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        Instruction Manual
Game Manual : V100
Contents in Manual V1.00
(A)Basic Words from Yours Truly ME!
(B)Legal Stuff
(C)The Resident Evil 3 Manual
(D)Credits AND SOME MORE Legal Stuff

(A)              Basic Words from Yours Truly ME!

Hello Everybody, this is my first manual so thanks for supporting me. First off I have to 
say Resident Evil 3 NEMESIS (RE3) is the best of the Resident Evil series, and quite 
possibly the best game in existence. Also I have seen other manuals and sometimes get lost 
trying to navigate from one section to the next, so I tried to make this as easy to read 
and navigate through as possible. To start off this manual took me quite a while to type 
up, and I did it all for you fine people. The logo on the top of this page although not the 
best took me a lot of time to make. For breaks in between typing this manual I would play 
the game its self. So I am thinking about typing up a game FAQ for RE3 you'll have to stay 
tuned for that. Well as I part thanks for supporting this manual I typed up, and if you 
have any suggestions e-mail me at LAST THING this manual can ONLY BE 
DISTRIBUTED THROUGH CONSENT FROM ME . After you ask me, you can do what you wish with this  manual GIVEN, THAT I AM GIVEN CREDIT FOR IT. Then you can do as you wish J. 

(B)                                  Legal Stuff

This manual was originally written by: Capcom, Ltd
Resident Evil 3 and all of its affiliates are a product of Capcom.
The PlayStation is a trademark of the Sony Entertainment Corporation.
This typed manual is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed nor licensed in any way 
by Capcom or Sony.(This manual came from RE3 which is a product of Capcom)This manual is 
neither sponsored nor endorsed by the following companies. 
The manual that came with the game RE3 is a product of Capcom and all credits go toward it. 
The PlayStation and any mention of it in this typed manual have all credits go toward Sony.
This typed manual is a product of me ( This manual is not to be distributed 
without my consent. After you have asked, you can only do what you want with this typed 
manual after you have given ME credit for it. Sorry for being so straightforward. This just 
took me such a long time to type. In other words this manual is free to be used (Just give 
me credit for it.)

(C)                           The Resident Evil 3 Manual
Warning: Read Before Using Your PlayStation Game Console.
A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to 
certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a 
television screen or while playing video games, including games played on the PlayStation 
game console, may induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may 
induce previously undetected epileptic symtoms even in persons who have no history of prior 
seizures or epilepsy. If you, or any one in your family, has an epileptic condition, 
consult you physician prior to playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms 
while playing a video game- dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of 
awareness, disorientation, any involuntary movement or convulsions- IMMEDIATELY discontinue 
use and consult your physician before resuming play.
Warning to Owners of Projection Televisions:
Do not connect your PlayStation game console to a projection TV without first consulting 
the user manual for your projection TV, unless it is of the LCD type. Otherwise, it may 
permanently damage your TV screen.
Use of Unofficial Product:
The use of unofficial products and peripherals may damage your PlayStation game console and 
invalidate your console warranty.
Handling Your PlayStation Disc:
*This compact disc is intended for use only with the PlayStation game console.
*Do not bend it, crush it or submerge it in liquids.
*Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other source or electricity.
*Be sure to take an occasional rest break during extended play.
*Keep this compact disc clean. Always hold the disc by the edges and keep it in its 
protective case when not in use. Clean the disc with a lint-free, soft, dry cloth, wiping 
in straight lines from center to outer edge. Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners.
1                                 Contents
A Special Message from Capcom Entertainment 
Thanks you for selecting Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for your PlayStation game console. We at 
Capcom Entertainment are proud to bring you this chilling new addition to your video game 
New Features---3
Setting Up---4
Getting Started---10
Game Configurations---11
Player Actions---12---13
Status Screen---14
Live Selection---21
Can't Win Try This---23
2                                       Trapped!
It all began as an ordinary day in September. An ordinary day in Raccoon City, a city 
controlled by Umbrella Corporation. No one dared to oppose Umbrella, and that lack of 
strength would ultimately lead to the city's destruction. If only they had the courage to 
fight Once the wheels of justice begin to turn, nothing can stop them- nothing! But it may 
already be too late. Now it's Raccoon City's last chance and my last chance My last 
3    New Features
Player Actions (See pages 12-13)
*Draw Weapon- Press R1 or R2
*Dodge- Press R1 or R2 the moment the enemy attacks you. (You cannot dodge when you are 
severely injured.)
