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Setting Up                      2
Controls                        3
Starting the Game               4
Inventory                       6
Quick Menus                     6
Welcome to Nosgoth              8
Feeding                         11
Status Box                      12
Armory                          13
Magic                           14
Forms                           16
Maps & Areas                    17
Objects & Power-Ups             18
Tokens                          19
Hints in a Vein of Terror       20
Saving a Game                   21
Credits                         22

Memory Cards
If you want to save your games, connect one or two memory cards before
turning on the PlayStationTM game console. If a memory card is full, you will
not be able to save games to it. Delete some data or reformat the card
before starting play. (See the hardware manual for instructions.) You can
continue previously saved BLOOD OMEN: LEGACY OF KAIN games by
loading them from the Main Menu (pg. 4).


Note - Use the CONTROLS option (pg 5) to change the default controls.

Attack                                  SQUARE
Navigate Kain through Nosgoth           D-Pad
Access Forms Menu                       TRIANGLE
Action,Feed, Talk to people             CIRCLE
Cast a spell, Use an object,            X
 Jump (in Wolf form), Skip through FMA  

Access Options Menu                     SELECT
Access Inventory Menu                   START                   

Access Quick, Objects Menu              R2
Access overhead map                     L2

Access, Spells Menu.                    R1
Zoom in/out.                            L1


Main Menu       
* Press the Directional buttons
up/down to highlight START GAME,
* Press X to confirm your selection.

ITEMS           USE
START GAME      Begin a new game

OPTIONS         Go to the Options Menu to view make further
                selections and game adjustments.

PREVIEW         Check out the next big hit from Crystal Dynamics.

Options Menu
1. Highlight OPTIONS on the Main Menu and press X. During a game
press Select to pause and display the Options Menu.
2. Press the Directional buttons left/right to highlight options.
3. Press X to display submenus.
4. Press the Directional buttons left/right to change settings.
5. Highlight EXIT and press X to confirm selections and return to the
Options Menu. If no EXIT option is available, just press X.


OPTION          USE
WORLD MAP       Examine the areas of
                Nosgoth that you Eve

DARK DIARY      Review the full motion
                animations you've

STATUS          Check your body count, meals, mutilations and other
                appetizing activities.
CONTROLS        Remap the controller by selecting an action and then
                pressing a controller button to link it to that action.

VOLUME          Adjust the SOUND and MUSIC volume by pressing the
                Directional buttons left/right to move the slider.

CREDITS         Stroll the Hall of Shame.

LOAD GAME       Continue a saved game by
                selecting a memory card
                slot on the Load Game
                Menu, and then selecting
                a previously saved game
                (see pg. 21 - Saving a

EXIT            Return to the game.


1. During a game, press Start to access
the Inventory Menu.

2. Press the Directional buttons
left/right to highlight an area:

3. Press the Directional button down to
display the highlighted area.

4. Press the Directional buttons
left/right to scroll through the items.

5. Press CIRCLE to hear a description of Objects Armory Spells
a highlighted item.

6. Press SQUARE or Directional button up to
return to the Inventory Menu; press
Start to return to the game.

Both Spells and Objects have Quick Menus, which allow you to load your
five favorite spells and objects into fast-access menus.

To Load a Quick Menu:
1. Press Start to access the Inventory Menu.

2. Highlight SPELLS or OBJECTS and press the Directional button down
to enter the area.


3. Highlight a spell or object.

4. Press X to create a target box on
the Quick Menu, use the Directional
buttons to select an area on the
Quick Menu, and press X again
to load the item.

5. Press Start to return to the game.

To Use a Quick Menu:
1. Press R1 (spells) or R2 (objects) to Loading a Quick Menu
access the Quick Menu.

2. Highlight the item you wish to load
into the Spell Box, where it will be
ready to use.

3. Press X to load the item and return
to the game.

To Cast a Spell or Use an Object:
During the game, press X to cast the spell
or use the item loaded in the Spell Box. Loading The Spell Box
* You can only cast spells loaded in the Spell Box.

* You cannot use spells or objects when Kain is equipped with a two-handed
weapon such as Axes or Soul Reaver, or is in any form other than Vampire.

* When the Spell Box icon is gray, you cannot cast that spell or use that object
(for example, when Kain is equipped with a two-handed weapon).


Steel yourself for a grim experience As a
vampire, you have to hack and think your
way through a vast, unfriendly world. And
the rules have changed. Things that are
harmless to mortals can be deadly to a
vampire. Study and learn.
Note - White puffs and "oof" sound effects
indicate that Kain is taking damage.

