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        Instruction Manual
                            Shadow Madness


                         (X) = X Button
                         (C) = Circle Button
                         (S) = Square Button
                         (T) = Triangle Button

Please  note  that  any  missing pages (a lot in this manual) probably
contain pictures, or something else that didn't need to be entered.

- Page - 1

                          TABLE OF CONTENTS

                    Getting Started..............2
                    Analog Controller............4
                    Save and Load................6
                    The Quest....................9
                    Naming Your Characters......16
                    Shops and Inns..............18
                    Items and Equipment.........19
                    Battle Mode.................22
                    Character Statistics........30
                    Menu Commands...............32
                    World Maps..................36
                    Mini Quests.................40
                    Survival Tips...............46
                    Weapons, Armor and Items....50

- Page - 6

                            Saving a Game

To  save  a game, choose Save from the Select Menu.  You can save your
game  while  on  any  world map or at an inn.  When the Load/Save Menu
appears, use the Left/Right directional buttons to change slots on the
memory card.  The Up/Down directional buttons will switch to the other
MEMORY CARD.  To save your game, press the Action button.

Shadow  Madness  games  will appear as green lights on the MEMORY CARD
wheel.   All  other  games  will appear as blue lights.  When a Shadow
Madness  game  is  selected, you see the heroes in your party with the
lead  hero on the left side of the screen.  The saved game information
will  appear  in  the  status bar at the bottom of the screen.  If the
slot contains another Shadow Madness game, you must overwrite the game
or  choose  another  slot.  If the slot contains  a non-Shadow Madness
game,  you  must  delete  the game or select another slot to save your

- Page - 7

                         Loading a Saved Game

You  may  load a saved game from the Start Menu by choosing Load Saved
Game.  You  can  also load a new game anytime during play by selecting
Load  from  the Select menu.  When the Load/Save Menu appears, use the
Left/Right  directional  buttons  to  change slots on the MEMORY CARD.
The  Up/Down directional buttons will change to the other memory card.
To select a Shadow Madness game, press the Action button.

- Page - 9

                              The Quest

On  a gentle spring evening, without warning or apparent source, chaos
descends  upon  the  once thriving world of Arkose.  A coastal town is
silently  crushed,  leaving  piles of dust where people once stood.  A
pestilence  infects  the  land.   It  cares not whom it reduces into a
blubbering,  raving  lunatic.   The  infected  spend  their final days
trying  to escape from the clutches of their own shadows.  There is no
apparent cure.

The once prominent Gadgeteer race seems to disappear.  Hysteria reigns
supreme.   Doors  are  shut tight and towns turn hostile to strangers.
Barriers of all kinds, some quite lethal, spring up as towns fight off
deranged strangers and the growing horde of bizarre creatures that are
some how connected with the disease.  It's as if some immense, demonic
nightclub  just  shut  its  doors  at  2  AM,  spewing its inebriated,
bloodthirsty, vicious patrons out into the world all at once.

A small band of orphans stumbles along seeking help and answers.  They
are assisted by numerous characters and confront hordes of vicious and
conniving  adversaries.   They wander and explore sweeping landscapes,
ranging   from   fantastic  flying  cities  to  haunted  villages  and
mysterious  ruins.   They  must  solve  challenging  puzzles, complete
difficult  mini-quests and meet a slew of quirky beings as they try to
solve the mystery of Shadow Madness.

- Page - 10


Stinger  is  a young man with dreams of adventure and the sea.  He's a
natural  when it comes to sword play, and knows his way around a lock.
When  the  enemy  wipes out his hometown, he is forced to make his own
way in the world.

Race             Arkosian
Gender           Male
Age              18
Height           6'0"
Weight           185 lbs
Intelligence     Average
Weapon           Sword
Special Ability  Lockpicking

- Page - 11

Windleaf  is a talented young mystic with a curious nature.  Raised in
a secluded Sylvan village, her dream of exploring the world comes true
one  dark  day  as the enemy attacks her home.  Bow in hand and spells
ready, she begins her journey.

Race             Arkosian
Gender           Female
Age              17
Height           5'6"
Weight           125 lbs
Intelligence     Above Average
Weapon           Bow
Special Ability  Spell Casting

- Page - 12

HARV-5  is  a labor robot, created by the enigmatic Gadgeteers to tend
fields  and crops.  There's more to Harv than farming though, he has a
spark  of  life  not present in any other robot.  When the enemy razes
his  fields and home, Harv sets out into the world of humanity to find
a new purpose.

Race             Harvester Robot Mark 5
Gender           Male
Age              Actual 40+, mental (young adult)
Height           5'6"
Weight           250 lbs
Intelligence     Average
Weapon           Field Scythe
Special Ability  Immunity

- Page - 13

Xero Von Moon
Xero  Von  Moon  is  a  blast  from the past.  A deadly combination of
warrior  and  mage,  he  lost  his artificial body long ago during the
Great  War.   Down to just his head, Xero is revived from a deep sleep
and brought into a new war with stakes much higher than before.

Race             Mage Warrior
Gender           Male
Age              554
Height           18"
Weight           13 lbs
Intelligence     High
Weapon           PSI Blasts
Special Ability  Spell Casting

- Page - 14

Clemett  didn't  play nice and work well with the other Gadgeteers, so
he  was sent to live with the humans he admired so much.  Happy in his
new  life,  he  does not hesitate to pick up his multi-cannon when the
enemy comes to call.  No one messes with his friends!

Race             Gadgeteer
Gender           Male
Age              26
Height           5'8"
Weight           350 lbs
Intelligence     High
Weapon           Multi-Cannon
Special Ability  Gadgeteering

- Page - 15

Jirina  fights  for freedom with furious fists and devastating spells.
A native of the inner world known as Wyldern, her home was turned into
a  twisted hell.  Casting aside the pacifistic ways of her people, she
begins a one woman war against an invincible foe.

Race             Grey Org
Gender           Female
Age              25
Height           6'6"
Weight           275 lbs
Intelligence     Average
Weapon           Magic
Special Ability  Spell Casting

- Page - 16

                        Naming Your Characters

As  each of the heroes is introduced to the story, you may create your
own  name.   The directional buttons scroll through the menu.  Use the
Action button to make a selection.

- Page - 18

                            Shops and Inns

Shops  are  an  essential part of your adventure.  Know where they are
located  and  pay  close attention to prices.  The careful shopper can
make gold pieces go the distance!

There  are three kinds of shops in the game; Weapons, Armor , and Item
shops.  Be sure to look at each shop's entire inventory.  Some of them
offer rare goods and services you can't get anywhere else.
For  example.  Some weapon and armor shops are owned by master smiths.
These  skilled  artisans  are  capable of placing enchantments on your
weapons  and armor.  Enchantments can make the difference between life
and death in battles!

Inns  are  another "must-see" place.  Staying the night at an Inn will
restore  your  heroes  to full health and mystic power.  Additionally,
you can save your game while at an Inn.  This is a good idea, since it
places  you  right  next to a place of healing when you begin the game
again.   You can also switch parties at some Inns.  When you'd like to
check  in  on  the  progress  of another hero group, visit an Inn or a
similar  place of rest.  Walk up to the party switching icon and press

- Page - 19

                         Items and Equipment

There  are  four  categories  of  items in the game.  Weapons, Armor ,
Relics and Magic Items

Weapons come in three varieties:

Mundane  weapons  are your everyday implements of death.  They have no
magic powers.

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