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Starting Up                     2
Game Controls                   2
Main Menu                       4
Playing the Game                6
Power-Ups                       8
Gameplay Tips                   9
The Story                       10
Characters                      11
Enemies                         15
Levels                          18
Credits                         22
Customer Support                24
Software License agreement      24


Pitfall 3D is compatible with both digital and analog control pads. Player
control and gameplay does not change for analog control pad players.
To select menu items use the Directional Buttons up/down to highlight
the option you want to select and press the x button to accept.


R1 + Down               = Roll
X + SQUARE              = Jump Attack
R1 + SQUARE             = Crouch Attack 
L1                      = Display Health        
R1                      = Crouch
Up + X + SQUARE         = Running Jump Attack   
TRIANGLE                = Cycle Through Power-Ups
CIRCLE                  = Use Power Up
X                       = Jump
SQUARE                  = Attack
START                   = Pause
Up/Down/Left/Right      = Run Up/Down/Left/Right

The Directional button also Changes Vine direction and                                          
the orientation of Rings.

Game Reset
To abort the game, press the Start button to pause the game and display the
pause menu. Choose Quit from this menu and then press X to return to the
Main menu screen or TRIANGLE to return to the Pause menu.

Starting Up
When you turn on the PlayStation you will see an introductory movie, which
can be interrupted by pressing the Start button or X.



Use the Directional Buttons up/down to highlight an option and then press x
to select.

* New Game
Select this option to begin playing the game using the currently selected
options. Press the x button to start the

* Load Game
Select this option to load a previously saved
game from a memory card. You will be given
the option to save your game when you
achieve level objectives during gameplay.

* Password
Select this option to start a game at a higher
level using a password. Use the Directional Buttons (up/down) to enter
a password, the left/right Directional Buttons to advance or return to
the letters, and the x button to start the game on the level selected by the
password. You will be given a password when you achieve level objectives
during gameplay.

* Options
Select this option to change sound, controls, and brightness. Selecting this
brings up the Options Screen.


Options Screen
Use the Directional Buttons up/down to highlight an option and press x to
select. Press TRIANGLE to return to the Main menu.

* Sound Effects
Select this option to change the sound effects. Use the Directional
Buttons left/right to adjust the volume.

* Music
Select this option to change the music
volume. Use the Directional Buttons
left/right to adjust the level.

* Gamma
Select this option to change the brightness
of the display. Use the Directional Buttons
left/right to go from high to low.

* Controller Config
Select this option to choose your controller configuration. IA menu appears
listing the actions that can be changed. Change the configuration by
selecting the action you wish to re-configure using the Up/Down
Directional button and then press the button you wish to assign to the
action. Then choose Accept, Cancel, or Restore Defaults to finish
configuring your controller.



        Health Meter                                    Boots
        Harry's health is indicated by a horizontal     The number next to the Boots
        bar which is accessed when you press L1.        icon represents the number of
        When the red bar disappears, Harry will die,    lives that Harry has left.

        Power-Ups                                       Health Crystals
        An icon appears indicating                      The number next to the crystal
        that Harry has a Power-Up                       icon indicates how many crystals
        in his possession.                              Harry has in his possession.



Moku Symbol - "Continue" markers. If Harry dies, he'll restart the
W level at the last Moku Symbol collected.

Health Crystal - Collect these for health or extra lives.

5X Health Crystal - This gives you five times the amount of a
regular health crystal.

Extra Life - You get the idea.

Directional Marker - These show the way to go.

Jump Spot - These let you know from where to make your jump.
Level Exit - Enter the exit to finish a level.

Gold Bar - Collect Gold Bars for ten times the amount of a regular
health crystal. Find all ten on each level.

Save Game - Grab the memory cards to save your progress.



Flash Bomb - This causes a giant circular explosion that kills
anything in its radius.

Time Bomb - Harry must place this bomb and then escape its
range or take damage himself.