Water: Causes damage. In Wolf form, Kain can jump over small streams
without damage. In Mist form, he can cross water with no damage.

Swamp: Like water, causes damage if crossed unless Kain is in Mist form.

Lava: Causes damage when touched, crossed or jumped over in any form.

Trees: Chop these down with Axes.

Standing Stones: Destroy these by using the Mace.

Boulders: Push these aside. As a fledgling vampire, Kain has the strength
to push only small boulders.

Note - Drinking from certain Blood Fountains will increase Kains strength, allowing
him to push larger and heavier boulders.


Rain: Causes slight damage.
Snow: Causes slight damage.

Barrels: Can be smashed open, often revealing power-ups.

Chests: Wooden chests open automatically. Iron chests must be
        smashed open with the Mace. Opened chests reveal power-ups.

Buttons, Switches & Levers:
Throughout the game, Kain encoun-
ters wall buttons, floor levers and
floor buttons. They are activated
automatically by approaching them.
Sometimes these devices must be
activated in a specific sequence to
trigger an event.

Vista Markers: Kain can trigger these
red, glowing, triangular markers by Wall Buttons
walking over them. Some yield a
descriptive voice-over, others a view to some significant location.
Visual Vistas marked with a Bat Form icon indicate that Kain can fly
to that location in Bat form. Vista markers in front of signposts and
hanging signs yield a magnified image of the sign triggered.
Note - To replay Audio or Video Vistas, walk over the triangular marker again
and press CIRCLE.

Teleporters: Pads marked with runes. When Kain stands on one, he is
teleported to a "receiving" pad.


Villagers: In Disguise or Beguile form, you can "talk" to villagers by
pressing CIRCLE when near them.

Chained Prisoners and Sleeping Villagers: Fast food. These "meals"
don't have to be placed in Waver state before feeding.

Blood Fountains
Scattered throughout Nosgoth, Blood Fountains
bestow various powers when you drink from them.
You may drink only once from each fountain.

* Three fountains bestow extra strength.
* Three speed your Magic recovery.
* One bestows protection from rain.
* One bestows protection from snow.
* One bestows an enhanced Disguise form, Beguile, which allows
Kain to retain his Vampire form while appearing as a nobleman
to humans.

Spirit Forges
Hidden throughout Nosgoth are Spirit
Forges, where you can sacrifice some of your
blood for important artifacts.


Vampires must drink blood to survive. As you explore Nosgoth and gain experience
as a vampire, your capacity to hold blood increases. Blood is consumed slowly to
maintain your existence. It's also lost when you take damage.

How to Feed
1. Attack enemies. One hit before
enemies die, they sway about the
screen in a Waver state.

2. Approach an enemy while it's in a
Waver state, and press CIRCLE to feed.
Note - You can also feed by using the Blood
Gout and Blood Shower spells or by equipping
Flesh Armor.

Blood Types
The four types of blood each have a different effect:

Red Blood: Increases Kain's Blood Vial (Health Meter).
Black Blood: Decreases Kain's Blood Vial (Health Meter).
Blue Blood: Ghost/magic blood. Drinking blue blood increases Kain's Magic
Green Blood: Poison. If Kain absorbs any green blood, his Blood Vial turns
green and blood loss accelerates until Kain heals himself with Anti-Toxin.

Note - Green blood wears off in time, if Kain has enough blood in his Blood Vial to wait it out.

                                        [PICTURE OF STATUS BOX]
Keep a watchful eye on your Status                              Sarcophagus
Box to avoid an eternity in the abyss

                                                                Spell Box

                                                Blood Vial      Magic Meter

SARCOPHAGUS     Depicts Kain's current weapon and armor configuration.

SPELL BOX       Shows spell or object currently loaded.

SUNDIAL         Shows time of day (sun) or night (moon). During the day,
                the strength of Kain's attack decreases; during the night, it
                increases. Every 15 minutes, an entire day cycle is
                completed (7.5 minutes of daylight, 7.5 of night).

MAGIC METER     Indicates Kains current level of Magic.

BLOOD VIAL      Indicates Kain's current Health.


For times when the sword is mightier than the pen.

To Equip Armor & Weapons:
1. From the Inventory Menu, select the Armory area and press
the Directional button down.

