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2       Operating the Controller      8      108 Companions
3       Background                    8      Headquarters
4       Map of the Scarlet Moon       10     Fighting
5       Starting the Game             11     Abnormalities in Character's
    5   Beginning a New Game          12     Major Battles
    5   Continuing a Game             12     Healing Items
    5   Saving                        13     Attribute Related Rune Pieces
6       The Game Screen               14     List of Runes
6       Normal Commands               15     Other Items of Interest
    6   Item                          16     Introduction to the
                                             Liberation Army
    6   Strength                      18     List of the 108 Stars of
    7   Rune
    7   Formation
    8   Equipment
    8   Setup



                          Operating the Controller





 Once there was a hero named Barbarossa - "the Golden Emporer" - hero of
 the Scarlet Mooon Empire. But the sun is now setting on that Empire.

 The day is silently drawing near. The 108 Stars of Destiny are gathering.

 The son of distinguished soldier Teo McDohl, one of the five Imperial
 Generalss, lives without want for anything, surrounded by his attendant
 Gremio, his father's servants Cleo and Pahn, and his best friend Ted.

 One day, Teo makes a trip to the north to protect his Empire. It is then
 that the boy realises his place in the Empire and sees the world with his
 own eyes for the first time. A world filled with resentment toward the
 Empire awaits...



                       Map of the Scarlet Moon Empire

The Scarlet Moon Empire holds sway over the tract of land surrounding Toran
Lake. At the mouth of the river, where the waters from Toran Lake flow out
into the ocean, lies the seat of the Empire, Gregminster. Lenankamp, the
town of trade, is located south of Gregminster, while Mt. Seifu rises up in
the east. Protecting the area around the Empire's seat are the water
fortress Shasarazade and the fortress Kwaba. In the south of the Empire
sprawls the Great Forest. Inn the west are the Warriors' Village and
Lorimar, and the Dragon's Den and Dragon Knights' land. The border of the
great wasteland to tthe North is the front-line to the Joston
Confederation, a bitter enemy of the Empire.




Starting the Game

We can't recommend highly enough that you use a memory cardTM (sold
seperately) to save your game(s) in progress. This enables you to take
breaks, and -more importantly- resume a game from a previous point if you
make an unwise decision in the game.

• Insert a memory card into your PlayStation machine. (Warning: if the
memory card is not inserted properly, a message telling you there is no
memory card will appear on the screen. You can still play the game without
a memory card, but the game cannot be saved.)

• From the Title Screen, press the Start Button to get the Start Screen.

• Make sure there are enough free blocks on your Memory card before
commencing play.

• Insert a memory card into one of your Playstation's slots.

Beginning a New Game

When beginning a new game select New Game from the menu, and you will be
asked to enter the name of the game's hero. This is the character you play
throughout the story - your alter ego, if you will.

• Highlight the desired character with the Directional Buttons and enter it
with the X Button (or L2 Button). If you make a mistake, you can cancel
your entry with the O Button (or L1 Button).

• Once you are finished entering your name, the computer will ask you if
the entry is OK. Choose Yes to start the game or No to return to the Name
Entry Screen.

Continuing a Game

With Suikoden, you can save as many as seven games on one memory card. If
you want to continue a saved game, choose Continue Game from the Start
If there is saved data on the card, a screen will be displayed. Highlight
the game you wish to continue and select it with the X Button.


Games can only be saved at inns or other specified places in the scenario.
Look for a blue sphere on a pedestal during the game. Stand before it and
press the X Button to initialise the game save function.
Please note: the game will only recognise a memory card inserted into
memory card slot 1. You can reset the game at any time by pressing L1, R1,
Start button and Select button and hold them for two seconds.



The Game Screen

Normal Commands

Pressing the [Image] Button in the
Map Movement Screen will bring up the
Command Window. In this game,
commands are divided between normal
commands that can be executed in the
Map Movement Screen and commands that
you can execute when fighting or
during battles. Here we will only
describe the normal commands. There
are six types of normal commands:
Item, Strength, Rune, Formation,
Equipment and Setup.

