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Walt Disney's Tarzan Game Instruction Manual for PlayStation


Getting Started
Welcome to the Jungle
The Main Menu
Disney's Tarzan
Tarzan's Friends
Tarzan's Enemies
Tarzan's Moves
Tarzan's Weapons
Level Select
Completing Levels
Bonus Levels
Tarzan's Jungle Hints

Getting Started
Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in it's instruction 
manual.  Makes sure the power is OFF before inserting or removing a compact disc.  
Insert Disney's TARZAN disc and close the disc cover.  Insert the game controller and power 
up the PlayStation game console with the power button.  Follow the on-screen instructions 
to start a game.

Memory Cards
Disney's TARZAN lets you save games at their current level of play onto Memory Cards and 
resume play on previously saved games.  Insert Memory cards(s) into the PlayStation game 
console BEFORE starting play.  IMPORTANT:  Do not remove a Memory Card while saving or 
loading games.  Doing so could damage the game data.

Triangle button- pauses game
"O" button- underhand throw
"X" button- ground pound
Square button- overhand throw
L1- Knife Slash
R1- Knife Thrust
L2- change fruit (clockwise)
R2- change fruit (counter clockwise)

Directional buttons move Tarzan in direction pushed.  If he is swinging from a vine, 
the "X" button makes him release the vine.

Welcome to the Jungle:
Tarzan yells in triumph as you control the ultimate hero's passage though his jungle home.  
Swing, climb, run, jump, and surf your way through Tarzan's adventures.  Meet Tarzan's 
friends, encounter mysterious strangers, and save Tarzan's family from a ruthless hunter 
as you navigate his exotic world.

The Main Menu:
Use the directional buttons to move between the three main menu choices (start game, 
options, and load game.)  Highlight your choice and press the X button.

Start Game-  Move directly to the "Welcome to the Jungle" (level 1) by pressing the X 

Options-  Professor Porter will point the way to the options, difficulty, controller, 
sound, and movies when you press the directional button arrows.  Highlight the option, 
the press the X button to confirm the selection.

Difficulty-  Easy, medium, hard.  Press the directional buttons to highlight the option, 
the press the X button to confirm the selection.

Controller-  Turn the vibration feature of the controller on or off.  Use the directional 
buttons to highlight the on/off button and press the X button to make the change.  You can 
also choose different control settings by highlighting 'configure' and pressing the X 
button.  Move the directional buttons up or down to change the control configuration.  
Press the X button to select or the triangle button to exit.

Sound-  Music.  Full, medium, off.  Press the X button to confirm your selection.  Press 
the triangle button to exit.

Sfx-  Mono, Stereo.  Press the X button to confirm your selection.  Press the triangle 
button to exit.

Movies-  Use the directional buttons <-- and --> to cycle through the available movies.  
Movies will be made available by collecting the T-A-R-Z-A-N letters and by finishing levels.  
Note:  You can only play a movie after selecting a previously saved game.  Highlight the 
movie you wish to view and press the X button.  Press the triangle button to exit.

Load game-  Let Jane guide you to your saved games.  If instructed to, insert your memory 
card.  Use the directional buttons to move to the game you wish to play, highlight it, and 
press the square button.

Storyline-  Disney's Tarzan
Orphaned in the jungle, Tarzan is rescued by Kala, a female gorilla, who discovers the baby 
in a tree house high above the jungle floor.  An immediate bond forms between the two when 
Kala is forced to save Tarzan from the leopard, Sabor, a longtime enemy of the gorilla 
family.  The other apes look at the baby with uncertainty, and Kerchak, the ape's leader, 
fears the baby will bring danger to his family.  When Kala refuses to abandon the child to 
a certain death, Kerchak allows her to keep the baby, but refuses to be a father to this 

Tarzan thrives in the jungle, quickly becoming friends with a tomboy ape named Terk, and a 
neurotic elephant named Tantor.  As Tarzan watches all the creatures of the jungle, he 
learns their skills and uses what he learns.  Even so, Tarzan knows he is different from 
the animals in his new family.

