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                               NFL XTREME 2
                                Quick Guide


                         (X) = X Button
                         (C) = Circle Button
                         (S) = Square Button
                         (T) = Triangle Button

Just  a  quick  one this time.  Not much else is needed for this game.
It is very easy to play the game just by doing what it says on screen.

                       Memory Card/Saving Data

You  must  insert you MEMORY CARD before you save or load a file.  NFL
Xtreme  2  saves  user-defined  options  and  all  data  for a Season,
Playoff,  and  Tournament.  Five blocks of memory must be available on
your  MEMORY  CARD  in order to save a Season, Playoff, or Tournament.
Only  1  block of memory is needed to save USER RECORDS.  If you don't
have  a  MEMORY CARD, all NFL Xtreme 2 data will be lost when you turn
off your PlayStation game console.

                            Game Controls


(X) - Snap Ball

(S), (T) or (C) - Throw to an open receiver determined by the CPU

(T) - Jump catch

(C) - Special moves (spin, juke, jump flip, stiff arm or shoulder


(S) - Tackle

(C) - Switch to man closest to the ball

(T) - Jump interception / Deflection

Before the Snap

(X) - Snap ball

(C) - Switch player

L1 or R1 + (X), (S), (T) or (C) - Audible receiver to a blocker

L1 or R1 - Draw back camera to view receiver icons

SELECT button - Change camera view


(X) - Bring pass icons up

(X), (S), (T) or (C) - Pass to the receiver with the appropriate

(C) - Special moves (spin, juke, jump flip, stiff arm or shoulder

(S) - Lateral ball down field

(X) - Shoulder charge / High step (when beyond defense)

(T) - Jump catch / Jump flip when carrying ball

L1 or R1 - Stiff arm Left or Right

L2 or R2 - Turbo (hold)

Press L1, L2, R1 or R2 - Break grab tackles (press rapidly)

Advanced Offense

L2 or R2 + (C) - Double spin

(X) - Power shoulder charge

L2 or R2 + (T) - Jump flip

L1 or R1 + L2 or R2 - Power stiff arm Left or Right


(S) - Dive, wrap or grab tackles

(X) - Power tackle / Shoulder charge

(C) - Switch to man closest to ball / Switch man on defense

(T) - Jump interception / Deflection

L1 or R1 - Swim move Left or Right

L2 or R2 - Turbo (HOLD)

L1, L2, R1, R2 - Throw player overhead (while engaged)

Advanced Defense

L2 or R2 + (T) - Jump interception / Flying high tackle

L1 or R1 + L2 or R2 - Power swim move

                          989 Studios' Tips

-  On offense, pass the ball to an open receiver in one of two ways:

 1.   After snapping the ball, press (X) to bring up the passing icons
 of the  receivers  and then pass to an open receiver by pressing (X),
 (S), (T) or (C).

 2.   After  snapping  the ball, press (S), (T) or (C) to have the CPU
 determine which  of  your receivers is open and pass the ball to that

-  To  throw a player overhead, when engaged with an opponent, rapidly
 press L1, L2, R1 or R2.

-  To break a tackle, press (C) or (S) to perform the most appropriate
 special move (e.g., spin, hurdle).

-  Before  the  snap, press R1/L1 to draw back the camera and view the
 passing icons associated with each receiver.

-  Before the snap, press (C) to gain control of the receiver and pass
 the ball by pressing (X), (S), (T) or (C).

-  For  a bullet pass, press and hold a passing icon until the ball is
 thrown.  The receiver will stop for the pass.

- To take control of the defender closest to the ball, press (C).

-  To cause a fumble and send the ball carrier flying, press (X) for a
 power tackle.

-  To  make  a shoe-string tackle, before your opponent gets away from
 you, press (S) to dive and make the tackle.

- To simulate all games on the schedule and find out if your team made
 the Playoffs, D-Pad to the last game on the schedule and press (C).

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