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        Instruction Manual
                         (X) = X Button
                         (C) = Circle Button
                         (S) = Square Button
                         (T) = Triangle Button


- Page - 1

                          Table of Contents

                   GAME CONTROLS ................4
                   PREGAME SETUP ...............11
                    ATHLETIC DEPT. .............11
                     View Rosters ..............11
                     Blue Chip Recruiting ......11
                     Create Walk-On ............12
                     Edit Schedule .............13
                     Load/Save Teams ...........14
                    CUSTOMIZE ..................15
                     Options ...................15
                     Play Editor ...............16
                     Controller Setup ..........17
                     Easter Eggs ...............17
                    MEMORY CARD ................17
                   SCRIMMAGE GAMES .............18
                    PLAYING THE GAME ...........19
                    PAUSE MENU .................21
                   FANTASY LEAGUE ..............23
                   TOURNAMENT SEASON ...........23
                   BOWL SEASON .................26
                   CAREER MODE .................27

- Page - 4

                            Game Controls


With  NCAA GameBreaker's Quick Start Controls, you don't have to worry
about  having  to  learn  a bunch of complicated control combinations.
These  basic  controls  allow  you  to  get  started and into the game


 (X) - Snap ball

 (X) - Bring passing icons up after snap

 (X), (S), (T) or (C) - Throw to a receiver

 (T) - Jump catch

 (C) - Special moves (spin, juke, stiff arm or shoulder charge)

 (X) - Speed burst

 L1 or R1 - Pitch ball Left or Right

- Page - 5


 (S) - Tackle

 (C) - Switch to man closest to the ball

 (T) - Jump/Deflect/Intercept

 (X) - Speed burst

 L1 or R1 - Swim moves Left or Right

 L2 or R2 - Forearm shiver-bump a receiver at the line of scrimmage

Please reference pages 6-10 for advanced game controls.

- Page - 6


Simulation provides a realistic college football game setting.  Total
Control allows you to control all aspects of the game.


 (X) - Snap

 (C) or (T) - Fake hut

 (S) - Audible

 L1 or R1 - Brings camera back to pre-read wide receivers

 D-Pad  Left/Right  -  Send  wide-receiver  in  motion  if the play is
                       designated with a player in motion

 R2 - Max Pro-running back blocks

 START - Pause


 (C) - Switch man

 L2 + (C) - Switch to previous man

 D-Pad - Move player

 (S) - Audible

- Page - 7


 (X)  -  Bring up and activate kick meter.  Tap (X) again to stop kick
         meter.   The  higher  the bar on the meter = the stronger the

 D-Pad Left/Right - Change the direction of the kick


 (X) - Speed burst

 (S) - Dive

 (C) - Special moves (spin, juke, stiff arm, shoulder charge)

 (T) - Hurdle

 L1 or R1 - Pitch ball Left or Right

 D-Pad + (X) - Brings up receiver icons before snap

 (X),(S),(T) or (C) - Throw to a receiver

 L2 + (C) - Spike ball after snap

 R2 + (X),(S),(T) or (C) - Pump fake

 (T) - Jump/Catch/One-hand catch

- Page - 8

 (X) - Speed burst

 (C) - Switch to man closest to the ball

 (S) - Wrap tackle/Dive

 (T) - Jump/Deflect/Intercept

 (X) - Speed burst

 (C) - Spin

 (T) - Hurdle

 (S) - Dive

 L1 or R1 - Pitch Left or Right

 R2 - Stiff arm

 L2 + (S) - Dive over pile

 L2 + (X) - Shoulder charge

 L2 + (T) - High step

 L2 + (C) - Double spin

 L2 + R2 - Juke

Used  in  Total  Control  mode,  Total  Control  Passing allows you to
operate  as  a  real  quarterback.   Lead,  underthrow, or overthrow a
receiver in any direction, based on man or zone defensive coverages.

- Page - 9

 D-Pad + L2 + (X) - Brings up receiver icons

 L1 or R1 - Throw out of bounds  Left or Right once receiver icons are

 L2 + SELECT - No-huddle-offense (press after whistle is blown)

 D-Pad Up/Down + receiver icon - Overthrow/Underthrow receiver

 D-Pad Left/Right + receiver icon - Lead receiver

 Tap receiver icon - Lob pass

 Hold receiver icon - Bullet pass

989 Sports' Tips:
Press  R2  before the snap on a passing play to activate Max Pro.  Max
Pro  will  turn the running back designated for a pass route to remain
in the backfield and block for the quarterback.