Determined to prove himself to Kerchak, Tarzan vows to become, "the best ape ever!"  As 
Tarzan grows into adulthood, his strength and agility allow him to move through the jungle 
with ease.  When Sabor attacks Kerchak, Tarzan kills the leopard, finally earning Kerchak's 
respect and acceptance.  Just when it seems that he has finally fit into the gorilla family, 
gunshots announce the arrival of humans.  With that one sound, Tarzan's world changes 

Curious about these new strangers, Tarzan must find out more about them.  He is quickly 
introduced to Professor Porter, a noted scientific expert on gorillas, Professor Porter's 
daughter Jane, and Clayton, their opportunistic jungle guide.  Unimagined adventures await 
Tarzan as his human acquaintances encounter the gorilla world he grew up in.

Tarzan's Friends
Terk-  A feisty, wisecracking tomboy, Terk quickly adopts Tarzan as a little brother.  
Terk teaches Tarzan the ways of the jungle; she is always there to help her hairless friend, 
although she complains a little bit first.

Tantor-  An elephant bundle of nerves and neuroses, Tantor's size does nothing to waylay 
his numerous anxieties.  However, when Tarzan is in trouble, Tantor will always 
trumpet-charge to his friend's rescue.

Jane-  A proper young Victorian woman, Jane eagerly embraces the excitement and danger of 
the jungle.  Jane discovers she can teach Tarzan the ways of Man, while Tarzan happily 
guides Jan to the hidden wonders of his exotic world.

Professor Porter-  As the world leading expert on gorillas, Professor Porter is eager to 
observe them in the jungle.  He is a good-natured man, full of enthusiasm, and easily 
distracted.  He is always watchful when it comes to his daughter Jane.

Kala-  Tarzan's adoptive mother, Kala loves Tarzan unconditionally and teaches him that 
family is more a matter of heart than of blood.

Kerchak-  The respected patriarch of the gorilla family, Kerchak is fiercely devoted to the 
apes in his care.  Convinced that Tarzan will bring danger to his family, Kerchak refuses 
to accept Tarzan.  Kerchak acknowledges Tarzan's worthiness when Tarzan puts himself at 
risk to save his gorilla family.

Tarzan's Enemies
Jungle Animals-  The jungle is alive with animals.  But be careful, although some of the 
creatures are cute and fuzzy, they can still be hazardous to your health.  Some animals are 
even downright mean and will throw harmful fruit at Tarzan.

Clayton-  An experienced hunter, Clayton guides Jane and Professor Porter though the jungle.  
His natural instinct is to shoot first and explore later.  Although Clayton appears to be 
the ideal example of civilized man, Tarzan soon discovers who is the true savage.

Thugs-  When the humans arrive in the jungle, new dangers face Tarzan.  Watch out for 
Clayton's thugs.  They are out to hurt Tarzan and capture his gorilla family.

Certain plants and animals decrease Tarzan's strength so that he must find health to 

Animals-  While some animals are openly hostile to Tarzan, others will decrease Tarzan's 
strength by simply making contacts.  Jump to avoid them using the X button or throw harmful 
fruit at them using the 'square' button, or the 'triangle' button.

Birds-  Birds drop coconuts on Tarzan.  Jump by pressing the X button to see them coming or 
press down on the directional button to duck and protect Tarzan.  Then head for cover.

Exotic Plants-  Activate the plant by pressing the 'square' or 'triangle' button.  Bananas 
and fruit will fly out.  Collect bonuses and boost your health.  Be careful not to touch 
these plants.

Tarzan needs a lot of energy as he encounters his enemies.  Watch the energy bar and be sure 
to let Tarzan collect the bananas that he finds.  He must gather his strength before the 
next encounter.  See 'Hazards'.

Banana Tree-  Pound the base of the banana tree by pressing the 'O' button and the tree will 
drop bananas and other items that will help Tarzan.

Tarzan's Moves
Swinging-  Using the directional buttons, press and hold the <-- or --> to swing left or 
right.  Press up on the directional button to climb up or down to move down.  Tarzan will 
swing from the vine or rope.  Press the X button to get Tarzan to release his grip and 
swing to the next vine.  This move is perfect for moving Tarzan safely across wide pits.

Climbing-  Move Tarzan to a cliff, tree, or vine.  Press the X button and the up directional 
button simultaneously.  Tarzan will climb the obstacle to get where he is going, possibly 
gathering rewards along the way.

Tree Surfing-  Tarzan lands on a twisting branch and suddenly he is surfing past birds and 
monkeys.  Press the directional button to lay back on the branch and avoid getting Tarzan 
smacked by overhanging branches.  Press the X button to leap over low-clinging vines.  Be 
prepared to swing wide of the branches using the --> and <-- directional buttons, and to 
collect tokens.

