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PRO PINBALL Manual     


CONSOLE                                                 2
CONTROLLER                                              3
GETTING STARTED                                         4
MAIN MENU OPTIONS                                       4
  PLAY                                                  4
  SLIDESHOW                                             5
  OPTIONS                                               5
  CONTROLLER                                            6
PAUSE MENU OPTIONS                                      8
  CONTINUE                                              8
  ADD PLAYER / RESTART GAM                              9
  VOLUMES                                               9
  SCREEN POSITION                                       9
  QUIT TO TITLE SCREEN                                  9
PLAYING THE GAME                                        10
  CREDITS                                               10
  REPLAYS                                               10
  HIGH SCORES                                           11
  MATCH                                                 11
RULE CARD FOR "THE WEB"                                 12      
  POWER LEVELS                                          13
  COMBOS                                                13
  MISSIONS                                              13
  SKILL SHOT                                            14
  VIDEO MODE                                            14
  SPACE STATION FRENZY                                  14
  FAST PRENZY                                           15
  THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN                                 15
CREDITS                                                 16


To play Pro Pinball - The Web on your PlayStation:

1. Set up your PlayStation in accordance with the Instructions supplied with your system.
2. follow your system directions to Insert the Pro Pinball CD In the drive (printed side up).
3. Close the disc cover and press the -POW-ER button to start loading the game.


After the Initial loading and title screens, you will soon be presented with the Back box - 
Main Menu. from here you may select the following options listed.  Use the UP and DOWN 
Directional buttons on the Controller to highlight the options.  Simply press the X button to 
make your selection.

Selecting PLAY wilt load the table ready to play games.  For In-game controls please see 
OPTIONS - Controller.  When the table has loaded, use the START button or the X button to start 
a game.  When the game has started:
i)   Use the START button if you need to pause the game.  See also PAUSE MENU OPTIONS.
ii)  Press the TRIANGLE button to add other players to the game (only when using ball 1).  A 
        maximum of four players can play each game.
iii) Hold down the SELECT button, then press and hold down the START button for two seconds 
        (keeping the SELECT button held down) to return to the Back i3ox Main Menu.  This can 
        be done at any time. not just during a game.

Selecting SLIDESHOW will display high-quality views of the table, token from a variety of 
angles.  Use the Directional t3uttons on the Controller to step through the views.  Pressing 
the START button or the X button wilt exit the slideshow.  White In the sideshow, if you do not 
press any buttons. the slideshow wilt automatically step through all the views.

Selecting OPTIONS wilt present you with the options sub-menu, Use the UP and DOWN Directional 
buttons and the X button to select from the following:

Table View
The icons shown on-screen represent the angle of view and the position of the dot-matrix, Use 
the Directional buttons to highlight your desired angle, and the X button to select.

Three different Controller layouts are available.  The default in-game controls are as follows.

LEFT                    Activates Left flippers

CIRCLE                  Activates Right flipper

X                       Launch the ball

L1 or R1 button         Nudge up

R2 button               Nudge right (Push right corner of the table) 

TRIANGLE                Add Player(s)

X                       Continue (using a credit)

L2                      Nudge left

Two levels of focus are available, Soft focus gives slightly softer. lower-contrast graphics. 
which tend to reduce screen flicker on certain parts of the table.  Sharp focus is a sharper 
view, but may cause flicker on some displays.  Use the Directional buttons and the X button to 
select the focus which best suits your display.

The transparent dot-matrix is the preferred option, but may cause interference patterns on some 
displays (non-RGB inputs).  The Solid option should produce a better image on these displays.  
Use the Directional buttons and the X button to select the dot-matrix which best suits your 

Use the Directional buttons and the X button to select between Mono, Stereo and Swapped Stereo 
(left and right reversed), When using a mono TV, be sure to select the Mono sound option - 
otherwise some sound effects/speech may not be heard during a game.  Sound effects and music 
volumes can be set from the PAUSE MENU during a game (See Pause menu Options).

Load Scores / Save Scores
Scores can be saved and loaded from Memory Cards.  Al( options are saved along with the scores.  
When the game Is first loaded. if one of the Memory Cards contains saved scores, they wilt be 
loaded automatically.  Note: if a Memory Card is inserted after the LOAD / SAVE SCORES option 
has been selected. it wilt not be automatically detected.  You must select CANCEL. then 
re-select LOAD/ SAVE SCORES.  The new Memory Card wilt then be recognized.  You may however. 
select the Change Memory Card, Option during the Save Procedure, once you have selected which 
Memory Card slot to use.


