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          TWISTED METAL 3

The Controls

up - gas
down - reverse
left/right - steer

square - gas
triangle - turbo
circle - look back
x - emergency brake/hard turn

start - pause game
select - change camera view

L1/R1 - toggle between weapons
L2 - fire active weapon
R2 - fire machine guns

Analog Mode:

Right Stick - gas(up) and brake(down)
Left Stick - steers right/left
R3(push right stick in) - turbo
L3(push left stick in) - reverse


Been frustrated behind the wheel lately? Perhaps someone cut you off on the 
highway last week? Instead of anger management classes, may we suggest a 
sleek speed missle or a homing mortar with a 100-foot blast radius to reduce 
your vehicular problems to smoking heaps of shrapnel?

Welcome once again to our twisted world where the drivers are insane, the 
explosions apocalyptic and the weapons hard core. As the ultimate automobile 
combat simulation for the PlayStation game console, Twisted Metal III 
features ten all new explosive battlegrounds including Hollywood, Hangar 18, 
Washington D.C. and Egypt. You can also drive one of fourteen revved-up, 
fully armed vehicles, including old favorites like Thumper, Roadkill, and 
that poor old sap Axel, as well as deadly hooligans like Firestarter, Club 
Kid and Flower Power. and if you're lucky, maybe Sweet Tooth will toss you 
an ice cream sandwich before he blows your wheels to smithereens.

Now get out on the battleground and make your momma proud.

Game Views

You can alter your driving view during gameplay by pressing the SELECT 
button or choosing CAMERA from the Pause Menu to access four different game 
views in a 1-player game: IN CAR, CLOSE, MEDIUM and FAR.

In a 2-player game, you can change the split screen view from vertical to 
horizontal at the Pause Menu. You can also choose from three different quad 
screen setups.

In a 3 or 4-player game, the game view is a quad screen setup.

Difficulty Level

There are three different difficulty levels you can choose from,    they 
consist of:
Cream Puff(the easiest), Twisted Metal(average difficulty) or
Pure Lunacy(the hardest).


The tournament consists of and eight level game. To clear a level you must 
destroy all opponent vehicles. There are teo different ways to play a 

CPU ALLY: Lets you play with a computer-assisted ally to help you annihilate 
your competitors. You will not see ending movies when using CPU Ally.

POOL LIVES: Lets you share your total number of lives with you co-op player. 
When either player dies, the collective number of lives decreases.


A deathmatch is a 1 through 4-player game. You fight head-to-head against 
other players, but you can also have other enemy cars join you in the 
battle. A deathmatch ends when one player successfully destroys all other 
player vehicles, after which the match resets for another battle.


You are awarded a password once you complete a level in a Tournament mode 
(you can press START to pause the game and view the password for that 
level). To enter a Password, sekect PASSWORD from the Main Menu. Then enter 
the Password.


There a total of ten new battlegrounds to choose from (two in which you have 
to unlock). They include: Hollywood, Washington D.C. Hangar 18, North Pole, 
London, Tokyo, Egypt, and Calypso's Blimp. I won't name the other two. You 
have to find out for yourself or cheat with a code from the best cheat site 
on the Internet, Cheat Code Central.

Pick-Ups & Weapons

Fire Missle - A standard projectile missle with slight homing capabilty and 
moderate damage rating.

Power Missle - The most powerful missles in the game, but have no homing 

Ricochet Bomb - When released they bounce around the enviroment until in 
strikes a vehicle, including yours!!! The longer the bomb is in player the 
more powerful it is.

Lightning - Lightning originates form a powerful electrical source in 
certain battlegrounds. Make sure you are far away from the source before 
using the Lightning or the result can be quite shocking!

Homing Missle - Capable of seroing in and tracking down an enemy from a 

Napalm - An enemy struck by napalm instantly catches on fire. But watch out 
because cars can ignite other cars.

Rain Missle - As the name implies, rain missles explode in a shower of 
firepower. After you fire one, press L2 to detonate it.

Remote Bomb - The most powerful of all weapon pick-ups, remote bombs do not 
explode until you detonate them. After you drop it press L2 to detonate it. 
The bomb will automatically explode when someone runs over it.

Speed Missle - The fastest missle in the game.

Mortar - Its like having a scud missle on your car. When fired it flys into 
the air and punds on the targeted enemy.

UFO - Special weapon pick-up available in Hangar 18 only.

Pyramid - Special weapon pick-up available in Egypt only.

Radar Dish - Special weapon pick-up available in Tokyo only.

Partial Health/Full Health - The pick-ups are essential in maintaing your 
health during a battle.

Turbo - Replenishes your turbo energy supply.


By using "Advanced Attacks" you can have an advantage against your enemies. 
Here is how to do the attacks:

Freeze Burst - Left, Right, Up
High Jump - Up, Up, Left
Rear Attack - Left, Right, Down

You can use combo attacks to win. For example, you can come at an enemy at 
full speed, lay a remote bomb, use High Jump to get away from it, and then 
detonate it.

The Vehicles

There are fourteen vehicles to choose from.


The music produced for this game was made by Rob Zombie, Pitchshifter, and 
Lance Lenhart of the Lionhart Productions.

Twisted Metal III Tips and Hints

Within the US:          1-900-933-SONY (1-900-933-7669)
It costs $0.95/min. for auto hints and $1.40 for live hints, $6.95-$16.95 
for tips by mail (subject to availabilty) and $5.00-$20.00 for card 

Within Canada:          1-900-451-5757
It costs $1.50/min. for auto hints

Consumer Service/Technical Supprt:      1-800-345-SONY

989 Studios On-Line:

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