Ground Pound-  Press the O button to have Tarzan pound the jungle floor.  This move can 
release health, power fruit and mangos from trees, provide access to hidden areas on the 
jungle floor, or break open boxes.

Power Jump-  The jungle offers many ways to help Tarzan jump to or over high obstacles.  
Have Tarzan leap, using the X button, on springy plants and large animals, then use the 
directional buttons to move him where he needs to go.

Tarzan's Weapons
Knife-  Find the knife, pick it up, and use the L1 button to slash with it, and the R1 
button to thrust.

Spear-  Tarzan has a spear for his fight against Sabor.  Use the triangle button for high 
attack and press the square button for low attack.

Jane's Parasol-  This item is used while tree surfing with Jane.  Press the square button 
to pop open the parasol while tree surfing and knock baboons off the tree.

Power Fruit-  Tarzan has three different colored fruits he can collect, each with increased 
power to help him with larger enemies.  Press the L2 or R2 button several times to see the 
quantity of each color fruit Tarzan has available.  Cycle to the color of fruit you wish to 

Yellow Fruit-  Standard power. Tarzan has an unlimited supply of this fruit to throw.

Purple Fruit-  First level of increased power.  This fruit has double the impact power of 
the yellow fruit.

Red Fruit-  Second level of increased power.  This fruit splits to hit multiple enemies.

Blue Fruit-  The most powerful fruit.  This fruit blasts all the enemies in the vicinity.

Use the underhand throw, triangle button, to throw fruit at enemies close at hand.  And the 
overhand throw, square button, for those farther away.

Tokens-  For every 100 tokens Tarzan collects before completing a level, he gains a life.

Tarzan Letters-  Collect all six letters that spell T-A-R-A-Z-A-N on a level and you can 
open movies in the movie viewer on the options screen.

Sketches-  Complete a sketch before you complete a level by collecting it's 4 pieces, and 
get a bonus level.  See 'Bonus Level'.  (These are wispy light colored pictures of a 
monkey's face.)

Level Select
Upon completing a level you will be taken to the level select screen.  The next level in 
Tarzan's journey will be highlighted.  Just press the X button to proceed to the next level.  
If you wish too proceed to a previously completed level, used the up and down directional 
keys and press the X button.  A total percentage of the game completed appears on the 
bottom of the screen.  Complete the game at 100% and earn a special Disney's Tarzan movie 

Welcome to the Jungle-  Orphaned, Tarzan must survive in the jungle.  To do that, he has 
many discoveries to make.  Terk helps Tarzan a lot.  Grab a Terk token and Tarzan's tomboy 
friend is on the way to help him.  Tarzan needs to be armed, so be on the lookout for a 
knife pickup.

Going Ape-  Tarzan knows some things now, having learned the ways of the jungle, and now he 
sets out to discover more.  Terk is still there to help but increasingly, Tarzan must use 
his knowledge of the jungle to survive and grow.  This level introduces Tarzan to using 
vines as well as leap from them.  Surprises await you in the jungle canopy.

The Elephant Hair Dare-  Tarzan comes to play with Terk, but the other apes want nothing to 
do with Tarzan.  Terk gives Tarzan "The Elephant Hair Dare."  Get an elephant hair and you 
can be one of the gang.  Tarzan heads deep into the jungle to find and elephant.  What he 
finds instead are large animals, tangles of vines, and the need to eat many bananas to stay 
healthy, long enough to finish his quest.

Stampede-  Tarzan grabs and elephant's tail to get the elusive hair, only to be spotted and 
mistaken for a piranha.  Watch out, Tarzan!  The heard of elephants is stampeding.  There 
are lots of bananas and tokens to collect if Tarzan can keep from being trampled under the 
rampaging elephants, bashed by trees, or running into the wandering rhinos.  Will he get 
home with the hair and become on of the gang?

Coming of Age-  Tarzan, the boy, becomes a man of the jungle.  There are huge cliffs to 
climb, and a lot of tree surfing to do, so Tarzan must keep up his strength.  Watch for 
rewards and tokens in strange places.  Remember to ground pound the jungle floor beneath 
trees and on rotten branches that contain bonuses.

Sabor Attacks-  Tarzan rescues Kerchak from Sabor, then has to search the jungle for his 
enemy.  Finding Sabor, Tarzan fights this ferocious leopard with a spear, to rid the jungle 
of this predator.

