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 RAYMAN from UBI Soft

/\  -  Not used
()  -  Action
><  -  Jump/Helicopter
[]  -  Punch (hold button for a longer punch)
L1  -  Duck & Crawl
L2  -  Duck & Crawl
R1  -  Duck & Crawl
R2  -  Duck & Crawl
Select  -  Not used
Start  -  Pause the game
Control Pad  -  Move left, right, up, down, look up, climb down.


After a brief period of time you will receive the power to punch from Betilla 
the fairy, (she will appear later in the game to give you more powers.)

A status display appears on the upper left corner of the screen showing the 
number of lives you have remaining & your power meter. The number tings you 
have collected are on the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

There are six worlds in the game. Your objective thorough out the game is to 
find & free cages electoons and to recapture the great protoon, the instrument 
which can restore the world to a state of peace and harmony. To accomplish 
this you will need to visit each world several times. 

Collect a golden fist to increase the power of you punch. Collect a Rayman 
statue or 100 golden orbs (tings) to earn an extra life. Collect a glowing red 
P icon to totally replenish and add one cell to the power meter.

At various points in the game you will come across a magician, (He'll pop out 
of a hat bearing a star.) Press the () button to pay the magician 10 tings to 
enter a bonus stage, (collect as many tings as possible.)

At one point in the game you will encounter small one-eyed creatures who can 
make you smaller or larger, (allows you to squeeze thru small passages.)

A photographer appears at strategic points in the game and takes you picture, 

An "!" marks the exit to each stage. 

A sign bearing a directional arrow points towards the world map. From the 
world map you may select the next stage you wish to attempt or obtain a 
password which can be used to resume the game at a later time. (visit the
magicians hat to obtain a password.) 


Knock the fruit off the trees then uses the fruit to bounce on or stand on 
in the water. If you hit an enemy with the bouncing fruit. The fruit will
lodge itself on the enemy's head. You can then reach unaccessable areas.

Us directional pad to chance direction of fruit or hovering pad.

Passwords: T2X5C1!?QZ  -  BLXSHR3?6Z  -  B2XSCXFBQZ

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