Lightning - A ball of lightning that circles around Harry. It sends
blasts out to any enemy causing them to die by electrocution

Summon Lava - Harry can shoot a beam into the air that causes
lava bombs to come down on the heads of all enemies in sight,
brutally crushing them.

Power Boost - An aura surrounds Harry's pick and makes all
enemies die with one strike.

It - A deadly orb that follows Harry and then jumps to any enemy
that he gets near, pummeling the enemy to death .Tag - You're It.

Boomerang - A magical projectile that circles around Harry. When
released, the projectile flies out and then returns, allowing Harry to
attack from a distance. It can be launched multiple times using the
power-up button.



Vines - The movement of vines can be controlled by the player using the
Directional button.

Health Station - This allows Harry to trade in crystals he's
collected for health. At the end of every level, remaining crystals can
be used towards extra lives.

Lucense Spill - Blue or Red energy. Slow down your momentum by turning in
the opposite direction.

Rings-These are power rings that act as relay stations to channel
energy. Harry can hook his rock pick into them and swing from one
to another. Press the Jump button while your feet are forward.

Hoist Point - This is a ring that attaches to a power tower and allows Harry
to hoist up. Press Jump to get on and Jump again to hoist up.

Zip Rings - These are rings that can travel large distances. They always
drop you at your destination without jumping.

Fire Balls - These are giant fire balls that spawn out of craters and pursue
Harry. They cannot be destroyed - Run!



Pitfall Harry. Jr. is the last hope for a decimated civilization. Freedom is no
longer known among the Moku. It has been stolen by an evil force: a Scourge
that values power and subservience above all things.This Scourge has taken
the people of the Moku civilization captive.
IA tyrant and a fiend, the Scourge's oppression has caused the Moku people
suffering, fear, and death.
Mira, the daughter of the former Moku leader, leads a rebel army against this
Scourge and enlists the aid of a hero and adventurer.
With Mira's guidance, the man from Earth, Pitfall Harry Jr., restores energy to
the Moku city of Shenrak. He then destroys the Scourge's energy supplies
and rescues the remaining living Moku from prison. Destroying the invasion
rift that the Scourge is opening, Harry makes it impossible for the Scourge to
attack Earth.
In the end he defeats the Scourge. All of this is accomplished while Harry is
opening his heart and falling in love with Mira.

Where else am I gonna go?



Pitfall Harry, Jr
The son of the famous treasure hunter Pitfall Harry,
Harry Jr. has built quite a reputation

of his own. You might have
heard of his run-in with the
Mayans. Energetic, enthusiastic
and athletic, he is never one to turn
down a challenge, especially where there might
be something in it for him. Sure, treasure is
nice, but Harry Jr. is really in it for the
kicks, chicks, and to sample the
strange fermentation rituals of
indigenous peoples. Armed with
only a rock pick and a razor sharp
wit, these weapons are more than
enough for him to succeed.
Harry was born in
Cucamonga. California,
but raised in caves, rain


forests, and all other remote parts of the world. His mother died while giving
birth to Harry in an out of control mine cart, so Junior tagged along with his
dad from day one. He soon learned the large array of skills that he needed.
His dad was strict - keep up or become crocodile food.
Specializing in rock climbing, vine swinging, and pit hopping made him
ready for the toughest physical challenges. Seeking to gain his own identity,
he left his father's large shadow and set off on his own. With an adventurer's
knowledge of ancient cultures, he followed some leads until he landed in a
remote part of South America (try their mole).
In South America, he finds a rift sent to Earth from another dimension.
Entering the rift, Harry commits to helping Mira and the Moku people defeat
the evil Scourge. Harry can't pass up a challenge this good. This is just the
opportunity he's been looking for to spread his reputation to a new
generation - a generation that may have never owned an Atari 2600 and got
to relive the exploits of his father in a popular video game. Harry charges into
the rift and lands in the decimated world of the Moku. He soon meets up
with Mira, IArcam's daughter, leader of the remaining Moku rebels.