During a game, you may press the START button to pause.  The options listed below wilt then 
become available.  Use the Directional buttons and the X button to make a selection.

Selecting this wilt return you to the current game.

Selecting this option wilt add a player to the current game, or restart the game.  You may only 
add a player if ball 1 is not complete.  When asked if you want to "Restart the game?", simply 
use the Directional buttons and the X button to select YES or NO.

Sound effects and music volumes con be set from here, Use the Directional buttons to highlight 
and to adjust volume.

Use the Directional buttons to move the vertical position of the screen.

Selecting this option will enable you to quit the current game and return to the Back Box - Main 


You start each game with three balls.  Controls operate just as they do on a real pinball 
machine.  Launch the first/next ball, then use the flippers to keep the ball in pay as long as 
possible.  You can nudge the table, but be careful as too much nudging con cause the game to 
tilt at the expense of the current ball.

At the end of each ball, a bonus score is tattled (press the X button or both flippers to 
bypass this).  If your score at the end of the game is higher than previous scores, you wilt be 
prompted to enter your initials.  Use the flippers and the X button to enter your Initials.

During a game you may gain credits. which is signified by a loud 'thwack'.  You can use the 
credits at the end of a game, to 'buy' extra balls.  Credits are carried over from one game to 
the next.  The maximum number of credits allowed Is nine.

When a player's score exceeds the replay level a credit is awarded.

If you get a high score you may earn one or more credits.  If you have 'bought' an extra ball 
or more during the previous game. your high score wilt go into the 'buy in' high score table.

You will find the current International high scores for Pro Pinball on the World Wide Web at, or if you get a really 
high score and want to register it with us do the following:

While the game Is displaying the high scores on the dot matrix display (before starting a game) 
hold down both flippers.  All the high scores in the hall of fame will be encrypted. Type the 
code Into the form on the hi-score page and send it to us.

At the end of the game is the match sequence.  If the match number is the some as the last two 
digits of your score, a credit wilt be awarded.


Space Station Frenzy
Shoot all drop targets to tight dock.  Dock three balls to start frenzy and score jackpots.

Fast frenzy
Shoot the web ramp repeatedly to light lock.  Shoot lock to start frenzy and score fast 

Shoot the center sinkhole to activate missions.

Power Levels
Intones light spinners.  Shoot tit spinners to advance power levels and light awards.

The Arena
Shoot consecutive loops to light extra ball and bonus held.

The Ultimate Showdown
Complete Missions, Combos, Power, Bonus, and Ultra to begin the Ultimate Showdown.


The intones at the bottom of the table light the Spinner Lanes.  Shoot these when lit to 
Increase the power levels.  Various bonuses are awarded for each power level.  The power levels 
are reset after you lose a ball. Power levels range from 1 to 8.

A combo (or combination shot) is awarded when you make one loop. orbit or romp shot quickly 
followed by another.  Hitting combos in succession awards a Combo.  Double Combo or Triple 
Combo for Increasing amounts of points.

Hitting the center hole at the top middle of the table when lit starts a Mission.  The 
Instructions for each Mission are indicated on the dot-matrix display. The Spider tights 
Indicate what you need to hit.  The dot-matrix display will also indicate the progress of each 
mission.  You have a limited time to complete each mission.  There are six possible missions.  
If you complete a mission a Showdown Sphere is awarded.

You will see a spider briefly tight up when you plunge a bolt.  Shoot this to get a skill shot 
and a Large bonus score.

The dot-matrix will tell you when the video mode can be activated.  Use the flipper buttons to 
Shoot the mines on the dot-matrix display.  Don't shoot the numbered bolts these award bonuses.
If you're really skilled you may even earn an extra ball.

Shoot all the drop targets at the top of the table to Light dock. (indicated by a green arrow), 
Get three balls in the dock to start Space Station -Frenzy.  This will give you three balls in 
play simultaneously Score jackpots to hugely increase your score.

Shoot the left ramp repeatedly to tight the lock hole.  Shoot the lock hole to activate Fast 
frenzy (two, three or four baits on the table simultaneously).

This is activated when you have completed all the Missions and sub-themes of the table.  It is 
only available to the best players.  Six balls will be fired onto the table.  Hit the lit 
ramps, holes and tones to score huge points and defeat the enemy!

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