1. Item

With this command, you can choose to
Use, Hand Over (to another player),
or Give Up (drop) an item.
Note: Some items cannot be given up.

2. Strength

This command allows you to view the
status of each character, his/her
weapon, and any runes attached to the
character or weapon.
        • EXP (experience points): Accumulate 1000 to move up to the next
        • ATK (attack): The character's attacking power.
        • ARM (armor): Defense rating based upon armor, shields, and other
        protective gear.
        • PWR (power): A higher value increases the damage a character
        inflicts on an opponent.
        • SKL (skill): The character's ability to attack successfully and
        to evade an opponent's attack.
        • DEF (defense): Higher values make it difficult for an enemy to
        inflict damage.
        • SPD (speed): Affects the order of attack. Faster characters
        attack quicker.
        • MGC (magic): Magic ability; affects the frequence of attacks and
        the amount of damage inflicted.
        • LUK (luck): With a lot of luck, a character can easily dodge an
        enemy and occasionally strike a crushing blow.



3. Rune

The Rune command is used to cast magic spells. First, select a character
with magic ability. The available Runes will be displayed. Highlight the
Rune you wish to use and select it with the X Button. Certain Runes - such
as the Fire and Water Runes - can be used after they have been lodged in
the character's body.

                                      There are four levels of magic
                                      spells, each requiring a different
                                      amount of Magic Points. The highest
                                      level that can be used by a character
                                      will be decided by that character's
                                      magic ability. Character's with low
                                      magic ability can only cast low-level
                                      spells, until their magic ability
                                      increases. After using a magic spell
                                      once, the number of points required
                                      for that spell will be subtracter
                                      from the characters total Magic
                                      Points. When a character's Magic
                                      Point total reaches zero, that
                                      character cannot cast any more
                                      spells. Magic Points can be restored
                                      by resting at inns.

Note: By taking a Crystal to a Rune Master, characters can have the Master
embed the spell of a Rune in their body. A character cannot cast a spell
without the Rune and without taking its spell into his or her body.
Crystals can be obtained in fights with monsters or can be found in
treasure chests.

4. Formation

Here you can change the positioning of
characters in battle between front guard and
read guard. Choose positions for your
characters carefully, as the formation will
place limits on your attacking methods as
well as your enemy's.
Note: There are (S)hort-, (M)edium-, and
(L)ong-range weapons.
Short-range weapons can only be used in the
front guard.
Medium-range weapons can be used in either
position, but can only reach the enemy's
front guard.
Long-range weapons can be used in either
position and can reach the enemy's front and
rear guards.



5. Equipment

Here you can equip your characters with armor, shields and other protective
gear. First select the character who will use the item, then select the
item to be equipprf. Only equipment that can be worn by the selected
character will be displayed.
Note: Some characters may be using items that cannot be changed.

6. Setup

This command allow you to change various settings, such as message speed
and sound options.

 In Suikoden, you can acquire up to 108 companions. As the game
 progresses, you will meet a great variety of characters. Some of them
 will join your party and others may not because certain condtions have
 not yet been fulfilled. Each character has its own special ability and
 distinguishing characteristic. It is to your advantage to increase the
 number of your companions for strength in battle and for protecting your


The headquarters system

Early in the scenario, the hero will take control of a castle to use as
headquarters for the Liberation Army. Upon taking the castle, he will be
able to assemble a party from the charactershe has recruited on his
journey. However, only six characters can be in a party at one time. The
remaining companions must wait in readiness at the castle. The characters
left in the castle all have duties for helping to develop the castle. If
you acquire Rock the storage guard, for example, he will build you a
storage area in which to keep your items and other valuables. By increasing
the number of companions, your castle will grow larger as each character
lends his or her services to you.

