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                            Legacy Of Kain
                             Soul Reaver

                    --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                         (X) = X Button
                         (C) = Circle Button
                         (S) = Square Button
                         (T) = Triangle Button


- Page - 1

                 Getting Started....................2
                 Setting Options....................4
                 Saving A Game......................4
                 Living And Dying In Nosgoth........7
                 Innate Abilities...................8
                 Earned Abilities..................11
                 The Spectral And Material Planes..17
                 Warp Gates........................19
                 The Soul Reaver...................20
                 Essential Items...................23
                 Nosgoth Dwellers..................24
                 Kain's Legion.....................27

- Page - 2

                           Getting Started

Setting Up
Plug it in, turn it on.

Memory Card
To  save  game  settings  and  results and continue play on previously
saved  games,  insert  a  Memory  Card  into Memory Card Slot 1 of the
PlayStation game console BEFORE starting play.

- Page - 3


START button .......... Pause/resume game.
Directional buttons ... Select menu item.
(X) button ............ Accept menu selection.

Directional buttons [D-Pad]
 or Left Analog Stick ....... Move Raziel while running, gliding,
                              climbing or swimming.
(X) button .................. Jump/swim.
L1 button + (X) button ...... High jump/speed burst underwater.
Jump + hold (X) button ...... Glide.
(S) button .................. Action button [i.e. attack/pick up, use,
                              move, grab, push or flip blocks/activate
                              objects/shift planes from Glyph Spell
                              menu/activate warp gate "menu"].
(T) button .................. Execute a fatal move on a stunned
                              enemy/aim and fire projectiles.
(C) button .................. Devour soul.
L1 button ................... Crouch/crawl.
R1 button ................... Sneak/hold to autoface nearest
                              enemy/re-press to face next enemy.
L2 + R2 buttons ............. Look-Around mode.
L2 or R2 button ............. Rotate camera. Tap L2 or R2 to swing
                              camera into position behind Raziel.
SELECT button ............... Access Glyph Spell menu.

You  can  turn  the  Dual Shock Analog Controller's VIBRATION function
on/off from the Options menu.  See page 4.

*  Make sure the Analog button is ON [glowing red] in order to use the
Left Analog Stick.

- Page - 4

                           Setting Options

1. To open the Options menu:
   - Select OPTIONS from the Main menu, or
   - Press  the  START button to pause during a game, use the D-Pad to
     highlight OPTIONS and press the (X) button.

2. Highlight  the  SOUND,  MUSIC or  SPEECH option and press the D-Pad
   left/right to change it's value.

3. Highlight  the  VIBRATION  option and press the D-Pad left/right to
   toggle  the  controller's  vibration  feature ON or OFF [Dual Shock
   Analog Controller only].

4. Highlight DONE and press the (X) button to exit the menu.

                            Saving A Game

1. Press the START button to pause the game and access the Pause menu.

2. Use the D-Pad to highlight SAVE GAME and press the (X) button.

3. For  your  first  save,  just press the (X) button.  For all future
   saves,  you can choose either to overwrite the existing saved game,
   or to create a new save file.

   Note: You can save upto three LEGACY OF KAIN: SOUL REAVER games per
   memory card.

4. To  resume a saved game, use the steps in "Starting a Game" on page
   2.  When  you  resume a  saved  game,  all  of Raziel's progress is
   restored, but he always begins from the Elder God's chamber.

- Page - 5


Dark Gods

A  millennium  has passed since Lord Kain set his capital in the ruins
of  the  Pillars  of  Nosgoth and began his conquest of the world. His
first  act  was  to recruit a cadre. Dipping into the underworld, Kain
snared  six souls and thus birthed his lieutenants, of which I, Raziel
was  one.  We, in turn, prowled the twilight of purgatory building six
legions of vampires to pillage Nosgoth.

The  destruction  of the major human kingdoms was inevitable. Within a
hundred  years, humanity has been thoroughly domesticated. To be sure,
there  remained  some  feral  humans scattered across the hinterlands,
clinging  to  their  hopeless  holy war to rid Nosgoth of 'the vampire
scourge." They were tolerated.  They made existence for the fledglings
more challenging.