2. Highlight an item and press CIRCLE to hear a description of it.

3. Press X to equip the item.

IRON    Standard armor, and your best all-round protection.
BONE    Causes weaker undead (Skeletons, Zombies, Shadows)
        to ignore Kain.
CHAOS   Enemies who attack Kain will suffer the same amount
        of damage as they wreak.

FLESH   Drains an enemy's blood, allowing Kain to concentrate
        on killing.

WRAITH  When Kain is wearing Wraith Armor, any enemy dam-
age he takes is evenly divided between his Magic Meter
and Blood Vial.


IRON SWORD      An heirloom-quality weapon equally good for hacking open
                barrels and enemies.

MACE            Stuns human enemies and destroys breakable obstacles.

AXES            A brutal two-handed weapon perfect for cutting bloody
                swaths through multiple enemies. As with all two-handed
                weapons, Kain cannot cast spells or use objects while
                equipped with Axes.

FLAME SWORD     Burns enemies.

SOUL REAVER     This two-handed death dealer explodes enemies with one
                hit. However, it uses Kain's Magic Energy and prevents him
                from casting spells or using objects.

As Kain explores the world of Nosgoth, he will discover spells. Spells are auto-
matically entered in Kain's Inventory when they are picked up. Spells must be
loaded into the Quick Spell Menu and then into the Spell Box before they can be
cast. Kain can only cast spells when he has Magic Energy. Each time a spell is
cast, some of Kain's Magic Energy is used. As Kain collects pyramids, his Magic
Energy capacity increases. Magic Energy is replenished slowly over time.
Note - See "Quick Menus," pg. 6-7, for information on loading and using spells.


SPELL           USE
SANCTUARY       Returns Kain to his crypt.

CONTROL MIND    Gives Kain mind possession over human enemies until
                the body of the possessed person is killed or until Kain
                chooses to "unpossess" the person.

SPIRIT WRACK    Gives Kain control over ANY enemy, except bosses.

ENERGY BOLT     Destroys enemies with a bolt of energy. Can be used to
                trigger switches.

LIGHT           Illuminates dark areas.

INCAPACITATE    Stops enemies.

STUN            Sends human enemies into a Waver state, allowing Kain
                to feed on them at his leisure.

BLOOD GOUT      A magical projectile that drains the target's blood into
                Kain's gullet.

BLOOD SHOWER    Blood-gouts all enemies in its area of effect.

REPEL           Shields Kain from all enemy attacks and deflects

INSPIRE HATE    All enemies in the area of effect go insane with hate and
                attack each other for the duration of this spell.

SPIRIT DEATH    Causes immediate death to most enemies (except bosses).

LIGHTNING       Calls a rain of lightning upon all enemies on screen. Can
                only be used outdoors.

As Kain's vampiric powers grow, he becomes able to assume different forms.

To Assume a Form:
1. Press TRIANGLE to access the Forms Menu

2. Use the Directional buttons to highlight the form you want to assume.

3. Press X to morph.

4. Press TRIANGLE when you're ready to return to Vampire form.

Note - You must obtain the appropriate form before you can assume its shape.

FORM            USE
VAMPIRE         Kain's natural form.

WOLF            Allows Kain to jump over otherwise impassable obstacles and ledges,
                move faster, and rip open throats. Press eo ateack in Wolf form, and
                press X to jump.

BAT             Allows Kain eo fly eo areas marked by Beacons and Boss Levels on ehe
                Bat Form Map. (Kain can assume Bat form only when outdoors.)

MIST            Allows Kain to pass through impassable areas such as doors, walls,
                and so on. Beware the Mist Vortex trap.

DISGUISE        Allows Kain to pass unnoticed among humans.

BEGUILE         Allows Kain to retain his Vampire form while appearing as a nobleman
                to humans. However, once Kain attacks, he reverts to vampire form.



MAP             USE
WORLD MAP       Press Select to access. Highlighted areas show where Kain has
                already travelled.

AREA MAP        Press L2 to access. Shows the overland or dungeon area Kain is
                currently occupying.

BAT FORM        Morph into Bat form to access this map.

OVERLAND        All unspecified non-dungeon areas on the map.

VILLAGES        Village names and directions are usually given at Visual Vista

BAT BEACONS     Large, rune-covered, antenna-like towers in the overland. These
                beacons appear as markers on the World Map, showing areas
                accessible by Bat flight.

BLOOD FOUNTAINS Provide Kain with different power-ups. Don't get greedy because
                fountains harm Kain after the initial use.