The main functions of the castle

Return Spell: If you acquire a character that can use the Return Spell, you
can return to the castle from anywhere in the Empire with a Blinking

Teleport: Using the Blinking Mirror, you can teleport to any village or
castle that you have visited before.



Exchanging Members: You can exchange members if you talk to Sanchez or

Wars: Check with your military advisor and strategist often to stay abreast
of current events.

Other shops to visit

                   Stop at inns to restore your members' hit points and
                   magic points, or to save the game.
                   You can buy and sell magical items, potions and
                   You can buy and sell armor and items at their
                   respective shops.
            [Image]The Rune Masters
                   To gain special abilities and magic spells, a character
                   must have a rune attached to his/her body. The Rune
                   Master will do this for you, but you must take him a
            [Image]The Smiths
                   Increase the level of your weapons at a smith's shop.
                   The smiths have different ranks, though, and the amount
                   you enhance your weapon is limited by the smith's rank.
                   You can also give your weapons special powers using
                   Rune Pieces, which some smith's will attach for you.
                   The Appraisers
                   Occasionally you will obtain an ancient artifact after
                   winning a battle. Take these unknown items to an
                   Appraiser to have them identified.




If you encounter an enemy in the Map Movement Screen, the display will
change to a fight scene.

Entering commands in a fight scene

Selecting this command brings up a menu
display of five fighting strategies: Attack,
Defend, Rune, Item and Unite.

Attack: Attack with a weapon
Defend: Take a defensive stance
Rune: Cast a spell
Item: Use the selected item
Unite: Attack in combinations

Let's Go
Select this when you want to flee from the enemy without fighting. However,
you will not always be allowed to run away.

Sometimes you can avoid a fight by bribing the enemy with money. The enemy
may not let you get away if the amount is too low.

Free Will
Fighting runs automatically, with all players attacking with their weapons.

During battle, both you and your enemy assume formations in which members
are either in the front guard or rear guard.

Front guard: Characters can use any style of attack, including direct
attack. The disadvantage is that they are vunerable to more damage.
Rear guard: Chatacters can only attack with magic or medium- to long-range
weapons. They cannot be engaged in hand-to-hand combat by the opponennt. If
a player in the front guard becomes unable to fight, a player behind him
becomes part of the front guard.



This selection will allow you to fight in combination with other players.
Specific combinations of two or more characters can have spectacular


               • Gremio and Pahn together will inflict 1.5 times the
               damage on an enemy.
               • Tai Ho and Yam Koo will inflict twice the damage on an
               enemy, but will not be able to move the next turn.
               • Anji, Kanak, and Leonardo will inflict twice the amount
               of damage when lined up together directly in front of an

There are many other effective combinations, but you must experiment
uniting different members of your party.

                   Abnormalities in a Character's Status

Characters may be inflicted with various troubles during a fight. Most of
these go away automatically after the fight is over, but some do not. It is
wise to keep an eye on each character's status.

               Status Condition              Cure

Poison         Hit points decrease when the  Antitoxin; cure spell; moving
               character moves               limited intervals at a time
Paralysis      Can do nothing during the     Cure spell; cure
               battle                        automatically at the end of
                                             the fight
Silence        Cannot cast spells            During battle: Mother Ocean
                                             or Yell spells
Bucket         Success in direct attacks is  OK on the next turn
               cut in half
Balloons       A balloon is attached to the  Cure spell; needle
               character's head. Three
               balloons will cause the
               character to float up and off
               the screen.
Unbalanced     Cannot move for one turn
Unable to      Can do nothing during the     After battle: Medicine or
fight          battle                        Cure spells



                               Major Battles

Once you have progressed a certain amount into the story, you will begin to
face major battles. In accordance with your progress in the scenario, the
battles will suddenly break out when you begin talking to your strategist

