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   KINGS FIELD from ASCII Entertainment

                _____ _____ _____ _____ __   __   _____ _____
                \____Y  _  Y  _  Y  _  Y  \=\  \=\  _  Y____/
                |:\__|  |  |   __|  |  |  |:|  |:|  |  |__/:|
                |:::\|  _  |  |.:|  |  |  |-\  |-\  |  |/:::|
                             PSX Short-Docs for:
                    King's Field from ASCII Entertainment


Dpad -  moves player up, down, left, & right
><   -  close/open doors, talk to characters, pick up items and 
        confirm commands [Hold to run]
/\   -  attack with magic
[]   -  attack with weapon
()   -  open status window
L1   -  move parallel left
R1   -  more parallel right
L2   -  look up
R2   -  look down
select- use selected item
start-  open status window


  Playing Screen

HP              - shows the number of hit points remaming.
Power Gauge     - power you have to swing a weapon.
MP              - shows the number of magic points remaning.
Magic Gauge     - concentration needed to cast a spell. Magic can only be
                  used with gauge is at maximun.


To learn magic you must find magic crystals. [To find the first one. Find the
fisherman and cross the shallow water. You will come to a tower. There is a
magic crystal on the top of the tower.] The new spell will either be added to
your equip menu, under magic, or go directly to the magic menu, depending of
the type of spell learned.

  Offensive Magics:
Fire Ball (fire)   - throws a fireball
Wind Cutter (wind) - casts a small clutter that slices
Fire Wall (fire)   - creates pillars of fire around victims
Lightning Vold (light) - casts a lightning volt from the sky

  Defensive Magics:
Earth Heal (earth) - recovers lost HP
Dispoison (water)  - cures poison
Light (light)      - illumates dark areas for a short time

Certain sword are fused with magic allowing the wielder to cast up to 2
different powerful magics per sword using certain button combos. Your strength
& magic must be greater than 60 to summon this hidden power.


  Helpful Hints:

1. Fighting - Attack & retreat, attack & repeat. Use R1/L1 to get behind enemy
   so you can attack safely.

2. Once you find a "Gate" and a "Gate Key" of the same type find a guidepost.
   Use your key in front of the guide post. Now, if you get lost use the gate
   and you will be transported to the guidepost you left the key in. This item
   used 10 MP. There are 3 pairs of Keys & Gates.

3. Don't attack from the front!

4. Learn the length of the sword you are using. Each is different.

5. Learn to find good combinations of magic & sword. A weak magic can at least
   stop the enemy from attacking.

6. Don't fight enemys with higher levers. You will encounter creature you may
   never beat! Go around them and kill them later in the game.

7. Run by pressing the >< button. You can't attack when you run.

8. You will run into many traps. Look for a switch to turn it off.

9. There are many hidden doors. Press the >< button as you walk. You may find
   a hidden doorway.

10. While looking for hidden doors you may find traps too.

11. King's Field is huge. You can get lost very easily. Be careful until you
    get a Gate & a Key.

12. Each area is separated by a big door. Make sure your levels are strong
    enough to go to the next area.

13. If you have the "Image of Sieth", and have a certain pendant equipped, the
    Image of Sieth dies in place of you when you die by a trap or monster.

14. Keys are very important. If you sell a key you may miss a part of the

15. There are 2 ways to finding the correct use of an item. Ask the fortune
    teller or the truth glass.

16. Crystal shards are another form of cash. Crystals, on the other hand, can
    be used to create Crystal Flakes for carring healing waters.

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