Press  R2  +  (X),  (S),  (T)  or  (C) to use the Pump Fake to get the
defensive  line  to  jump, leaving their feet and buying time for your
quarterback to locate an open receiver.

- Page - 10


 (X) - Speed Burst

 (S) - Wrap tackle/Dive

 (C) - Switch to man closest to the ball

 (T) - Jump/Deflect/Intercept

 L2 + (S) - High tackle

 L2 + (X) - Pummel tackle - jars the ball loose

 L2 + (C) - Switch to deepest man in coverage

 L2 + (T) - One-handed deflection/Interception

 L2 + D-Pad Down - Moves linebackers and defensive backs close to the
                   line of scrimmage for bump-and-run coverage.

 L2 + D-Pad Left/Right - Shifts defensive line position

 L1 or R1 - Swim moves Left or Right

 L2 or R2 - Forearm shiver - bump a receiver at the line of scrimmage

Adding  a  Multitap allows you to play up to a five-player game.  With
two Multitaps, up to four users (eight players total) can play on each

- Page - 11

                            Pre Game Setup

Use the Athletic Dept menu to view and manage team rosters.

View  the  player rosters of each college team.  Rosters will show the
physical  attributes  and  skill ratings of each player by rating each
stat based on a scale of 1-100.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team roster.

- D-Pad Up/Down to view the entire roster and player ratings.

- Press (S) and (C) to cycle through other skill categories.

Build  your  program  into  an  instant  powerhouse  by recruiting the
nation's top blue chip incoming freshmen and junior college transfers.
Play  through  the  Season  and  try  to  get your freshmen blue chips
elected to the All-Freshmen team.

-  D-Pad  Left/Right  to select your recruiting team or press START to
have  the  CPU  randomly  select  a  team  for you.  Be sure to review
Rosters to see what kind of players your team needs.

-  D-Pad Up/Down to choose a Playbook.  Selecting the type of Playbook
your  team  will  be using will help determine the type of quarterback
you'll  be  recruiting.   Choose  a  Passing  or  Balanced Playbook to
recruit  a classic drop back passing QB.  Choose a Running Playbook to
recruit a dynamic option QB.

- Press (X) to continue.

- Page - 12

From  this  screen  you'll  choose  one  of  five  recruits  from nine

-   D-Pad  Up/Down  to  select a blue chip recruit.  Frosh indicates a
college true freshman.  Junior indicates a junior college transfer.

-  Press  (X)  to check a recruit and invite him on an official visit.
If  a  school  is  highlighted  in  blue under school preferences, the
recruit  has  given that school a verbal commitment.  Flashing numbers
indicate  a  gamebreaker.  The higher a blue chip's overall attribute,
the more national attention he'll attract.

-  Press  (X)  to continue and repeat the previous steps to invite all
nine recruits to your school.

On  Letter  of Intent Day, you'll know which recruits have chosen your

-  D-Pad  Left/Right  to  view  the  recruits that other colleges have
landed.  Each blue chip signing with your school will be automatically
placed on the roster depth chart and issued a jersey number.

- Press (X) to keep the current recruiting class or (T) to discard and
go recruiting again.

Create  a  coach's  dream-come-true by molding a walk-on player in the
form  of  an  All-American  athlete.  Or simply create yourself, using
your own physical attributes.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to a player attribute, then Left/Right to alter the
selection.  Notice that the player ratings at the bottom of the screen
adjust   as   you   alter   the   player   attributes,  retaining  the
characteristics  of  a  complete  player.   Press  and hold L2 + D-Pad
Left/Right  to  move the attribute slider more rapidly.  Press R1 + R2
to reset all slider settings.

- Press (X) to continue.

- Page - 13

- D-Pad Up/Down to select the team option, then Left/Right to choose a

- D-Pad Up/Down to select the jersey number, then Left/Right to choose
a number.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to  select the walk-on, then Left/Right to select a
player position.

Determine  your  walk-on's position by the NCAA Prospects listing.  If
the  prospects  are an option quarterback or a halfback, select one of
those two choices for your player's position.

- Press (X) to continue.

- D-Pad Up/Down to choose a player to replace and press (X).

- Press (X) to replace the player.

Switch  a game on the schedule to a different date or give your team a
breather  from  the  college  grind  by creating a BYE on the schedule
where  it  didn't exist before.  You can also change the opponent of a
scheduled game or simply change a game from Away to Home and give your
team an advantage in an important matchup.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team schedule.

- D-Pad Up/Down to choose a game on the schedule.

- D-Pad Left/Right to change opponents.

- To change the location of the game to Home or Away, press (S).

- To change the week to a BYE week, press (C).