Fighting major battles
Battles between the Liberation Army and the Imperial Army unfold like a
card game.
When a battle breaks out, all of the companions you have collected so far
are seperated into established groups (as many as three in a group) and
displayed on the screen.
You select a group with which to attack. After a group has attacked once,
it cannot be used again for the remainder of the battle. Next, the Imperial
Army's choice of attack method is displayed, followed by the results of the
This pattern is repeated until the troop strength of one side reaches zero.
If the Imperial Army's troop strength reaches zero first, the Liberation
Army wins. However, if the Liberation Army's troop strength drops to zero,
you lose the battle and must start over from the last point at which you
saved the game.
It is advantageous to have many companions for major battles. Thus, if you
lose a battle, try increasing the number of your companions before trying

                                      Battle groups
                                      In a major battle, the 108 companion
                                      characters are divided up into
                                      prearranged groups for fighting. Each
                                      group consists of three characters:
                                      one commanded and two that are second
                                      in command. Some groups may be
                                      missing characters who have not yet
                                      joined the party. In this case, the
                                      fighting strength of the group will
                                      be lower.



                               Healing Items

You can find these items, win them in battle, or buy them at Hardware

                           Item             Effect
                       Medicine    .....    Restores 100
                           Mega    .....    Restores 500
                       Medicine             HP
                      Antitoxin    .....    Counteracts
                          Needl    .....    Removes

                       Attribute Related Rune Pieces

Sometimes, you will come across these rune pieces which will come across
these rune pieces which will help improve a characters attributes. Select
the item, then use it on a character of your choosing.

Power Rune Piece: Increases a character's strength.
Skill Rune Piece: Increases a character's skill.
Defense Rune Piece: Increases a character's defending ability.
Magic Rune Piece: Increases a character's magic ability.
Speed Rune Piece: Increases a character's speed.
Fortune Rune Piece: Increases character's luck.

Attacking methods
The following are the various methods of attack available, each with their
specail characteristics and temperament.

Charging attack
Good against arrow attacks. Weak against magic.

Bow and arrow attack
Strong against magic attacks. Weak against charges.

Magic attack
Strong against charging attacks. Weak against arrow attacks.


        Strategist: Increase the strength of charging attacks over several
        Ninja: Learn the opponents next strategy.
        Dragon Knight: Attack with a dragon. Weak against arrow attacks.
        Merchant: Bribe the enemy to change sides. Sometimes fails.
        Thief: Learn the opponent's next strategy. Sometimes fails.



List of Runes

    [Image]            [Image]Water                     [Image]   Counter
                              Rune                                 Rune
                              Gives its                           Doubles
                              owner the                            your
                              ability                           ability to
                              to use                            deliver an
                              water                              effective
                              spells,                             counter
                              which are                            blow.
                              spells.     [Image]
  Soul Eater                             Fire Rune              Earth Rune
 One of the 27                           Gives its               Gives its
   Runes of                   Rune of    owner the               owner the
Truth. Central                the Gate  ability to              ability to
 to the story.                One of     use fire                use earth
 Often called                 the 27      spells,                 spells,
the Curse Rune                Runes of   which are                 which
 that governs          [Image]Truth.      mostly        [Image]   consist
  like death.                 Said to    attacking               mostly of
                              have the    spells.                 spells
                              power to                            having
                              link                                special
                              worlds.                            effects.

       [Image] Killer Rune                              [Image]  Wind Rune
               Doubles your             Spark Rune               Gives its
               effectiveness             When one                owner the
               in delivering a           character              ability to
               critical blow.           is equipped              use wind
                                [Image]  with this                spells,
                                         Rune, all
                                           other                consisting
                                        characters                of both
                                        can use its              spells of
                                          power.                 attacking
                                                                and curing.