After  the  taming of the humans, our real work began: shaping Nosgoth
to  our  will.  Around the Pillars, slaves constructed a shrine worthy
of  our  new  age, worthy of our dark renaissance.  Huge furnaces were
built  to  belch  smoke  into  the  sky,  shielding  the land from the
poisonous  effects  of  the  sun.  Never had the world known a time of
such beauty.  However, we grew bored.

We  allowed  the  remains of the legions, the lesser vampires, to have
their  intrigues. They provided amusement and spice to an increasingly
uninspired  court.  As  faction  fell  against faction we bet upon the
outcome.  We  helped and foiled plots at our whim. We were the Council
and lord Kain, out only master.

- Page - 6


The  humans  think  it  is a poison of the blood that makes us what we
are.   Fools, the blood only feeds the bodies we live in.  To create a
vampire, one must steal a soul from the abyss to reanimate the corpse.
It is the body that demands the blood sacrifice:  our souls gain their
advantage from the power of the underworld.

As  we  matured,  our  earthly  bodies  evolved into a higher form. We
assumed  the  powers  and nobility of the Dark Gods. With each change,
the trivial affairs of vampire and man held less interest.

Always,  it  was  Kain  who  would  change first. After the master has
experienced a new gift, one of us would follow in a decade or so. That
is,  until I had the audacity to evolve before my master. I was gifted
with wings. And for my impertinence I was damned.

The Elder

To  us  the  touch of water is agony: it burns our flesh like acid. My
punishment  was  to  be  cast into the Lake of the Dead, our execution
ground  for traitors and weaklings.  As my brethern heaved me into the
air  I  could  see  the  bemused  expressions  on  their  faces.   The
transitory   thrill  of  something  new.   Then  the  pain.   Melting,
twisting,  burning,  falling.  A new experience indeed.  Time.  I have
no concept of how long I feel.  Only that there was an end to the fall
and  through the pain I heard the voice.  At first I thought it merely
the  echoes  of my own tortured mind, but I grew to understand that it
was  more.   Something  primal.  Something angry. Something righteous.
Something ancient.

The  Elder  explained much to me. It told me of creation, of death, of
souls  and  hunger. For eons the Elder feed upon the souls of Nosgoth.
Then  Kain's  vampire  dynasty  deprived  the Elder of sustenance. For
centuries his hunger grew and festered in this place.

The  Elder  offered  me  a solution to my sorry existence - if I would
stalk  the  Material  Plane,  slaying my former brethren, then I would
have the chance to avenge myself against Kain.

How could one refuse such an offer?

- Page - 7

                     Living and Dying in Nosgoth

As  Raziel,  you are immortal.  You cannot die.  However, you can lose
energy.  The Health Coil tracks your energy reserves.

On  the  Material  Plane,  you  constantly  consume energy in order to
maintain  your  physical  form.   For  this  reason,  your Health Coil
constantly  drains.   to  replenish  your  energy  and  maintain  your
physical  presence  on  the Material Plane, you must regularly feed on
the  souls  of your enemies.  [See the 'Abilities/Feeding" section for
details on how to feed.]

If your energy depletes to nothing on the Material Plane , you will be
forced  to shift to the Spectral Plane.  Here, your energy will slowly
recover.   You  can  hasten its restoration by devouring lost souls of
the underworld and the souls of spectral enemies.

If  you  lose all your energy on the Spectral plane, you return to the
Elder's chamber.

- Page - 8

                           Innate Abilities

- Press (X) button to jump.
- While in mid-air, press and hold the (X) button to glide.
- Hold the R1 button to glide straight down.
- Release the (X) button to drop to the ground.

Raziel  can  gain additional lift by gliding over updrafts or thermals
of warm air where they occur.

- Hold the L1 button to crouch.
- Crawl by holding L1 while moving Raziel with the D-Pad

Raziel cannot fall off ledges or platforms with crawling.

Collecting and Using Objects
There are three basic types of objects in Nosgoth:

 - Weapon objects that can be picked up.
 - Block objects that can  be relocated or reoriented.
 - Contextual objects such as doors and switches.

Raziel can interact with objects on the Material Plane ONLY!  THERE IS
weapons, move blocks, or open doors on the Spectral Plane.

- Page - 9

Weapon Objects
Raziel  can  pick  up  a  variety  of useful objects that can serve as
weapons  or for other purposes.  These objects generally fall into the
following classes:  two-handed staff weapons, two-handed blunt objects
and torches.  Be on the lookout for fence posts, window bars and other
"hidden" objects that can be broken off and used as weapons.