SPIRIT FORGES   supernatural spots where Kain can trade blood for objects.

TELEPORTERS     Teleport Kain to different areas.

AUDIO VISTA POINTS      Activate Kain and enemy dialogue. To re-activate, place Kain on the
                point again and press CIRCLE.

VISUAL VISTA POINTS     Activate still shots of various areas of the land. To re-activate, place
                Kain on the point again and press CIRCLe. 

SAVE POINTS     Large, rune-covered, antenna-like towers in the dungeons. To save,
                step on the base. (See "Saving a Game," pg. 21.)



OBJECT                  USE
HEART OF DARKNESS       Resurrects Kain or restores health.

ANTI-TOXIN              Counteracts the effects of poison.

FLAY                    This slow tracking projectile rips the flesh from its target.

PENTALIcHE TAROT        Causes random death to multiple enemies.

IMPLODE                 Projectile that implodes on contact.

PUTRESCE                This projectile melts the target in a boiling pool of green
                        slime. Enemies that touch the pool also melt.

ENERGY BANK             Fills Kain's Magic Meter and allows him to cast spells
                        without depleting his power. When the effects of the spell
                        end, all of Kain's Magic Energy is consumed.

SLOW TIME               Slows everything to quarter speed for the duration
                        of the spell.

OBJECT          USE
BLOOD VIAL      Increases Kain's Health Meter capacity.

BLOOD BEAKER    Restores Kain's Health points. Blood beakers come in three
                sizes: small, medium and large.

RUNE TRIANGLE   increases Kain's Magic capacity.

MAGIC SPHERE    Restores Kain's Magic points.
ICON CARDS      All objects, weapons, armor, spells and forms are pictured
                on cards. Pick up cards to acquire whatever is depicted.



TOKEN                   USE
NUPRAPTOR'S HEAD        Repairs the Pillar of the Mind.

VORADOR'S RING          Summons Vorador.

TIME STREAMING DEVICE   For trips down memory lane use.

DOLLMAKER'S DOLL        Holds the soul of King Otemar's daughter.

DEJOULE'S INSULATING CLOAK      Repairs the Pillar of Energy.

BANE'S ANTLER HEADDRESS Repairs the Pillar of Nature.

MALEK'S HELMET          Repairs the Pillar of Conflict.

AZIMUTH'S EYE           Repairs the Pillar of Dimension.

MOEBIUS' HOURGLASS      Repairs the Pillar of Time.

ANACROTHE'S SCALES      Repairs the Pillar of States.

MORTANIUS' DEATH ORB    Repairs the Pillar of Death.

* If you get stuck, try backtracking. You may have missed a switch or
a trigger.

* Sometimes you need the help of others to accomplish a task. Control
Mind is a must.

* Equip a new spell. You may need it to complete the section you're in.

* Wait until night to enter villages for easy feeding.

* Try moving non-stationary objects around. You might unlock

* Save smart, save often.

* lf you get stuck - or lost, try using the zoom-out view.

* Watch the animation's and listen for hints.

* Experiment with armor and weapons. Different combinations can be

* Certain enemies have weaknesses that can be exploited. Undead are
susceptible to fire.

* You know you've backtracked if you see the ghosts of your vanquished

* Certain forms have more than one use. Experiment.

* Sometimes it's better to blend in than to stand out. People will talk
to you (or leave you alone) as long as you know how to look.

* Kain is more powerful at night. This is a good time to confront stronger

* Feed well, but do not over graze the pasture.


* Blood Fountains offer Kain much more than a free meal. Listen to the

* Once you pass through a land, you're far from through with it. Return there
with new powers and you'll find that your patience yields great rewards.

* Don't just wait to use the Heart of Darkness until you need to be resurrect-
ed. Use it to add blood to your Blood Vial while you're alive.

* Don't rush. Take time to enjoy the sights of Nosgoth. You have eternity to
exact your revenge. Use it!

Note - After you clear an area of foes, some will return as ghosts, Ghosts do damage to your
Magic Meter. Ghosts' blood adds to your Magic Energy. Game play begins (in Mausoleum)
on day 4 hour 17.


1. Walk to a Save Point in a dungeon    
and step on the base.

2. The screen will ask if you want to save
the game. Select YES and press X.

3. The Memory Card Menu appears. Use
the Directional buttons to select a
memory card slot.

4. Press X to save the game to that slot
and automatically return to the game.


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