Dragon Rune

Dragon Rune

One of the

One of the

27 Runes of

27 Runes of

Truth. This

Truth. This

                                                    Phero Rune
                                                      Makes a
                                                   character of
dragons to
                                            [Image]the opposite
 exist in
                                                    sex protect
this world.
                                                     you from
  in the

  in the



  of the

  of the



    [Image]        [Image]     [Image]
   Boar Rune    Fortune Rune    Shrike
Owned by Pahn.  Doubles your     Rune
  Knocks the     experience    Owned by
     enemy         points.     Kasumi.
   senseless                   Produces
Gives its
 causing twice                 special
owner the
 the amount of                 attacks.
ability to
  damage, but
   makes you                                                        [Image]
 on your next
which cause


damage to
the enemy.
                   [Image]                           Hate Rune
                                                     In Ronnie
                                                      Fires a
                 Turtle Rune
                Protects you
               from all status



    [Image]    [Image]Holy Rune        [Image]Double-strike [Image]Clone Rune
                      Allows you to           Rune                 Allows
                      runs quickly            Delivers two         your
                      over terrain.           blows at one         character
                                              time in              to attack
                                              hand-to-hand         leaving a
                                              combat.              cloned
   Hazy Rune                          Falcon
    Cuts a            Sunbeam Rune     Rune
   monsters           Restores your  Owned by
 successfully         hit points     Valeria.
   attacking   [Image]little by       Rains
 effectiveness        little as you punishing
   in half.           walk.          blows on
                                    the enemy.   [Image]
                                     [Image]    Champion's
                                               Keeps weaker
                                              hiding in the
    [Image]                                     shadow's.
  Prosperity           Resurrection
     Rune                  Rune
 Allows you to          Gives its
recieve double          owner the
 the amount of          ability to
   gold when               cast
   slaying a           resurrection                                  [Image]
   monster.              spells.
                      Contains cure [Image]                         Crystals
                      and attacking                                   House
                       spells, and                                    Runes
                       can be used
                        to heal a
                        unable to

                          Other Items of Interest

Dragon Seal Incense: Restores some of the HP of all characters when used in
Blinking Mirror: Returns the party to Liberation Army Headquarters. (Can
only be used on the map movement screen.)
Suiko Map: Allows you to view the entire map.
Sacrificial Buddha: Automatically restores the HP of the character who
possesses it, should the character be incapacitated in battle.
Escape Talisman: Removes the party from a dungeon.



                    Introduction to the Liberation Army

Hero (You Select the name!)           Flik (25 years old)
Son of Teo McDohl, one of             One of the earliest members
five Imperial Generals, and           of the Liberation Army.
hero of the game.                     Odessa's boyfriend. Popularly
                                      called Blue Thunder.
Ted (? years old)                     Humphrey (32 years old)
Best friend of the hero. A            Formerly a commanding officer
child orphaned by the war, he         of the Imperial Army in
was taken in by Teo.                  charge of 100 soldiers. One
                                      of the first to join the
                                      Liberation Army. His nickname
                                      is Long Sword Humphrey.
Gremio (27 years old)                 Varkas (34 years old)
A childhood friend of the             A leader of the bandits holed
hero, whom he is always               up on Mt. Seifu. Curiously he
worrying about.                       gets along well with Sydonia.
Cleo (28 years old)                   Sydonia (22 years old)
A servant of Teo McDohl who           Another leader of the bandits
is like an older sister to            holed up on Mt. Seifu.
 Viktor (29 years old)                Tai Ho (22 years old)         [Image]
 A drifter from the North who         A fisherman in the town of
 introduces the hero to               Seika
 Odessa, leader of the                Lepant (42 years old)
 Liberation Army.                     A wealthy merchant living in
 Pahn (29 years old)                  the town of Kouan. He is
 A servant and hanger-on of           discontent with the condition
 Teo McDohl. Serious by               of the Empire, but obeys the
 nature. A heavy eater.               Emperor's commands for the
 Odessa (24 years old)                sake of his family.
 Founder of the Liberation            Yam Koo (25 years old)
 Army. Throwing away her              An apprentice to Tai Ho, who
 rights as a member of the            is like a brother. He
 Empire's nobility, she puts          occasionally has to restraing
 all her efforts into the             Tai Ho, who has a reckless
 Liberation Movement.                 streak.
 Mathiu (35 years old)                Eileen (32 years old)
 Once a respected tactician in        Wife of Lepant who is very
 the Imperial Army, he now            graceful and ladylike, but
 operates a private school in         has a strong will.
 the village of Seika.                Krin (27 Years old)
 Luc (14 years old)                   A thief with his sights on
 A young magician training            the family heirlooms in
 under Leknaat who has a              Lepant's mansion.
 certain flaw in his
 Leknaat (? years old)
 An astrologist living on
 Magician's Island who lost
 her sight. The youngest
 sister of Windy, the Imperial



