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         HARDBALL 5 from Accolade


Start     -  pause game
Select    -  time-out
Start & Select - Reset game

  Batting & Baserunning

><  -  choose highlighted batted option; swing bat; use with d-pad to retreat
       to previous base
()  -  While veiwing the batting options menu, press & hold to raise the
       batters/pitcher's card. Press & hold again to view the backside of with
       statistics, use the d-pad to designate a base then press () to steal
       the base (after pitch).
D-pad + press the corresponding spor on the d-pad to advance to the next base
        or to increase lead when leading off base. press right - first base
        press up - 2nd base  press left - 3rd base  press down - home plate

  Pitching & Fielding

><  -  Choose highlighted pitching option; throw pitch; use with the d-pad to 
       throw to base; transfer control to fielder closest to the ball
()  -  make field dive or jump for the ball; use the d-pad to designate a base
       then press the () button to attempt a pick-off; display 
       batters/pitcher's card while viewing the pitching options menu


Pitching & batting menus appear on the left & right sides of the screen. The 
count appears on the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Select a pitch by pressing the corresponding spot on the d-pad and the ><
button.  If you select strategy you will have the option of watching a replay 
of the last play, walking the batter, or adjusting your infield (IF) &
outfield (OF).

When batting select the desired swing or strategy. If you are pitching press 
the >< button to begin your pitch. As the pitcher winds up a trajectory cursor 
will appear over home plate. Move the + on the trajectory cursor to aim your
pitch. Once the pitcher has commenced his windup he will automatically release 
the ball.

If a runner is on base you may attempt to pick the runner off by designatiog 
the base and then pressing the () button, (you cannot attempt a pick-off until 
both the pitched & the batter have locked in play selections.) 

If you are batting select you swing them position you batter in the batters
box. Once the ball is pitched press the >< button to swing.

If you are a base runner, you may attempt to steal a base after the ball has
been pitched, (designate the base then press the () button to steal the base
or return to the previous base.) 

The game can be viewed from a number of prespectives, (see options menu.)

Move a fielder into close proximity of the ball to attempt to catch a fly 
ballor recover a grounder. Once the player has possession of the ball use the 
d-pad to designate a player then press the >< button to throw the ball to the
designated base. 

Press the select button at anytime to call time and make revisions in your 
team lineup. 

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