- To  choose  a random opponent  for a game, press (X).  L2 + (X) will
choose random opponents for the entire schedule.

- Page - 14

After  you have created players and/or altering rosters, save teams to
the  MEMORY  CARD.  You can also load a previously saved team.  A team
cannot  be  loaded  after  a Season has been saved.  If you attempt to
load  a  previously saved Bowl Season or Tournament, your current Bowl
Season or Tournament will be cancelled.

NOTE:   Before  altering files, select a MEMORY CARD slot by using the
D-Pad to select Card 1 or Card 2 and pressing (X).

To save a team/settings/seniors:
- D-Pad to Save Team and press (X).

- D-Pad Left/Right to select a team.

-  Enter  a  custom  name  for  the file by using the D-Pad Up/Down to
choose a character and Left/Right to move spaces.

- Press (X) to save the file.

To load a team, it must have already been saved to the MEMORY CARD.
- D-Pad to Load Team and press (X).

- D-Pad Up/Down to select a team to load and press (X).

To delete a file from the MEMORY CARD:
- D-Pad to Delete and press (X) .

- D-Pad Up/Down to choose a file to delete and press (S) .

- D-Pad  to  Yes  and  press  (X)  to delete  the file or press (T) to

- Page - 15

Use this menu to set up game attributes.

Select this option to customize the attributes of your game.

The  player  difficulty  will  determine  each  player's offensive and
defensive  ability.   Select  a  True  Freshman  or Sophomore level to
prepare  yourself for the challenge of playing at the Junior or Senior

Choose  the  length of each quarter.  There are four quarters per game
plus overtime if necessary.

Turn the front-end and in-game college marching band music ON/OFF.

Turn the play-by-play announcer ON/OFF.

Set  Penalties  to Low to play a game with a minimal amount of penalty

Turn Injuries OFF to eliminate player injuries during the game.

Set the pace of the game.

- Page - 16

Play  Editor  mode allows you to create custom offensive and defensive
playbooks  for  your team.  You will be able to select plays from your
team's playbook and change the player assignments for each play.  Once
you  select  a  play  to  customize,  you  will be able to select each
player.   in  the formation and then choose for him to run a different
assignment.   Setup  up  as many plays as can fit within the playbook.
Use  your  creativity  and  see  if  you have what it takes to draw up
successful college plays.

Set  the  configuration  of the controller to any of four settings for
offense and defense.

-  D-Pad  Left/Right to choose a Default or Inverted controller setup.
Inverted will switch the commands for the (T) and (X) buttons.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to Offense/Defense, then Left/Right to view the new
controller functions.

-  D-Pad Down to No Vibration/Use Vibration, then Left/Right to choose
one  of  the  two  settings.   To  activate  your  DUAL  SHOCK  Analog
Controller, choose Use Vibration to feel the collision of a big hit.

- Page - 17

Use  Easter  Eggs to add a unique dimension to your game.  Easter Eggs
are  revealed  to  you  after  you defeat the CPU in any of the Season

- From Add Entry, press (X) to activate the alphanumeric chart.

- Use the D-Pad to choose a character or option and press (X) to enter
it.   To  delete  a  character  or  space, D-Pad to DEL and press (X).
Select Clear and press (X) to wipe out your name and start over.

-  D-Pad to DONE and press (X) to lock in your name and deactivate the

Use  MEMORY CARD to alter the files on your MEMORY CARD.  You can save
games,  game settings and senior players, load games and game settings
or delete files.  See Load/Save Teams for more information.

-  To  choose  a  save  option,  D-Pad  Left/Right to Save Game,  then
Up/Down to select an option.

- Page - 18

                           Scrimmage Games

Use  Scrimmage  games  to  prepare  yourself  for  a  Bowl  Season  or
Tournament.  Scrimmage results cannot be recorded in Season standings.

NOTE:   Before  starting  a game, make changes to your roster and game
attributes from the Athletic Dept and Customize menus.

Here's where you choose the teams for your game. Let the CPU randomly choose a
great college matchup or select two Division 1-A teams of your own.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose the Home/Away team.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to choose a team.  Press L2 + D-Pad to move through
the  teams  more  rapidly.   Press  L1  and R1 for the CPU to randomly
choose  two  teams.   Take a look at the power ratings below each team
name  to  determine  your  matchup.  A flashing GB symbol means that a
GameBreaker plays that position.

-  Press  (S) to view each team's power numbers for Offense, Defense,
and Special Teams.

To set up Advanced Options:
- Press (C) to bring up Advanced Options.