*Quick 180 degree turn- Press the Directional button/Left Stick Down + the Square button.
*Climb/descend stairs- Press the Directional button/Left Stick Up/Down near stairs.
Mixing Ammo (See page 18)
Create bullets for the Handgun, Shotgun, Magnum and Grenade Launcher by mixing items.
Map (See page 19)
Zoom and unzoom outdoor maps by pressing the X button. Change maps by pressing the Select 
Live Selection (See page 21)
When your character faces a perilous situation, a special event called Live Selection 
happens. Your choice affects how your character deals with the danger.
4     Setting Up
Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its instruction 
manual. Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert the 
RESIDENT EVIL 3 NEMISIS disc and close the disc cover. Insert game controllers and turn on 
the PlayStation game console. Follow on-screen instructions to start a game. 
Note: Watch the game demos before starting play for game hint.
Memory Cards
To save game settings and results, and continue play on previously saved games, insert a 
Memory Card into Memory Card Slot 1 of the PlayStation game console BEFORE starting play. 
(If you don't have a Memory Card, the game will allow you to play without saving game 
settings and results.)
5                                       Controls
L2-*access map screen
L1-* Change targets (while drawing a weapon)
R2-*Draw weapon (toward all targetable objects) *Dodge (when enemy attacks) *locate attack 
R1-*Draw weapon (toward enemies only) *Dodge (when enemy attacks)
Directional Button (digital mode)
*Move cursor *Move Character *Aim weapon (when drawn) Up/Down
Left Stick (analog mode)
*Move cursor *Move character Note: To use the analog stick, make sure the analog LED is ON 
Triangle-Cancel previous action
Circle- Access Status screen
Square- Run (hold + press directional button/left stick up) -Quick 180 degree turn (hold + 
press directional button/left stick down)
X- Action/Attack/Open doors - Zoom or unzoom outdoor maps 
Start Button *Start game *Pause game
Analog Mode Switch *Toggle analog (red) or digital (dim) mode
Select Button * Skip cut scene movie *Display map menu (in map screen/Choose map *Access 
in-game option screen
6                                 Prologue
A month and a half have passed since the incident September has come to Raccoon City, a 
small industrial city in the American Midwest. People are starting to forget the chaos at 
the mansion as their everyday lives return to normal. The bizarre incident that occurred in 
the Arclay Mountains, the destruction of the special taskforce S.T.A.R.S., Umbrella 
corporation's secret biological weapons laboratory hidden in an old mansion, the power of 
T-Virus that turns humans and animals into horrible monsters how could it all happen here? 
People could not believe the survivor's reports. Stories of their incredible experiences 
and of strange biological weapons and zombies were beyond the townsfolk's imagination. The 
surviving S.T.A.R.S. team members headed to Europe even before the town heard the full 
details of what had happened. 
7                         Prologue (Continued)
They hoped it was all over. But then it happened again. Suddenly, a series of inexplicable 
murders occurred and a strange disease began invading neighborhoods. T-Virus was flowing 
into the city The invisible plague snuck up silently and turned the unsuspecting citizens 
into monsters. People cursed their foolishness. But the nightmare had already begun the 
future was out of their control. Raccoon City was on the brink of collapse
8                               Characters
Jill Valentine
*Age/23 *Blood type/B *Height/5ft 4in *Weight/108lb
Jill is a member of S.T.A.R.S., a special taskforce in the Raccoon City Police Department. 
She is a specialist in disarming explosive traps. With her experience training in the U.S. 
Delta Force, She is one of the survivors of the original incident that occurred in the 
Arclay Mountains. Cheerful and independent, Jill has a strong sense of justice. Though she 
has a healthy emotional side, she is a talented woman with strong will and excellent 
Special Tactics and Rescue Service
S.T.A.R.S. was founded under the jurisdiction of the Raccoon City Police Department to deal 
with increasing terrorism and crime.  
9                       Characters (Continued)
Carlos Oliveira
*Age/21 *Blood type/O *Height/5ft 9in *Weight/183lb
Carlos is from South America. His exact nationality is unknown but he carries Indian blood. 
He is a U.B.C.S. soldier, in charge of heavy firearms, security and mission back up. He is 
also responsible for weapons maintenance. At first sight he may appear inexperienced and 
immature. He is actually warm-hearted, with a strong sense of right and wrong.
Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service
Formed separately from Umbrella's special taskforce, U.B.C.S. is a rescue force comprised 
mainly of war criminals and exiled soldiers. Though the team has a high mortality rate, it 
has been very successful in crucial rescue missions.
10                       Getting Started
New Game
Select NEW GAME from the MAIN Menu. You can choose your game in HARD or EASY MODE. *HARD 
MODE- More difficult challenge. *EASY MODE- Less challenging play.
Load Game
Select LOAD GAME if you have a previously saved game on a Memory Card, and want to resume 
play. See page 20, Saving, for more details.
Game Over
Your character takes damage when attacked. As she weakens, her motions begin to show the 
strain. You can check your character's damage on the Status screen. When the character 
takes too much damage, she is defeated and the game ends. If your partner character dies, 
it is Game Over as well, See page 22, Partner, for more details.
11                  Game Configurations
Select Game Configurations from the Main Menu. Press the X button on selected options to 
access their submenu.
*Button Configuration- Choose from three control settings.
*Vibration - Turn the vibration function on or off (DUAL SHOCK analog controller only).
*Sound-Switch between Stereo and Monaural, and adjust the volume of background music and 
sound effects.
*Monitor Tuning - Adjust the brightness of your TV monitor.
*Reset - End the game and return to the Main Menu.
You can also get to the Game Configuration menu during play by pressing the Select button.
12                       Player Actions
Basic Actions
*Use Weapon- Hold the R1 or R2 button to draw your weapon, then press the X button to 
activate it. You can aim up or down by pressing the Directional button Up/Down.
*Push Object- Some items can be moved by pushing them. Face the item you want to move and 
hold the Directional button/Left Stick up. If the object cannot be moved your character 
will not try to push it.
*Get On/Off object- You can get on/off some objects. Face the object and press the X 
button. If you cannot get on/off the object, your character will not try to do it.
*Climb/Descend Stairs- Press the Directional button/Left Stick Up/Down near the stairs.
13              Player Actions (Continued)
Advanced Actions
*Dodge- Press the R1 or R2 buttons, or press the X button while holding the R1 or R2 
button, the moment your character gets attacked. Your character cannot dodge when severely 
injured. In EASY MODE, the dodge action is activated more easily.
*Escape- When an enemy grabs your character or your character is falling down, you can 
escape more quickly by rapidly pressing the Directional button and other buttons.
*Quick 180 degree turn- Press the Directional button/Left Stick Down + the Square button.
*Attack Objects- In some rooms, certain objects can be used to attack enemies by shooting 
at the objects. A drum is one example. Press the R2 button to locate Attack Objects in the 
14                        Status Screen
Press the Circle button during game play to display the Status screen. This screen shows 
your character's condition and the items she is carrying. Use the Directional button/Left 
Stick to highlight an item or function, then press the X button to activate the options. 
To exit the Status screen, press the Triangle button or highlight EXIT and press the X 
Continue reading for information on using the Item Commands (USE, COMBN, CHECK, AUTO) and 
the Game Commands (FILE, MAP, EXIT).
15                                Items
Use Item 
After highlighting the item you want to use, press the X button. You then have three 
options in the command window. Select USE to use the item. Some items take effect only 
when you use them in certain places.
Equip Weapon
To equip a weapon, highlight the weapon, press the X button, then choose EQUIP. You must 
equip a weapon before you can use it. You can equip only one weapon at a time.
Check Item
Use this option to examine an item or weapon you have acquired. Highlight the item, then 
select CHECK to see further information about it. Try to check every item so you can find 
helpful information. 
Switch between AUTO and MANUAL control of your weapon.
16                        Items (Continued) 
Item Box 
You will notice that your character can only carry a limited number of items at a time. In 
order to carry the items you need at a certain time, you can store other items in an item 
box. Those are located in various places throughout the game. Stand in front of the item 
box and press the X button. The Item Select screen will appear. 
*You can exchange items, store items or take items out of the box. Highlight an item, then 
press the X button.
*You can store up to 64 items in an item box.
*You cannot lose items, except for ammo
17                        Items (Continued)
Combine Items
Some items, particularly weapons, have a different effect when combined with other items. 
When reloading a gun, select the appropriate ammunition, then select COMBN from the command 
window. Use the Directional button/Left Stick to move the cursor onto the gun you're 
reloading and press the X button. Try combining other items to discover new effects.