Baboon Chase-  Jane retrieves her sketches from the baby baboon by tricking him and it 
angers the whole baboon troop.  The chase is on.

Trashing the Camp-  Come on, let's have some fun!  Terk and friends trash the camp, break 
into boxes using the O button, climb to reach great heights for their treasures, then 
trampoline across the camp while making a big mess.  Some boards look springy so Terk has 
fun seeing what she can do with them.

Campsite Commotion-  Tarzan stumbles into camp as Clayton's thugs are breaking it down.  
While trying to find Jane somewhere in the camp, Tarzan must avoid the thugs.

Journey to the Treehouse-  Kala feels she must tell Tarzan about his parents.  She will 
wait for Tarzan at the treehouse.  Tarzan makes his way over rotten logs, though crocodile 
and enemy infested to reach it.  It might be a good time for Tarzan to keep off the jungle 
floor and swing from the vines.

Rockin' the Boat-  Around the deck, up onto the bow, across the rigging, in the stern and 
along the boat's hull, Tarzan searches for a way off the boat.  Worse, he has to do it with 
the thugs themselves coming at him from all sides of the rolling deck, and avoiding sliding 
boxes that could crush him.

Tarzan to the Rescue-  Tarzan must get to the gorillas before Clayton takes them away.  
There is no better friend to get him there than Tantor, but Tarzan has to get past a 
rampaging rhino and Clayton's thugs, to rescue his gorilla family.

Conflict with Clayton-  Rescuing the apes foiled Clayton's plan and he's now more determined 
than ever to make Tarzan into a plaque for his trophy room.  Take on Clayton, the great 
hunter, and find out who's the real master of the game.

Completing Levels
Reach Jane's parasol to complete a level.  The parasol opens and you are taken to the 
'Level Complete' screen.

*  The number beside the Tarzan icon shows how many lives are left.

*  The number beside the token icon shows how many tokens have been collected.  Tarzan will 
get additional lives for each 100 tokens collected.

*  The letters that spell T-A-R-Z-A-N are at the top of the screen.  The ones you have 
collected are highlighted.  If you have collected them all, you can access a movie.  
(See the options screen.)

*  The highlighted portions of the sketch show how many of it's parts you collected during 
the completion of the level.  If you completed the sketch, you will play a bonus level 
before going on to the next story level.

When the count is completed, press the triangle button to continue to the next level, or 
press the X button to save the game to a memory card.

Bonus Levels
Stork Ride-  Enjoy the ride and collect your tokens.  Guide the stork using the X button to 
avoid running into overhanging branches.  Miss those trees in the stork's way using the 
directional buttons <-- and -->.

Jungle Cruise-  Collect the tokens and watch out for whirlpools.

Tree Surfing-  Catch some branch and do a little surfing, jungle style.

Terk and Tantor's Great Escape-  Terk and Tantor are on the run from Kerchak.  Maintain 
control and avoid obstacles by using the right and left directional buttons to steer Tantor.

Jungle Jumpin'-  Terk and Tarzan are jumping and flipping for a ton of bonuses.

Completing Bonus Levels-  Completing bonus levels is the same as completing levels except 
that you cannot save bonus levels.  Collect all four pieces of the sketch and you will be 
able to play another bonus level.  Any tokens you collected will be added to the number of 
lives left.  Collect the purple fruit to extend the time in the bonus level.

Tarzan's Jungle Hints
Look for highlight differences in the jungle coloring and have Tarzan pound the ground.  
Bananas and tokens are hidden in strange places.

Watch for springboards of all kinds, jungle branches, loose boards, springy plants, the 
backs of large animals, and then power jump.

Watch the counter in the leaf on the lower right corner of the screen to know how many 
lives Tarzan has left.

On the "Rockin' the Boat" level, look for levers that open access to blocked off areas.

There are many paths on the "Journey to the Treehouse", but some are more profitable in 
terms of bonuses than others.  So search high and low and you will be sure to discover more 
than you bargained for.

Vines are not just for swinging.  Several vines have bonus items hidden along the tops of 
the trees.  Climb up to the tops of the vines and discover jungle tokens and health.

In the camp, trash some crates to find jungle tokens and other valuable items.  You also 
will want to hang out on the teeter-totter for a second, as the result can be uplifting.


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