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        Instruction Manual
Getting Started - 2
Controls - 3
Main Menu - 4
Welcome - 6
Pickles' House - 7
Game Screen - 8
Levels - 9
Bonus Levels - 14
Activities/Training - 17
Icons and Objects - 18
Game Hints - 22
_________________________________Page 1
Getting Started
Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its 
Instruction Manual. Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing a 
compact disc. Insert Rugrats: Search For Reptar disc and close the Disc 
Cover. Insert the game controller and turn ON the PlayStation game console. 
Follow the on-screen instructions to start a game.
_____________________________________Page 2
Directional Buttons - Use the Directional Buttons to move the Rugrats baby in 
the desired direction.
Square Button - Walk, hold down the Square Button + Directional Button
Triangle Button - Throw item/Fire laser/Swing mini golf club/Use item
X Button - Jump
O Button - Pick up item/Put down item/Change mini golf camera
L1 Button - Look Up
L2, R2 Button - Look Left/Right
R1 Button - Reposition camera behind character
L1, R1 Button - Brings up last hint
Start Button - Pauses the game
Select Button - Restarts the current level you are on
___________________________________Page 3
Main Menu (Pages 4 to 5)
START GAME - Select this option to start a new game. Start game will begin a 
new game in the Pickles' house. The Activities option will give you a choice 
of four activities. (For more details see page 17.) The Training option will 
allow you to brush up on any of the activities. (See page 17)
LOAD GAME/SAVE GAME - Highlight this option to load a previously saved game 
from your Memory Card. To save a game, press the Start Button anytime during 
gameplay. A Pause game menu will only prompt you to create a save game file 
the first time with a new Memory Card. Highlight the save option and press 
the X Button. You will be asked if you want to create a saved game file. 
Highlight Yes to create a saved game file. The next screen will ask you to 
assign a number to your saved game. Press the X Button to complete saving 
your game.
___________________________________Page 4
Main Menu Cont.
Select the audio menu to adjust the sound. 
- To change the sound configuration, move the Directional Buttons left 
towards the radio and press the X Button. Move the Directional Buttons 
left/right to adjust the sound properties.
__________________________________________Page 5
Oh no! Tommy has lost his Reptar puzzle pieces. Join Tommy and the rest of 
the Rugrats babies as they search for the missing pieces everywhere from the 
Pickles' backyard to outer space.
_____________________________________Page 6
Pickles' House
In Rugrats: Search For Reptar, you start the game in the Pickles' house. As 
Tommy, you can explore the lower level of the house and play fetch with Spike 
in the yard. Run around the house and look for objects that will activate 
other levels. When you see an object that might trigger another level, walk 
up to it and press the Triangle Button. Objects that open levels might be 
something as simple as a set of golf clubs. The level's name will also appear 
above the object that activates it. There are also three level difficulties 
in Rugrats: Search For Reptar: Easy, Medium and Hard. The hard difficulty 
level is accessible only after 3 easy or medium levels are completed. You can 
also access the hard difficulty levels after completing Mirrorland.
_______________________________________Page 7
Game Screen
When one of the Rugrats babies' Cry Meter runs all the way down, he or she 
will start to cry uncontrollably, thus ending the level. Once the level has 
ended, the baby will be transported back to the Pickles' house.
_______________________________________Page 8
Levels (From Pages 9 to 13)
Chuckie Loses His Glasses - (Easy) Rain, Rain, Go away! The Rugrats babies 
are left inside on a rainy day to play a game of hide-and-go-peek. Of course, 
Chuckie is "it". Unfortunately, Angelica took his glasses. Search the house 
for the other Rugrat babies. You never know where the will turn up. 
                    What did Chuckie's left cheek say to his right cheek?
                    "Look out, we've been spotted!"
Ice Cream Mountain - (Easy) Stu takes the Rugrats babies to the miniature 
golf course and promises them a huge mountain of ice cream if they get the 
balls in the holes. All of the gang pitches in to complete the nine-hole 
course. Be careful, some of the holes are more difficult than they seem. 
Watch out for spinning windmills and uneven greens. See page 17 for putting 
Why Does Angelica carry a pair of those little golf spikes?
Because she loves two tees.
__________________________________________Page 9
Levels Cont.
The Mysterious Mr. Friend - (Easy) While playing in his dad's workshop, Tommy 
accidentally activates a new Pickles' toy, Mr. Friend. This scary doll chases 
Tommy while saying rhymes! You must knock down Mr. Friend to stop him from 
pursuing Tommy. Watch out! There might be more than one of Mr. Friend.
Which tool makes the Pickles' car go?
A Stu-driver.
Grandpa's Teeth - (Medium) Spike takes Grandpa's teeth and runs away. Someone 
has to help Grandpa because he is too old to grow new ones. Tommy and Chuckie 
make it their mission. Guide Tommy and Chuckie through a maze of bushes to 
search for Spike. Watch out for a pesky goose that might keep you from 
recovering Grandpa's teeth.