-  D-Pad  Left/Right  to  change categories (School and Location, Game
Time and Weather) and Up/Down to change options.

- Press (C) to bring up additional Advanced Options.

- Form Uniforrms, D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team's uniform.

- D-Pad Up/Down to change the color of the uniforms.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team's Playbook.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to  change  Playbooks.   See  Play  Editor for more
information on how to set up a Playbook.

- Page - 19


The kicking game is important in that it not only can score big points
for  your  team  but  it  determines  field  position,  which  on more
occasions than not can win a game.

- Press (X) to put your kicker into motion and start the kick meter.

- Press  (X)  again to kick the ball.  The higher the strength bar the
stronger the kick.

To aim a kick:
- Once  the  kick meter is activated,  before pressing (X) to kick the
ball,  D-Pad  Left/Right  to  angle your kick to a certain part of the

Once  a  team  has  received  the ball, the Play Selection screen will
appear.   First  choose the formation for the play.  The formation can
be  changed  to  three  different  variations  for every offensive and
defensive play by pressing L1.

- D-Pad Left/Right to cycle through the available formations.

-  Press the associated icon button to select a formation and bring up
the play selections.

- Once  the  formation is set,  select the play.  To flip the play and
run  a mirror image of that play, press R1.  To return to the original
play, press R1 again.

- D-Pad  Left/Right to cycle through the available plays and press the
associated icon button to select it.

NOTE:   To return to the formation selection,  D-Pad Up from the  play

- Page - 20

The running game is a big part of college football because it helps to
control  the  flow of the game.  It is also used as a tool to keep the
clock  running and keep your defense rested on the sidelines for a big
fourth quarter stand.
In  college  football  the  pitch  is an effective way to add an extra
dimension  to  your  running  attack.   Hold  onto the ball as long as
possible  to  force the defense to commit to the initial ball carrier.
If  the defense converges on the running back before a pitch, keep the
ball and run up field.
The  passing  game is not a major part of most college football teams.
However,  those  teams  that can use the run to set up the pass have a
much better chance of becoming national champs.

Defense  wins games!  At least that's what most of the brilliant minds
in  college  football  think.  A sound defensive team can carry a team
and  buy  some time for a stalling offense to catch fire.  Mix up your
defensive  schemes  so  the  opposition  can  never see what's coming.
During  a  play,  the  defense will automatically converge on the ball
carrier  and  attempt to make the tackle.  You can take control of the
defender  marked  by  the  designated icon!  To switch to the defender
closest to the ball carrier, press (C).

- Page - 21

Press  the START button to pause the game and bring up the Pause menu.
Use  the  Pause  menu  to change current game settings or to view game
statistics and player statistics.

- D-Pad Up/Down to highlight an option and press (X).

View the stats compiled by each team during the course of the game.

. D-Pad Left/Right to view all categories of team stats.

. D-Pad Down to scroll through player stats.

Gives you a second chance to view the latest play.

Each team receives three timeouts per half. The number
of timeouts remaining will be shown here.

Choose from a variety of camera angles to view your game.

- D-Pad Up/Down to select the camera angle and press (X).

- Page - 22

Substitute  a  player  from  the  bench  for  any player on the field.
Offensive  players  switched  to  defensive  positions  will  only  be
credited with offensive statistics.

-  D-Pad  to  Defense/Offense, then Left/Right to choose a side of the

- D-Pad Up/Down to Formation and Left/Right to choose a formation.

- D-Pad Up/Down to Position and Left/Right to choose a position.

- D-Pad Up/Down to Player Number and Left/Right to change a player.

- Press (T) to return to the game.

NOTE:   Sub  All  Forms  will  place  the  highlighted  player  in all
appropriate positions.

Set  three  audible plays on offense and defense by pressing the icons
on your controller that correspond to the icons of the play.

- Choose a play to change by pressing the corresponding icon.

- Choose a formation for the new play.

- Choose a new play.

- Press (X) to accept audible changes and return to the game.

Use  Customize  game  attributes  to alter the difficulty level of the
game.   CPU RUNNING sets the CPU's Offensive running ability.  CPU RUN
DEFENSE  sets the CPU's ability to stop the run.  CPU PASSING sets the
CPU's  offensive  passing  attack  ability.  CPU PASS DEFENSE sets the
CPU's  pass  defense.   CPU  IQ sets the CPU's intelligence.  Player
SIZE  sets the size of the players on the field.  CLOCK SPEED sets the
speed  of the game clock.  GAME SPEED sets the speed of the players on
the  field.   ANNOUNCER  VOLUME  sets  the  volume of the play-by-play
announcer.  MUSIC VOLUME sets the volume of the marching band music.