To pick-up a weapon object:
 - Move Raziel near or over the object.
 - Press the (S) button to grab the object.

To put down an object:
 - Hold down the L1 button and press the (S) button.

Block Objects
Throughout  his  explorations,  Raziel  will find opportunities to use
block objects.

To push blocks:
 - Move Raziel next to a block object.
 - Press the (S) button to push the object.

To grab blocks:
 - Move Raziel next to a block object.
 - Press  and  hold  the  (S) button to embed  Raziel's claws into the

To move grabbed blocks:
 - While  grabbing the block [holding the (S) button], press the D-Pad
   to move it.
 - Release the (S) button to disengage the block.

To flip blocks:
 - Move Raziel next to a block object.
 - Press and hold the L1 button and Raziel will crouch.
 - Press the (S) button and Raziel will flip the block.  Blocks can be
   flipped  in place, or flipped up onto adjacent blocks or terrain on
   the same height.

- Page - 10

Contextual Objects
A  variety  of  contextual  objects  such  as  doors  and switches are
scattered throughout Nosgoth.

To activate contextual objects:
 - Move Raziel next to the object.
 - Press the (S) button to interact with the object.

By sneaking Raziel can grope his way over precarious terrain and creep
up on enemies.

To sneak:
 - Press and hold the R1 button while moving Raziel.

Raziel will not fall off ledges or platforms while sneaking.


 Feeding on Enemies
 To  sustain  existence,  Raziel  must feed on the energy of creatures
 souls.   He  can  also  feed  on the energy of discorporated spectral

 To feed on enemies:
  - After  Raziel  defeats enemies on the Material Plane, their  souls
    float free from their bodies.
  - Press and hold the  (C) button to have Raziel devour the liberated

 Note:   defeated  enemies  on  the Spectral Plane become translucent.
 Raziel can feed on translucent enemies.

 Lightly Snacking on Humans:
 Raziel  can  "embrace"  non-combative  humans  and  drain their souls
 without  the  need  for combat.  Ha can also "sip" at a human's soul,
 leaving  some  of it to recover.  If he gets carried away and devours
 the  entire  soul,  the  human  will  die.   Non-combative humans are
 villagers and any vampire hunters who perceive Raziel as an ally.

 To feed on a human soul:
  - Move Raziel near a human.
  - Press the (C) button.
  - Release the button before the soul is completely devoured to allow
    it to recover.

- Page - 11

                           Earned Abilities

Raziel  gains  most of his earned abilities by devouring souls of Clan
Leaders.  He can also gain abilities in other ways.

Phasing Through gates
This   earned   ability  allows  Raziel  to  phase  through  otherwise
impassible barriers such as fences, gates and grates.

To phase:
 - While  on  the  Spectral  Plane, push  against a gate.  Raziel will
   dematerialize and phase through it.

Scaling Walls
Scaling  walls  is  only  possible  on  the Material Plane.  If Raziel
transitions  to  the  Spectral  Plane  while  scaling  a wall, he will
automatically drop to the ground.

Raziel can't engage in combat while scaling a wall.  Avoid enemies, or
dispatch them before climbing.  Only certain walls are scalable.

To scale walls:
 - Press the (X) button to jump onto a scalable wall surface.
 - Press the D-Pad to move along the wall.  Raziel automatically pulls
   up onto ledges when he reaches the top of a wall.
 - Press the (X)  button to drop off the wall.

- Page - 12

Firing Telekinetic Force Projectiles
When  not  carrying the Soul Reaver or another item, Raziel can gather
and  throw  a ball of telekinetic energy. Enemies and moveable objects
are  shoved  backward  when the sphere of force hits them.  Fragile or
breakable  items like windows and wooden barriers are shattered by the
impact of the force projectile.

The  projectile  itself  does little damage, but enemies can be forced
into  damaging or fatal environmental elements.  For example, they can
be slammed into a wall or pushed into water, fire or sunlight.

You  can  aim the force projectile automatically or manually, like any
other  projectile.   [See  the "Combat/Projectile Attacks" section for

To cast telekinetic force projectile:
 - Hold the (T) button to form the projectile.
 - Release the (T) button to throw the projectile.