Why does Grandpa Lou call his teeth "Niagra"?
Because they're falls.
______________________________________Page 10
Levels Cont.
Circus Angelicus - (Medium) Welcome to Angelica's three-ring circus. In this 
level you must jump over hurdles, perform a dare-devil jump with a tricycle, 
and catapult Chuckie higher than he has ever flown. Be sure to catapult him 
high enough or he will run away like a scaredy cat!
                    What do Phil and Lil do before playing any sport?
                    They worm up.
Let There Be Light - (Medium) Stu had made all of the neighborhood's 
electricity go away. Darkness has fallen on the Pickles' house. As Tommy, 
search your way through the darkness. Use the flashlight and search for the 
refrigerator. Could that be the key to safety? Note: The flashlight will 
autotrack to the closest shadow monster even if Tommy is facing another 
________________________________Page 11
Levels Cont. 
Visitors From Outer Space - (Medium) Aliens from outer space have abducted 
the Rugrats babies. Their freedom lies in Angelica's hands. Help Angelica zap 
aliens with her Stuvon 2000 remote control while in search of an escape. Make 
sure to rescue a special alien that will help guide Angelica off the 
spaceship. Note: The remote control will autotrack to the closest alien even 
if Angelica is facing in another direction.
How is spinning Angelica like unplugging a TV? Either way, you turn a 
Incident On Aisle 7 - (Hard) Tommy and Grandpa go to the grocery store. 
Grandpa does the shopping while Tommy searches for the Reptar cereal. Finding 
the cereal will be harder than you think. Be careful! Many dangers lurk in 
the aisles like spinning soda cans, lobsters, and out-of-control clerks.
                    Who likes yucky stuff better: Phil or the son of the 
supermarket owner?
The son, because he's a little grocer.
__________________________________Page 12
Levels Cont.
Toy Palace - (Hard) Stu decides to take Tommy and Chuckie to the toy store 
for an afternoon break. The two babies become separated from Stu and each 
other. Help Chuckie weave his way through the dark toy store and find Tommy. 
Be careful to avoid motion-activated toys such as robots and 
jack-in-the-boxes. Once you find Tommy, another surprise enemy awaits! You 
can activate an ally to defeat this enemy by up boxes to reach a switch. 
Hint: Your ally is a huge lizard.
                    If Chuckie were a cat, what kind would he be?
                    A scaredy-cat.
7 Voyages Of Cynthia - (Hard) Tommy and Chuckie need a captain for their boat 
- Cynthia, Angelica's favorite doll, is the perfect solution. Tommy and 
Chuckie put Cynthia on the boat. Unfortunately, the boat and Cynthia float 
down the drain. The only hope for Cynthia is to have Spike go down into the 
sewer to rescue her.
                    How is Spike like a telephone? He has collar I.D.
__________________________________________Page 13
Bonus Levels (From Pages 14 to 16)
Cookie Race - (Easy) Tommy and Angelica are all out of cookies! There are 
more down in the kitchen. Win the race and you will be justly rewarded. 
                    If Tommy's cousin were an antelope, what would she be?
                    A gazellica.
Egg Hunt - (Easy) All of the eggs are missing out of the basket! Angelica is 
determined to collect more eggs than Tommy. As Tommy, collect as many eggs as 
possible before Angelica does. Be quick about it! This is a timed level. Make 
sure to run fast and look for a golden egg.
How is Angelica like a new doctor?
They both need more patience.
___________________________________Page 14
Bonus Levels Cont.
Rugrats Babies Touchdown Tommy - (Easy) Grandpa has given Tommy a bottle of 
chocolate milk. Angelica hears about this and immediately demands that Tommy 
give it to her. In this level, you must play a game of keep away with the 
other babies. Keep drinking the bottle until it is empty so Angelica cannot 
get any chocolate milk.
What do you call Tommy's cousin after she falls in the garbage? Ansmellyca.
No More Cookies - (Easy) It's bad enough that Angelica tried to take Tommy's 
chocolate milk, now she wants the cookies! Make sure to eat all of the 
cookies before Angelica grabs the box away from the Rugrats babies
What do you call newborn babies like Phil and Lil? Twinfants!
______________________Page 15
Bonus Levels Cont.
Gold Rush - (Easy) Angelica finds a nickel in the park and is convinced that 
there are more to be found. Phil and Lil are told to search the park for more 
nickels. Guide Phil as he searches for more nickels. Make sure to move fast 
because the clock is ticking.
Why did Angelica try to drive the female deer nuts? She wanted to see a kooky 
Mirrorland - (Easy) Tommy's world is topsy-turvy, literally. As Tommy, you 
must search for a way out of this upside down world. Look for a balloon to 
carry you to safety. 