- Page - 23

                            Fantasy League

Use  the Fantasy League format to set up a game based on points earned
for player and team accomplishments.

From the Fantasy Scoring screen:
- D-Pad Up/Down to choose an action.

- D-Pad Left/Right to change the point values for that action.

- Press (X) to continue to the Team Matchup screen.  See  Team Matchup
for more information.

                          Tournament Season

Play  a  Season  in  which  your  team  can  compete  in a Post-Season
Tournament Series.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team.  Press L2 + D-Pad to move through
the  teams more rapidly.  Press and hold START for the CPU to randomly
select a team.

- Press (X) to continue to the Weekly Season screen7

Play the scheduled game of the week or simulate the league's games for
the  entire  week  to play in the following week's game.  Season games
can be saved to a MEMORY CARD.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose a Playbook for your team.

- Press (X) to play the first game on the schedule.

-  To  simulate  a  game,  press  (S).  Press (S) + L2 to simulate the
entire  Season  and  then  (X)  to move to the Season menu and begin a
Tournament Series.

- Page - 24

Quit  or  continue  a  Season or Tournament and view the stats of your
team and the rest of Division 1-A.  Your team and player stats will be
highlighted in blue.

Quits the Season in progress and returns you to the Main Menu.

Continue  a Season game when you are returned to the Season menu after
a  finished game or load a previously saved Season from a MEMORY CARD.
When  a  Tournament  Season  is finished, you can enter the Tournament
Series  which  is made up of the top 1 6 teams in the country .  These
teams  will  be  bracketed into four regions with each regional winner
playing in  a semi-final matchup to determine the two teams to play in
the National Championship.

- Press (S) to simulate each round of the Tournament Series.

- D-Pad Left/Right to view each round of the Tournament Series as they
are simulated.

View  the schedules of all the teams in Division 1-A and the scores of
the games completed.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team.  D-Pad + L2 will move through the
teams more rapidly.

View the Season highlights of your team.

- Page - 25

View statistical leaders of Division 1-A Conferences.
-  D-Pad  Left/  4Right  from the NCAA title bar to select Conference,
Single Team, or Entire NCAA.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to  the  next category, then Left/Right to select a
Conference or Single Team.

- D-Pad Up/Down to Team or Player Stats and press (X).

- D-Pad Left/Right to view each category.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to view other teams or players.  From Player Stats,
press (C) to cycle through all stat categories.

The  Rankings menu allows you to view the status of post Season awards
and keep track of the league and its leaders.

View the standings for each Conference.

TOP 25
Updated each week, keep track of the top 25 teams in the country.

Updated  each  week,  view  the  top vote-getters in the chase for the

Updated  each  week, view the awards given to the top athletes for the

Updated  each  week,  view  the  list  of first and second teamers for
College All-America, All-Freshman Team, and All-Conference.

- Page - 26

                             Bowl Season

Play  a  Season in which Bowl game eligibility is based largely on the
Bowl  Coalition.   For  instance, the #1 and #2 ranked teams will face
off in the GameBreaker Bowl.  See Tournament Games for descriptions of
Season menu items.

When a Season is complete, from the Season menu:
- D-Pad Up/Down to Bowl Games and press (X) .

-  D-Pad Left/Right to choose a Bowl Game and press (X).  To  simulate
a bowl game, press (S).

- From Uniforms, D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team's uniform.

- D-Pad Up/Down to change the color of the uniforms.

- D-Pad Left/Right to choose a team's Playbook.

- D-Pad Up/Down to change Playbooks.  See Play Editor for more details
on how to set up a Playbook.

- Press (X) to play.

NOTE:   A  Season  team  can only play in the Bowl Game to which it is

- Page - 27

                             Career Mode

Career  Mode gives you an opportunity to test your skills as a college
coach.   From  among  the NCAA's Division 1-A teams, you'll be able to
select a job from a number of smaller schools and help build that team
into  a  competitive  institution  on the gridiron.  After selecting a
job,  play  out  the Season.  Depending on the accomplishments of your
team  and  the  area in which you did your coaching, you could be in a
position  for  a  coaching  promotion or better job offer from another
school.   If your team falls short of its goals however, you could get

- D-Pad Up/Down to choose a job offer.

- D-Pad Left/Right to select a school.

- Press (X) to continue.

-  D-Pad  Up/Down  to  select  a  Playbook.  See  Play Editor for more

-  Press  (X)  to  continue and go recruiting.  You will be recruiting
from nine positions.  See Blue Chip Recruiting for more information.

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