Raziel  is  unable to swim at the start of the game.  Before he learns
to  swim,  falling into water on the Material Plane immediately causes
him to shift onto the Spectral Plane.

Water  on  the Spectral Plane has no lift:  instead it is ephemeral as
air.   Raziel  can  never  swim on the Spectral plane.  Ha can walk on
lakebeds  and canal floors, but he cannot reach higher areas.  Once he
earns  the  ability  to swim, Raziel can access previously unreachable
areas on the Material Plane.

While  swimming,  Raziel is more vulnerable than normally.  His combat
abilities  are  limited,  regular  attacks  are  not available, use of
projectiles  is  limited, and Raziel must rely more on evasive tactics
than aggressive attacks when dealing with enemies.

Note:  While Raziel is swimming, you cannot rotate the camera with the
L2/R2 buttons.

To swim on the Material Plane:
 - While  in  the  water,  hold  the  (X) button to swim at a constant
 - Tap the (X) button once to swim one  stroke.
 - Tap the (X) button repeatedly to swim quickly.
 - Hold  the  R1 button while using the (X) button to swim more slowly
   and turn with more precision.
 - Press the D-Pad to orient Raziel.

- Page - 13

To jump out of the water/speed burst in water:
 - Press and hold the L1 button to coil back in the water.
 - Press the (X) to propel Raziel out of or through the water.

To climb out of the water:
 - Swim to a low bank or ledge.
 - Press the D-Pad toward the landing place to pull up onto it.

Raziel can acquire the ability to constrict enemies and objects with a
band  of  energy.   this ability works on victims on both the Material
and  Spectral Planes.  However, Raziel cannot constrict objects on the
Spectral Plane

Once  constricted,  vampires  can be reduced to a stunned state.  Most
humans are rendered lifeless when constricted.

You   can   rotate  certain  objects  such  as  gears  or  statues  by
constricting  them.   Turn  the  objects  either clockwise or counter-
clockwise,   depending   on   which   direction   Raziel   runs  while

To constrict:
 - Press the D-Pad to begin circling an object or enemy.
 - After one complete revolution, Raziel will begin to trail a band of
   energy [if the circled object or enemy can be constricted].
 - Complete  a  second  full  revolution  and  the  energy  band  will
   constrict the victim or object.

- Page - 14


Your goal in combat against vampires in to reduce them to a stunned or
impaired  state  so  you can grapple them or execute a fatal blow.  To
stun  a  vampire,  slash  at  it  until you pummel it into submission.
Repeated  blows  reduce  vampires  to  a  groggy, swaying, zombie-like

When  stunned  or  recovering  from  a  stunned  state,  vampires  are
vulnerable  to  fatal  moves.   While they're still groggy and clearly
losing  blood,  grapple  them  to  deliver  the coup de grace.  If you
don't,  they  will  soon  revive  and  become  invulnerable to extreme
measures, so you must act immediately.

Surprise  enemies  by  sneaking  up  on  them on throwing a projectile
before  they  see  you.  This will have the same effect as attacking a
stunned target, i.e.  you can fell the enemy with a fatal blow.

Autofacing Enemies
The  key  to  success in combat is the ability to engage your opponent
face  to  face.   LEGACY  OF  KAIN:   SOUL REAVER features an autoface
button to simplify this process.

To autoface:
 - When  close  to  an  enemy,  press and hold the  R1 button to auto-
   matically face the nearest enemy.

To face another enemy:
 - Release  the  R1 button.  Re-press and hold the  R1 button to auto-
   matically face the next closest enemy.

- Page - 15

Combination Attacks
- Tap the (S) button to execute a short  jab attack.
- A second rapid tap executes a slash attack.
- A third rapid tap executes a more powerful slash attack.

- When  autofacing  an enemy, press the  (X) button while pressing the
  D-Pad away from or to the side of the enemy.

Lunging Attacks
Lunging attacks cover more distance and deliver more damage than any
single combination attack.

To lunge:
 - When  autofacing an enemy, press the  (X) button while pressing the
   D-Pad toward the enemy.

Grappling and Throwing Enemies
Once an enemy is stunned or recovering from a stun, Raziel can grapple
and  throw  his  victim.   Grappled enemies can be hurled into spikes,
shafts of sunlight or other deadly environmental elements.  Recovering
enemies  will  struggle  and  may escape your grasp if you don't throw
them quickly.