        Juppo (26 years old)              Hix (17 years old)
        A jester who sponges off          A boy who lives in the
        of Lepam at his mansion.          Warrior's village. He     [Image]
        Kirkis (24 Elf-years old)         has feelings for
        He campaigns for the              Tengaar, but is shy and
        Liberation Army, Elves,           connot tell her.
        and Dwarves alike to band         Vincent de Boule (31
        together to save the              years old)
        Village of the Elves.             A nobleman of the Empire
        Valeria (26 years old)            who describes himself as
        Formerly an officer of            a man pursuing
                                          knowledge. Is he just an
[Image] the Imperial Army, she            imposter?
        betrays the Empire in
        order to save the Village         Tengaar (15 years old)
        of the Elves from being           Daughter of the
        burned to the ground by           Warriors' Village chief.
        the Burning Mirror.               Barbarossa (52 years
        Sylvina (17 Elf-years             old)
        old)                              Seventeenth emperor of
        Granddaughter of an Elf           the Scarlet Moon Empire.
        elder. Also, Kirkis'              Hero of the war for
        girlfriend, whose heart           succession to the
        she cannot seem to                throne, he is called the
        understand.                       Golden Emperor.
        Kuromimi (20 Kobold-years  [Image]Windy (? years old)
        old)                              The Imperial Magician.
        A Kobold who tries to             It is said that in her
        help families taken off           charming features traces
        by the Imperial Army.             can be seen of the
        Gen (26 years old)                Emperor's dead wife
        A shipbuilder who lives           Claudia.
        in the village of Teien.          Teo McDohl (42 years
        Friends with Kamandohl,           old)
        but the two are always            Father of the hero. The
        arguing.                          Emperor's most
                                          trustworthy general.

        Kamandohl (55 years old)          Sonya Shulen (27 years
        An alchemist living in            old)
        the village of Teien.             One of the five Imperial
        Kasumi (16 years old)             Generals. A lady of
        A female Ninja born and           beautiful features who
        raised in the village of          commands the Imperial
        Rokkaku who comes to warn         Navy.
        the Liberation Army of            Kwanda Rosman (36 years
        impending danger.                 old)
        Mose (37 years old)               One of the five Imperial
        Superintendent of the             Generals. He has
        Liberation Army's secret          defended the Emperor
        factory. Everyone calls           from many impending
                                          dangers, earning him the
[Image] him "Pop", but he does            nickname Iron             [Image]
        not care for the name
        much.                             Wall'Rosman.
        Liukan (? years old)       [Image]Kasim Hazil (43 years
        A highly renowned doctor,         old)
        known especially for his          One of the five Imperial
        skill in mixing                   Generals. His skills
        mysterious potions of             with a sword is said to
        medicinal herbs.                  exceed that of the
                                          Emperor himself. He is
                                          called Blue Moon Kasim.
                                          Yuber (? years old)
                                          The Black Knight.
                                          Neclord (400 years old)
                                          A vampire.