Examples of Combining
*Handgun + Handgun Bullets- You can load ammo
*Green Herb + Red Herb- You can mix herbs. Green Herb + Red Herb has the effect of 
completely restoring your character's vitality. Herbs have various effects, depending on 
the combination.
18                        Items (Continued)
Mixing Ammo
You can create ammo for the Handgun, Shotgun, Magnum, and Grenade Launcher by mixing Gun 
Powder + Reload Tool.
*Gun Powder A + Reload Tool = Handgun Bullets
*Gun Powder B + Reload Tool = Shotgun Bullets
You can also create more powerful Gun Powder by mixing different Gun Powders.
*Gun Powder A + Gun Powder B = Gun Powder C
*Gun Powder C + Reload Tool = Grenade Bullets
*Grenade Bullets can be mixed with Gun Powder.
*As you create bullets, your skill will improve, making you able to create even more 
*With certain combinations, you can create very powerful bullets.
19                             Map/File
You can acquire maps and files during game play, and looking at them on the Status screen.
Select this option to view the room and areas you have visited. On outdoor maps, you can 
zoom and unzoom the view by pressing the X button. You can also move the map with the 
Directional button/Left Stick. Press the Select button to choose from other maps you have 
*You can also get to the Map screen by pressing the L2 button during play.
As you explore, you will discover notes, messages or other information that will 
automatically be filed in your character's notebook. Select FILE to view the contents of 
messages filed. Hints may develop from these notes.
20                                 Saving
To save game data, you must place an ink ribbon into a typewriter. Ink ribbons can be found 
in various places throughout the game. Once you find a ribbon, stand in front of the 
typewriter and press the X button. You will be asked if you want to save your progress. 
Choose YES or NO.
*To save game data, you must be using an optional Memory Card.
*Saving game data uses one free block on the Memory Card.
*Do not remove a Memory Card while saving/loading. Doing so may destroy the saved game data.
21                            Live Selection
In-game events called Live Selection will occur when your character faces dangerous 
situations. When a Live Selection begins, you'll have the opportunity to make a choice. 
Your selection will turn the story in a new direction.
*When a Live Selection occurs, a screen appears. Make your choice promptly.
*If you don't make a choice fast enough, you may be left in a more dangerous situation!
22                               Partner
Change Characters
During game play, you may need a partner character's help. When you actually control a 
partner character, the Status screen will change accordingly. The basic controls are the 
same as for your main character.
Move With A Partner Character
During game play, you may be in a situation where your character moves together with a 
partner character. In this case, if the partner character dies, the game ends.
22                                 Ranking
If you complete the game, the Ranking Screen appears. Your ranking is determined by various 
*Time- Shows your total play time.
*Number of Saves- Show how many times you saved during the game.
*Grade- Shows your grade.
23                         Can't Win? Try This
Trouble Defeating Your Enemies?
*Learn to use your weapons efficiently. Each weapon is best suited to destroying a 
different type of monster or zombie. Figure out which weapon you need, then put it to use. 
(Be sure to equip weapons BEFORE a fight!) Hint: When a zombie dies completely, blood will 
spread on the floor.
*Look for Attack objects, such as drums, to help defeat your enemies.
*Use Dodge and Quick Turn to take less damage.
*Nothing works? Then Run!
Can't Heal Your Character?
*Search the background for Herbs and First Aid Spray. Don't give up. You can't win if your 
character is too weak to fight.
Can't Solve Puzzles?
*When you come to new scene, search for files and memos that may contain clues. For more 
hints, call the CAPCOM EDGE HINT LINE at 1-900-976-EDGE.
Manual Design: Hankshaw Ink & Image; Marketing: Todd Thorson, Sean Mylett, Robert Johnson: 
Creative Services: Michi Morita, Jennifer Deauville, Marion Clifford and Jamie Gibson; 
Package Design: Michi Morita and Jamie Gibson; Manual Translation: Masayuki Fukumoto; PR: 
Melinda Mongelluzzo, Matt Atwood and Carrie Megenity. Special thanks to: Tom Shiraiwa, 
Miki Takano, Bill Gardner, Robert Lindsey, Elisa Mathez, Jill Uebel, Tina Kowalewski, Nate 
McLlvain Williams and Mark Galarneau.

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