Mira is the daughter of Arcam, leader and founder of the Moku civilization.
Raised in the peaceful prosperity of Kulthara, Mira lived a storybook life of
privilege and wonder. Her world changed radically when the evil Scourge
descended on the Moku and massacred most of Mira's family and friends.
Mira was cast into the role of Moku leader, organizing the remaining Moku
people into a rebel army to fight the Scourge. Although initially unprepared for
a life of fighting, Mira quickly became accustomed to the demands of war and
has developed into a strong leader and warrior.
Mira wears only light armor because of her great speed and agility. She is
always armed with her itch. This three-pronged axe, traditionally used to hunt
and defend against wild animals, makes a formidable weapon of war. Before
the attack, Mira had been a skilled hunter. She often
provided her home city of Shenrak with scorpion feasts
(they taste a lot like chicken). She also excelled in
athletics and is as comfortable floating on Lucense
(the magical energy that the Moku use),
or swinging through the air, as
she is on the ground.
When Harry comes into
her world she sees him
only as an aid to her cause. She directs him
through his journey, communicating
through a special Moku crystal that he
carries with him.


The Scourge
Orphaned at an early age, Katal spent countless hours as a child researching
the art of wielding Lucense and, as a result, became the youngest Lucinary in
the history of the Moku people. Lucinaries are the keepers and controllers of
the blue Lucense, the power source of the Moku civilization and their life
young and brash, Katal craved knowledge of the Lucense and the power it
could bring. The other Lucinaries warned of the dangers inherent in tampering
with the natural properties of Lucense, but the experiments continued. Their
admonitions were seen merely as the cowardice of old men. Tampering with
molten lava. Katal created a powerful but unstable form of red Lucense. This
insidious new energy proved to be too much to handle, as it slowly takes over
its wielder's mind and body.
Katal mysteriously disappeared from the city of Shenrak, never to be seen
again. At least not as the person Shenrak had known...
In secrecy over the next several years, Katal amassed a formidable army by
enslaving the wild beasts of Kulthara with the power of red Lucense. When
the time was right, the army marched on Shenrak and quickly overtook the
city. The Moku citizens were imprisoned by their new master, the Scourge.
The blue Lucense imbued in Shenrak acted as a natural ward against the slave-
beasts, preventing them from destroying the city. To keep the Moku from ever
returning home, the Scourge erected a force dome over the city. No person
would ever be able to enter again. There was just one hole in the plan. On the
night of the invasion. Arcam, the head Lucinary, sent a rift entrance to Earth
that would bring anyone finding the rift into the city.



Small creatures with a spinning body resembling a pinwheel and a pointed
center that it uses to impale it victims and drain nourishing blood. They're
only really dangerous in concert with other darters or different creatures.
They float along at a height of about 10 feet then spin dive at Harry when he
gets close.

Papwa Ipo
Once domesticated pets to the Moku people, the Ipos have
become wild again since the fall of their masters. Pesky, 
mischievous little monkey-like creatures, they now reside 
in the canyon walls, moving nimbly about the rocks and
vegetation. They hurl magic projectiles at Harry, but rarely
let themselves get close                                        *This monkey smells funky

Making a comeback from the original, this guy has a few tricks up his


These creatures take the form of disembodied, demonic heads that trail flame
as they fly through the air. When there are two or more of them, they will
harass Harry by attacking him about the head, trying to knock him off
bridges or damage him with quick attacks.

Demon Bat
These are airborne serpents with two large wings and a slender, snake-like
body. They circle above and dive attack at Harry when they detect him.
These flying demons can attack with a deadly bite, in addition to picking up
their prey and bringing them to unknown locations.

They take the shape of medium-sized boulders and attack by rolling at Harry,
who must dodge or jump over them. When they get close, they morph into
a small rocky humanoid. This is their vulnerable form, and Harry must get in
a shot quickly before they curl up again.


Bornswags are a hybrid of humanoid and wolf that stand,
severely hunched over, two to four feet at the shoulder. They
have fur of varying color with red and gray streaks, slavering
jaws, and glowing green, yellow, or red eyes. They are very
intelligent, and are usually found guarding items or areas              *Smells like wet dog.
or patrolling important areas.

