sid and his "Coyotes" to 
push the US economy over the edge.  They do this by destroying oil wells 
and refineries.  Some desperate civilians lead by Convoy, decide to take the
law into their own hands.  Thus the "Vigilantes" were born.  The US 
government was feeling vulnerable and began to develop weapons based on 
alien technology at the base Site-4.  Sid found out about the wepons and
tried to ambush the base.  The Vigilantes showed up and the weponary fell
into both groups' hands.  

**Characters and Special Weapons**


Chassy Blue - Beauty Queen and Special Agent.  Her secret weapon is
        Gridlock.  It launches a grid of flares that cause engines to stall.
Slick Clyde - Showoff playboy whos truck was confiscated by Convoy.  He was
        forced into helping the Vigilantes and now wants to be the leader.
        Special is White Lightning.  A large rod causes electricity to 
        strike an opponent and can stall their vehicle.
Sheila - Convoy's 16 year old niece.  Special is the Tantrum Gun.  Capable
        of knocking weapons of enemies' cars.
John Torque - One time Vegas hustler is know Convoy's right hand man.
        Weapon is the Bass Quake.  Causes earth to ripple so don't drive to
        fast when using this.
Dave (locked) - Alien fanatic.  Special causes UFOs to attack a vehicle.
Convoy (locked) - Leader of the Vigilantes.  His special is tires that roll 
        and crash into something then explode.


Loki - Former military test pilot at Site-4.  Released after becoming 
        mentally unstable.  Special is Scatter Missles.  The launch into 
        air and drop cluster bombs over opponent.
Houston 3 - OMAR's scientists bionic woman.  Special is the (are you ready
        for this?) Super Fantastic Death Ray 3-Ax.  Can knock weapons of 
        enemies' cars.
Boogie - Disco fever, and a real pain in the ass, especially that voice.
        Special is the Disco Inferno.  A disco ball that shoots explosive
Beezwax - A beekeeper with mutated bees from nuclear tests.  Special is the
        Gamma Swarm.  His Mutant bees attack the enemy's car.
Molo (locked) - A kid from NYC.  Stole a school bus and headed west.
        Special is toxic fumes.  Pretty bad special.  Still, it can kill 
        an enemy in seconds if you stop and let them pull up behind you, 
        then let it rip!
Sid Burn (locked) - Leader of the Coyotes, and an arsonist.  Special is a
        cannon that shoots fireballs.

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