                      List of the 108 Stars of Destiny

      1. Hero          14. Valeria         27. Anji          40. Jeane

    Tenkai Star        Tensyo Star       Tenken Star       Chiketsu Star
     2. Lepant            15. ?           28. Tai Ho         41. Eikei

    Tengou Star       Tenritsu Star      Tenhei Star         Chiyu Star
     3. Mathiu            16. ?           29. Kanak        42. Maximilian

    Tenki Star         Tensyo Star       Tenzai Star         Chii Star
      4. Luc            17. Flik         30. Yam Koo         43. Sancho

    Tenkan Star        Tenan Star        Tenson Star         Chei Star
    5. Humphrey        18. Camile       31. Leornardo          44. ?

    Tenyu Star         Tenyu Star        Tenpai Star         Chiki Star
       6. ?            19. Kreutz          32. Hix             45. ?

    Tenyu Star         Tenku Star        Tenrou Star        Chimou Star
       7. ?            20. Stalion       33. Tengaar         46. Tesla

    Tenmou Star       Tensoku Star       Tensui Star        Chibun Star
       8. ?             21. Kage          34. Varkas         47. Jabba

    Temi Star          Tenbi Star        Tenbou Star        Chisei Star
     9. Gremio        22. Fo Su Lu       35. Sydonia        48. Lorelai

    Tenei Star         Teni Star         Tenkoku Star      Chikatsu Star
    10. Warren         23. Kirkis         36. Eileen        49. Blackman

    Tenki Star         Tenbi Star        Tenkou Star        Chitou Star
    11. Kum To            24. ?             37. ?            50. Joshua

    Tenfu Star         Tenkyu Star       Hhikai Star        Chikyou Star
     12. Cleo           25. Pahn         38. Georges         51. Morgan

    Tenman Star        Tentai Star      Chisatsu Star        Chian Star
    13. Viktor            26. ?           39. Ivanov          52. Mose

    Tenko Star         Tenjyu Star        Chiyu Star        Chiziku Star



   53. Esmeralda       67. Sheena          81. Meg            95. Rock

    Chikai Star        Chimei Star       Chikei Star        Chison Star
    54. Melodye        68. Kessler       82. Taggart         96. Ledon

    Chisa Star         Chisin Star        Chima Star         Chido Star
    55. Chapman         69. Marco        83. Giovanni       97. Sylvina

    Chiyu Star         Chitai Star       Chiyou Star       Chisatsu Star
    56. Liukan           70. Gen          84. Quincy      98. Ronnie Bell

    Chirei Star        Chiman Star        Chiyu Star        Chiaku Star
    57. Fukien          71. Hugo          85. Apple          99. Gaspar

    Chijyu Star        Chisui Star       Chifuku Star       Chisyu Star
     58. Futch         72. Hellion         86. Kai          100. Window

    Chibi Star         Chisyu Star        Chihi Star         Chisu Star
    59. Kasumi          73. Mina          87. Lotte          101. Marle

    Chikyu Star        Chiin Star         Chiku Star         Chiin Star
     60. Maas           74. Milia           88. ?             102. Zen

   Chibaku Star        Chii Star          Chiko Star        Chikei Star
       61. ?          75. Kamandohl        89. Onil          103. Sarah

    Chizen Star        Chiri Star        Chizen Star        Chisou Star
     62. Fuma           76. Juppo        90. Kuromimi       104. Sansuke

    Chikou Star       Chiraku Star       Chitan Star       Chiretsu Star
     63. Moose         77. Kasios          91. Gon           105. Qlon

   Chikyou Star       Chiraku Star       Chikaku Star       Chimou Star
     64. Meese        78. Viki Star      92. Antonio       106. Templeton

    Chihi Star        Chitatsu Star      Chisyu Star        Chimou Star
    65. Sergei          79. Rubi          93. Lester         107. Krin

    Chisou Star       Chisoku Star       Chizou Star        Chizoku Star
   66. Kimberly      80. Vincent de       94. Kirke        108. Chandler
    Chikou Star                          Chihei Star        Chikou Star
                      Chichin Star

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