Earth Soldier
Earth Soldiers burrow through solid rock as though it were warm butter. Their
favorite trick is to morph up through the floor, and hurl rocks at Harry. They
have a "sweet spot" between their throwing range and their hand-to-hand
range that Harry is safe in.

Huge creatures made from hardened magma, the Magmoid is
used to mine lava for the evil Scourge. They are intent on
working, but will stop to destroy anything that gets in their way.              *Easy, Boy

Fire Djinn
These fiery warriors float just off the ground. They are composed completely
of fire that is contained within armor. They attack with deadly fire balls.



Level 1 - Training
This is your first level of Pitfall 3D. It takes place in the wilderness Here you
can get used to Harry's controls and practice your timing and jumping ability.

Level 2 - The City of Shenrak
The Moku once lived in this city and you can
see the remnants of their civilization. Harry
must travel through the city and collect four
orb keys to unlock the entrance to the

Level 3 - Underground Caverns
These caverns are naturally occurring and hold Lucense, the magic source
that fueled the growth of Moku civilization. Harry must turn on five Lucense
extractors to return power to the city of Shenrak.


Level 4 - The Moku Temple
A giant pyramid, the high temple of Moku
energy. Four smaller pyramids are on each
corner of the temple and on each one rests a
Lucense channeling device. Harry must
activate each of the channeling devices on
the corner pyramids in order to activate the
main temple.

The Gladiator - Guardian of the Lucense
The Scourge could not destroy the supply of Lucense that powered the city
of Shenrak. The Scourge has instead imprisoned it inside the Moku temple.
Harry must release the Lucense so that it can fire a beam of energy that will
release the city from the force dome. But a Gladiator guards the magical
substance. Harry must defeat the Gladiator and raise the level of the Lucense
to the top of the holding tank.

Level 5 - The Blister Fields
The Blister Fields were once lush forests that have been decimated by the
mining operation that forms the evil red Lucense. Harry must destroy the five
mobile mining units to cease the environmental and ethical disaster.


Level 6 - The Descent into the Volcano
Inside the volcano, the Scourge has created a
huge processing plant to transform lava into evil
red Lucense. Harry must turn the lava valves off
that control the flow of lava to stop the
Scourge's conquest to overthrow the world.

Level 7 - Blazing Flood
The base of the volcano is now flooded with steaming lava. Harry must reach
the main reservoir of red Lucense as quickly as possible, before he is turned
into a smoking cinder.

Kryll Thular - The Scourge's Lord
The store of lava to be refined into evil red Lucense is being guarded for the
Scourge by a terrifying snake. Harry must crush this snake by
commandeering a gun turret and firing on all seven segments of the serpent's
body. But first Harry must load his weapon with Power-Ups located at the
outer edges of the lava reservoir.

Level 8 - The Cell Blocks
Harry has been captured and caged on an island surrounded by acid. Caged
prisoners are all around him, and guards at every turn. Harry must escape the
prison by jumping from cage to cage and connecting the cell blocks.


Level 9 - Life Extraction Plant
Inside these building heinous crimes are being perpetrated. The Scourge has
invented a machine that sucks energy from Moku people, converting it into
evil red Lucense. Harry must destroy the extraction machines, stopping this
incredible corruption.

Level 10 - The Dark Vale
Harry lands at the foot of the Dark Vale, an
overgrown garden of devilish delights. He
knows that this is one of the most dangerous    
places to be, but there is no way around it.
Harry must go through the Dark Vale.    

Level 11 - The Crystal Matrix
The Scourge has been collecting energy to form an invasion rift that will
allow an attack on Earth. Ten large crystals provide power to the rift. They
must be destroyed.

The Scourge
The root of all evil must eventually be faced. The Scourge has imprisoned
and enslaved the Moku people. Now the Scourge wants to extend the terrible
dominion to the entire Earth. The Scourge must be stopped. The Scourge's
only weakness is a dependence on evil red Lucense for power.


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