To grapple and throw an enemy:
 - Press and hold the (T) button to grab a stunned enemy.
 - Press the D-Pad to orient Raziel.
 - Release the (T) button to throw the enemy.

- Page - 16

Fatal Blows

 When  equipped  with  a staff-type weapon, Raziel can batter an enemy
 into  a  stunned/damaged  state  and  then initiate an impale move to
 destroy his foe.

 To impale:
  - Press the (T) button.

 Note:   Make  sure  to  devour  the  soul of the impaled enemy before
 collecting the weapon or it will regain its soul and return to life.

 When  equipped  with a torch weapon, Raziel can set a stunned/damaged
 vampire on fire.

 To immolate:
  - Press the (T) button.

Projectile Attacks
Raziel can throw any weapon he is currently holding.

To auto-aim the weapon at the nearest enemy:
 - Hold the (T) button to aim.
 - Release the (T) to throw the object.

To manually aim projectiles:
 - Press  L2  +  R2  to  enter Look-Around  mode while holding the (T)
 - Press the D-Pad to aim.
 - Release the (T) button to throw the weapon.

- Page - 17

                   The Spectral and Material Planes

Raziel  dwells  on  two planes:  the Material Plane - the realm of the
living:   and the Spectral Plane - the realm of the dead.  After being
executed  by  Kain,  Raziel  was  transformed  into  a creature of the
Spectral Plane.

- The Spectral Plane is a darker, more twisted version of the Material
  Plane.   As  Raziel  passes  from  one plane to the other, the world
  around  him  twists and reshapes itself.  Places and items which are
  unattainable to Raziel on one plane may be attainable on the other.

- Some  mechanics  are  only  effective  on  one  plane.  In  general,
  "physical"  actions that involve interacting with objects or terrain
  are only functional on the Material Plane.

- Different  creatures  inhabit  the  Material  and  Spectral Planes -
  vampires  and  humans  exist on the Material Plane; enemies like the
  Sluagh  and  Vampire Wraiths exist only on the Spectral Plane.  Clan
  Leaders  have  a  limited  ability to shift between planes, but only

- On  the  Spectral  Plane,  time is  irrelevant.  While you're on the
  Spectral  Plane,  time  stops  on  the  Material  Plane.   Use  this
  phenomenon to solve otherwise impossible puzzles.

- Page - 18

- While  on  the  Material  Plane, Raziel's  life energy is constantly
  drained  to  maintain  his  material  form.  Raziel must feed on the
  souls  of  his  enemies  to  replenish  his health and remain on the
  Material  Plane.   If he is damaged or does not feed, Raziel will be
  pulled back into the Spectral Plane.

- On the Spectral Plane,  Raziel's energy begins recovering gradually.
  He  can  speed  the  recovery and regain total health by finding and
  feeding on lost souls wandering the Spectral Plane, and the souls of
  the various creatures that live off them.

- Raziel  can  always easily abandon  his physical form and shift from
  the Material back to the Spectral Plane.

- On the Spectral Plane,  if Raziel is at full health and has a planar
  portal  at  his disposal, he can voluntarily shift onto the Material

Shifting from the Material Plane to the Spectral Plane:
 - Press the SELECT button to open the Glyph Spell menu.
 - With the D-Pad, highlight the Shift glyph.
 - Press the (S) button to shift between planes.

Shifting from the Spectral Plane to the Material Plane:
 - While at full health, locate a planar portal.
 - Stand in the flame in the center of the portal
 - Press the SELECT button to open the Glyph Spell menu.
 - Use  the  D-pad  to  highlight  the  Shift glyph and press the  (S)

- Page - 19

                              Warp Gates

Warp  gates  allow  Raziel  to  travel  quickly  through  the world of
Nosgoth.   Raziel  can  only  travel between active warp gates, and he
must  turn  the  gates "on" during visits to the rooms.  Areas not yet
visited  are  grayed out when viewed through a warp gate.  Raziel must
activate the associated warp gate before he can travel to those areas.

To activate a warp gate:
 - Move  Raziel  onto  the circular symbol on either side of the  warp
 - The symbols and the  archway begin glowing as the warp gate becomes
   permanently active.

After activating multiple warp gates, you can select the area you want
to warp to.