                    What do dinosaurs put on their fish sandwiches? Reptarter 
__________________________Page 16
Included in Rugrats: Search For Reptar are several activities and a training 
The Activities include:
Cookie Race - All of the cookies are gone! As Tommy, race Angelica to the 
kitchen to snatch the last of the chocolate chip cookies.
Gold Rush - As Phil, try to collect all of the coins in the given amount of 
time. Be quick or Lil will get a chance to collect them. 
Mini-Golf (Multi-Player Activity) - Now is your chance to play a round of 
golf as one of the Rugrats babies. Select the number of player (1-4) and then 
choose your baby. Your golf club will appear when your baby walks near the 
ball. Aim your putt with the Directional Buttons. Press the Triangle Button 
to start the swing meter. Once the desired amount of strength on the swing 
meter appears, press the Triangle Button again to hit the ball.
Egg Hunt - Gather as many eggs possible in the given amount of time. The eggs 
will be hidden all throughout the lower level of the house.
Was the potty surprised when Chuckie first used it?
Yes, it was a little throne.
________________________________________Page 17
Icons and Objects (From Pages 18 To 21)
Reptar Bars - Collect 15 Reptar Bars to earn a puzzle piece.
Cookies - Getting hungry? Run up and eat the cookies to refill your cry 
meter. They can be found scattered throughout the levels.
Reptar Puzzle Piece - To complete the game, you need to collect all 12 puzzle 
pieces. They are earned by completing levels and collecting Reptar Bars.
Bone - As Spike, you can eat these tasty treats to restore your cry meter.
Reptar Doll (Puzzle Container) - Located near the TV in the Pickles' house. 
Press the Triangle Button when you are near the Reptar Doll to determine the 
number of puzzle pieces and Reptar Bars that you have collected.
________________________________Page 18
Icons and Objects Cont.
Batteries - Is your flashlight or your laser running low on energy? Well pick 
up these handy-dandy little batteries to charge them up.
Reptar Bar Counter - Indicates the number of Reptar Bars. You need 15 Reptar 
Bars to earn a puzzle piece.
Countdown Clock - Shows how much time you have to complete your task.
Balloons - Indicates how many balloons of a particular color you need to 
collect. (Mirrorland only)
Balloon Icons - Collect six different colored balloons. When Tommy collects 
all of the balloons of a particular color, a Balloon Icon will appear. 
(Mirrorland only)
__________________________________Page 19
Icons and Objects Cont.
Geese - Watch out for the geese when you go looking for Grandpa's Teeth.
TV Robots - Use the Stuvon 2000 to turn off these flying robots.
Shadow Monsters - Use your flashlight to scare them away. They can be found 
in "Let There Be Light."
Lobsters - Watch out for these critters in the "Incident on Aisle 7" level. 
Pick up cans on the floor and roll them at the lobsters to send them back to 
the sea.
Boss Lobster - He's big, he's blue and he is Watch out for his pinchers or 
he'll have you for dinner. Activate the lever on top of the crates to send 
him back to the fridge. Roll cans at him to temporarily stun him.
____________________________Page 20
Icons and Objects Cont. 
Thorg - He's big, he's hairy and he's out to get you. Avoid him at all cost. 
Get the help of a special friend to defeat him.
Jack-In-The-Boxes - Chuckie is a big scaredy-cat when jack-in-the-boxes are 
near. Avoid these bad jack-in-the-boxes when going through the Toy Palace.
Robots/Toys - The robots and toys in the Toy Palace scare Chuckie as he is 
searching for Tommy. If Chuckie walks too close, they will turn on and scare 
Rats - Spike should avoid these hairy rats in "7 Voyages of Cynthia."
Mr. Friend - Like most of Stu's toys, Mr. Friend is out-of-control. Watch out 
for him!
_______________________________________Page 21
Game Hints
Each of the levels in Rugrats: Search for Reptar are activated by walking up 
to objects in the house and pressing the Triangle Button. Below you will find 
a list of levels and what object in the house activates them.
Downstairs Level Triggers
Chuckie's Glasses  - Umbrella near playpen
Incident on Aisle 7 - Fudgie Ding-A-Ling Bars on Kitchen floor
Egg Hunt - Egg basket in living room next to TV
Grandpa's Teeth - Dentures in the downstairs bathroom on the floor
Mr. Friend - Mr. Friend Manufacturing Machine in Workshop
Ice Cream Mountain - Golf clubs near fron door
Reptar 2010 - After all puzzle pieces are collected, you can access this 
level with the Reptar Doll near the TV

Upstairs Level Triggers
7 Voyage of Cynthia - Cynthia doll in Guest Room
Toy Palace - Thorg Toy in Stu & Didi's Room
Let There Be Light - Reptar Nightlight in Tommy's room
Visitors from Outer Space - TV Remote in Grandpa's bedroom
Circus Angelicus - Henry the Lion toy in the upstairs bathroom hamper
Cookie Race - Cookie box in the upstairs family room
Mirrorland - Mirror in Stu and Didi's room

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