To travel via warp gates:
 - Move  Raziel  onto  the  glowing  symbol on either side of the warp
 - Press  the  (S)  button.  Raziel  is  automatically centered on the
   symbol  and  two  glowing arrows appear to his left and right.  The
   warp  gate  dissolves  into  a portal image, revealing another warp
   gate room elsewhere in Nosgoth.
 - Press  the  D-Pad left/right  to look into all warp gate rooms, one
   after  the  other.   Areas  with  active warp gates appear clearly.
   Areas with non-active warp gates are misty.
 - Press  the  D-Pad up to move  Raziel through the warp gate into any
   "active"  room.   Raziel cannot warp to any "non-active" room until
   he visits that area and activates the warp gate.

To exit a warp gate without travelling to another location:
 - Press the (S) button. The portal image fades.
 - Raziel can now move through the archway while remaining in the same

- Page - 20

                           The Soul Reaver

The  Soul  Reaver  is  the  only  weapon that Raziel can carry between
planes.  It remains active when Raziel shifts from the Material to the
Spectral Plane [unlike other weapons, which Raziel drops when shifting
to the Spectral Plane].

Raziel  must acquire the Soul Reaver during his quest.  After he gains
possession,  the Soul Reaver becomes part of him.  He will not drop it
or lose it.  However, he can lose [and regain] the use of it.

The  Soul  Reaver will only manifest in the Material Plane when Raziel
is fully charged with energy.  Once manifest, the Soul Reaver sustains
Raziel's  energy  so that it no longer drains in order to maintain his
physical form.  If Raziel takes damage, the Soul Reaver will disappear
until his energy is once again fully charged.

As  with  weapons, when handling the Soul Reaver, press the (S) button
for slashing attacks, and press the (T) button to execute a fatal blow
on a stunned enemy.

After  Raziel  gains the Force Projectile ability, the Soul Reaver can
shoot projectiles.

To  shoot  with the Soul Reaver, hold the (T) button to charge it, and
release the (T) button to fire.

Fire Reaver
Hidden  in  Nosgoth is a fire forge.  Baptizing the Soul Reaver in the
forge  imbues the weapon with fire.  Later encounters with the fire on
the  Material  Plane  allow  you to transform the Soul Reaver into the
Fire Reaver by passing the weapon through the flames.

The Fire Reaver continues as long as Raziel's energy is fully charged.
When   Raziel  takes  damage,  the  weapon  disappears,  true  to  its
fundamental  nature as the Soul Reaver.  Raziel must fully recover his
energy  to  regain the Soul Reaver.  To recharge the Fire Reaver, pass
the Soul Reaver through fire once again.

- Page - 21


Six Glyph Altars are hidden throughout Nosgoth.  Each ancient altar is
associated with an elemental glyph [or spell].  Once Raziel solves the
puzzle  of  the Glyph Altar, he is awarded an elemental glyph.  Glyphs
go  permanently  into  your  Glyph  Spell  menu.  Except for the Shift
Glyph, all glyphs are active on the Material Plane only.

Glyphs invoke powerful elemental energies that damage multiple enemies
on  the  Material  Plane.   Glyphs  have  varying  ranges and areas of

Note:   Being  elemental  in  nature,  glyphs  are  sensitive  to  the
environment  in  which  they're  invoked.   All  glyphs operate on the
Material Plane, except in water.  When swimming on the Material Plane,
Raziel  can  only invoke the Shift Glyph.  Likewise, all Glyphs except
the Shift Glyph become inactive on the Spectral Plane.

Eldritch Energy
Casting  a  Glyph  Spell  consumes  Eldritch  energy.  Raziel can find
Eldritch  energy  scattered  throughout  the  game.  Destroyed enemies
sometimes  leave  Eldritch  energy  behind.   There  are  also  secret
locations that will fully charge Raziel with Eldritch energy.

An on-screen display reveals the amount of Eldritch energy Raziel
currently holds. To the left, another number indicates the energy cost
of the currently selected spell. This number changes as you highlight
different spells in the Glyph Spell menu. If Raziel doesn't have
enough energy to cast a particular spell, it's glyph is grayed out.

Casting a Glyph Spell:
 - Press the SELECT button to open the Glyph Spell menu.
 - Use the D-Pad to highlight the Glyph Spell you want to cast.
 - Press the  (S) button to cast the highlighted Glyph Spell and close
   the menu.
 - Press  the  SELECT  button  to  close the  Glyph Spell menu without
   casting a spell.

 Note:   "Pips"  in  the  Glyph Spell menu are placeholders for glyphs
 that haven't been gathered yet.

- Page - 22

Shift Glyph
 When  Raziel  casts  this  glyph,  he shifts from the Material to the
 Spectral Plane or vice versa.

Force Glyph
 Waves  of  telekinetic  force  stream  from  Raziel, throwing enemies
 backward.   Telekinetically  flung  enemies  may  end  up  damaged or
 destroyed, depending on what they impact.

Stone Glyph
 The  spell  creates  a localized earthquake, with waves of petrifying
 energy  radiating  from  Raziel.   Affected  enemies  are temporarily
 solidified.   Raziel  can  destroy petrified enemies by striking them
 with  the  Soul  Reaver;  otherwise,  they will recover after a short
 period of stone-like immobility.

Sound Glyph
 Deadly  waves  of  sound  emanate from  this  glyph's  epicenter. The
 spell's  frequency  is  deadly  to  vampires,  who  are  reduced to a
 stunned/damaged  state  when impacted by the sound waves.  Humans are

Water Glyph
 When released, this glyph's magic explodes into the room, burning all
 water-vulnerable  vampires  within  its  range and reducing them to a
 damaged  state.   Humans are unaffected.  The spell has a wider range
 than the Sound Glyph.

Fire Glyph
 This  glyph's  power  expands  outward in rings of fire, igniting all
 enemies  within proximity.  Vampires impacted by the wave of fire are
 immediately immolated and destroyed.

Sunlight Glyph
 Raziel's most devastating spell, it allows him to gather all sunlight
 in  an  area into his body, then disperse it in a blinding flash that
 immediately  reduces  his  vampire enemies to cinders.  Humans remain

- Page - 23

                           Essential Items

Souls  provide the energy Raziel needs to survive and progress through
the  quest.   Acquire  human  and  vampire  souls  by  destroying  the
creature's physical bodies.  Find lost souls wandering on the Spectral
Plane.   Reduce  spectral enemies to a vulnerable condition and devour

Eldritch Energy
These  powerful  sources  of  magical  energy can be found on both the
Material  and  Spectral Planes.  This is the energy that allows Raziel
to  cast  spells.   Eldritch  energy  is  rare,  either  hidden in the
environment, or revealed when enemies are defeated.  Use it wisely.

Eldritch Energy Power-Ups
By  collecting  these artifacts Raziel increases his capacity to store
Eldritch  energy.   These  are  extremely rare:  Raziel will find only
five throughout Nosgoth.

Health Power-Ups
Fifteen  of  these power-ups are scattered throughout the world.  They
are  very  difficult to discover.  Each time you collect five of them,
you increase Raziel's capacity to hold energy on the Material Plane.

Health or Eldritch Energy Recharge
Several  energized  locations  in  Nosgoth will refill Raziel's Health
coil or Eldritch energy.  To use these founts, stand on the spot until
all energy is restored.

- Page - 24

                           Nosgoth Dwellers

Vampire Brethren
The majority of your enemies are your former vampire brethren.  At the
time of your execution there were five other clans besides yours, each
led by a lieutenant.

Within  each  clan  are  several  types  of  vampires.   Vampires  are
susceptible  in  varying  degrees  to sunlight, water, sound, fire and
being impaled.

- Fledgling  vampires  are newly turned vampires.  These inexperienced
  creatures are susceptible to sunlight and are easily dispatched.

- Pupating  vampires  are in a quiescent state evolving from fledgling
  to adults.  Do not disregard these; they can easily ambush you.

- Adult  vampires,  whose glowing red eyes burn eerily in the shadows,
  are generally immune to sunlight and are more difficult to destroy.

- Clan leaders are the most difficult of all to exterminate.

Note:   Learn  the weaknesses of different vampire types.  Some may be
immune to water or sunlight.

The Clans

 Dumahim  are  the  most  common vampires in Nosgoth.  These creatures
 wander the land in search of humans to devour.

 Melchiah,  the  leader  of  the  Melchahim,  was  the last lieutenant
 created.  As such, his powers are the weakest of all the clan leaders
 - so much so that his flesh mouldered.

 Melchiah's  vanity  was  such  that  he  would search among the human
 slaves  for  the  most stunning specimens.  After feeding on them, he
 would  skin  them  and don their flesh to cover his putrescence.  His
 children,  the  Melchahim, also skin their victims to help hold their
 own rotting carcasses together.

 The  Zephonim  vampires  descend  upon  their  victims  from the dark
 recesses  of the walls.  These spider-like monsters use their stealth
 to  ensnare  their  prey  to satiate their hunger.  Zephon is said to
 rule his empire from the spire of an incredible cathedral.

- Page - 25

 The  Rahabim rule the waters of Nosgoth.  These vampires have adapted
 to  become  immune to the destructive effects of water.  These beasts
 are  equally  dangerous  on  land  or  sea.   However  they  are very
 susceptible to sunlight's devastating effect.

 The  most  powerful  vampires  in  Nosgoth,  most  of  this clan have
 retreated into Nosgoth's hinterlands, but many independent rogues and
 bands linger in the area.

Spectral Enemies

 These  jackals  prey  on the lost souls wandering the Spectral Plane.
 They  travel  in  packs  to  corner  and overwhelm their prey.  If an
 encounter goes badly, they will flee.

 Vampire Wraiths
 If  a  vampire's body is destroyed on the Material Plane and his soul
 is  not  consumed,  a  Vampire  Wraith is born on the Spectral Plane.
 When  a Vampire Wraith injures Raziel, it opens a wound from which it
 will continually draw off Raziel's energy.  To halt the deadly drain,
 you must either slash the Vampire Wraith or flee.

 These  creatures  grow in power the longer they dwell on the Spectral
 Plane.   If  for  some  reason  its  corpse  on the Material Plane is
 healed,  the  Vampire  Wraith  will  return  to the Material Plane to
 reinhabit  its  body,  bringing  its  deadly  ability with it.  These
 reincarnated  vampires  are recognizable by the sparks of blue energy
 they exude.

 As super vampires, Vampire Wraith are deadly foes indeed.

 Note:   Spectral enemies' health is evident in their auras:  powerful
 enemies  emit  a  blue  aura,  then the color degenerates through the
 spectrum  as strength lessens, so that an enemy in the last stages of
 weakness will radiate a red aura.

- Page - 26


 The  few  humans  that still exist have taken refuge in the fortified
 city  to  the north.  They will occasionally venture out of the city,
 but  only  rarely.   They  are  unarmed, and easy prey for either the
 vampires or Raziel.

 They  will modify  their  behaviour toward Raziel depending on how he
 behaves  - if Raziel preys on them, they will see him as a demon, and
 flee  in  terror.   If  he  spares  them, attacking the vampires that
 plague  them  instead,  they  will see  him as a saviour, an avenging
 angel, and worship him.

 Humans'  souls are not as deeply rooted as the vampires' - the humans
 do  not  have  to  be killed before Raziel can draw energy from their
 souls.   If  Raziel  gets close enough, he can grasp a human and draw
 its  soul energy directly from its body.  If he chooses only to "sip"
 at  a human's soul - recovering his health slightly, but not draining
 the  victim  completely - the human will faint, but recover.  As long
 as  Raziel  does  not  drain  his  victim  completely, he will not be
 vilified by the humans.

 Vampire Hunters
 The  warrior  class of Nosgoth's remaining humans have become Vampire
 Hunters.  There are two types:  hunters armed with crossbows equipped
 with   heavy   impaling  bolts,  and  hunters  armed  with  primitive
 flame-throwers.   The  hunters  protect  the  city,  and will venture
 outside its walls to engage in skirmishes with their vampire enemies.

 There is another sub-class of humans, who have adapted to the vampire
 menace by serving their tormentors and worshipping them as gods.  The
 worshippers  fall into two classes:  Novitiates, who wield decorative
 but  deadly  staves;  and Adepts, who use their sacrificial knives as

 The  worshippers, in their blind allegiance to their vampire masters,
 will  always view Raziel as an enemy and cannot be swayed by Raziel's
 behaviour.  The  worshippers  are  an  insidious  threat to the human
 population,   since   they   kidnap  victims  for  blood  sacrifices.
 Considering  no sacrifice too great, they will also gladly give their
 own blood, and lives, if necessary, to sustain their vampire masters.

- Page 27 & 28

                            Kain's Legion

The credits. Not entered.

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