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INTRODUCTION                    2
IN-GAME CONTROLS                4
STARTING THE GAME               6
SAVING YOUR GAME                8
IN-GAME DISPLAY                 9
CHARACTER PROFILES              10
HINTS AND TIPS                  15
CREDITS                         16


It is a few years past the Millennium and Dr Dex Zena is INFURIATED.

As a former high powered GOVERNMENT AGENT with his nose in many areas (including the SEEDY and
LICENTIOUS New York UNDERGROUND), as well as a renowned radical scientist and professor in
Theology, Dr Dex Zena TRULY believed the end of the world would come by the YEAR 2000.

EVENTS occurring toward the turn of the century confirmed to Dr. Zena, that the year 2000 would 
bring ARMAGEDDON.  The signs 'were clear!  Zeia was so sure, in fact, that he even convinced 
many of his ex-employees (who happened to be prominent members of local militias) that this was 
fact aid they helped him prepare for this almighty CONCLUSION.

Zeng is like a better functioning idiot savant.  He is brilliant in what he does.  He sets his 
mind to a goal aid achieves it - no matter what.

Over the years, Zenla has developed a MEGALUMANICAL complex that many suspect may have been 
caused by the use of SYNTHETIC DRUGS he's made for the government and tested on himself and 
other family members.

Like the few megalomaniacs in history, he actually thinks he is the KEEPER of the EARTH.  The 
Father Nature, the Chosen One.  He feels that anyone in his PRESENCE should bow before him AS 

When the MILLENNIUM hit is at 12:01 am January 1, 2000


Filled with outrage intensified by those who surround him, Dr Dex Zena insists that SOMETHING 

He knows from his years and years of reading, teaching and hypothesizing that IT WAS SUPPOSED 

Fortunately, Dr Zeng had a plan in CASE sornething, like this did happen.
He is prepared to FIX the Apocalypse - to FORCE it - to CORRECT the malfunction.
Dr Zen.7 now believes that it is HIS JOB, to, AT ANY COST - END THE WORLD. 'Nith the help of 
biological warfare devices and several militant followers, as well as his connections in the 
Underground, it shouldn't be difficult.

BUT, one of Dr. Zena's lab assistants, Snapper, decides she can no longer stand this man's 
corruption and calls on a friend to help in stopping him.

With this act she helps bring together what will he known as one of the most VOLATILE TEAMS 


IN-GAME CONTROLS      (default controls)


Up      Moves your character up the screen.
Down.   Moves your character down the screen.
Right   Moves your character to the right.
Left    Moves your character to the left.
T Button        Back-fist (punch behind you), or use to grab your enemy, when in close 
S Button        Kick, or use to discard object by throwing it.
O Button        Jump.
X Button        Punch , or use to pick up objects when your character is directly over them.
L1 Button       Zoom camera in and out of the screen.
R1 Button       Use in conjunction with the Directional buttons to run.
START Button    Pause / Un-pause the game.
SELECT Button   After pausing the game, press this button to quit by following the on
                        screen prompts.

Through all menus please use the Directional buttons to navigate, the X Button to select and 
the button to go back one step.

Note:   Try experimenting. with different buttons to discover more moves.

[Picture of Controller]


It is advised that you do not insert or remove peripherals or Memory cards once the power has 
been switched on.  You will first be presented with the Eidos/Core introduction followed by a 
brief game introduction before being taken to the Title Screen.  Press the Start button to 
access the Main Title Menu.


Here you will   be able to select the following options:

1 Player        Select to take you to the Character Selection Screen.

2 Players       Select to take you to the Character Selection Screen.  You must have 2 
                Controllers connected to be able to select this option.

Options         Select to take you to the Options Screen.


Here you will he able to select the character which you wish to play.  Simply highlight the 
character using the right and left Directional buttons, and press the Ox Button to select.  
Once selected, your game will start.

Both players will not be able to select the same character in a 2 player game.


Here you will be able to select your in-game options.  Use the Directional buttons to 
highlight, and where necessary, change the options.  Pressing the Triangle Button returns you 
to the Main Menu Screen.

The options available to you are:

Difficulty      EASY / NORMAL (Default) / HARD
Music Volume    Use right and left Directional buttons to set level.
SFX Volume      Use right and left Directional buttons to set level.
Stereo / Mono   STEREO (Default) / MONO

Controller Settings     Select and you will be presented with 8 pre-set control configurations.
Selecting your desired control setting will return you to the Options Screen.

Load Memory Card Data   Select to take you to the Load Game Screen.
Load Settings           Use this option to load your Option Screen settings.
Save Settings           Use this option to save your Option Screen settings.

Screen Adjust   Select and you will be taken to the Screen Adjust page.  Use the Directional 
buttons to position the screen as desired, press the Triangle Button to apply and return you to 
the Main Title Screen.

HI-Scores       Select to view the current top 10 high scores.

Exit    Select to return to the Title Screen.

IN-GAME DISPLAY                              

Player 1 character name   Player 1 score     Player 2 score   Player 2 character name
Player 1 energy                                                       Player 2 energy

Player 1 Baddie's name                                         Player 2 Baddie's name
Baddie's energy                                                       Baddie's energy


Snapper has contacted a rough and ready Private Investigator who is well known for her 
dealings with the city's underbelly.  Mace is one hot woman with a taste for blood as well as 
desire.  She's the one who teases and taunts you just before she takes you out.

Mace Daniels has heard of Dr Zeig through Snapper and can't believe what she's hearing.  She 
never thought of Dr Zang as dangerous but then again, she hasn't exactly been paying attention 
to him.

She believes the freaked-out Snapper and sees this as an opportunity to set some of the things 
she loves most danger, fame and fortune.

Mace is beautiful - kinda' like Lara Croft.                     MACE DANIELS
She's not brash or loud or annoying.  She would purr
to her assailant rather than say, 'Hey punk!" Mace is
a woman aware of her sexual magnetism.  Yet, she                STATISTICS:
couldn't care less about men. She is always being
pursued without giving ANYONE the time of day.                  Age: 21
This, coupled ,With her array of martial arts and               Height: 5'7
weaponry skills, make her a fighter who is the envy of          Weight: 126lbs        
men and women alike.                                            Hair: Brunette
                                                                Eyes: Green
                                                                Vitals: 38-22-38

A vigilante now, Hawk Manson was once a freedom fighter for al the social wrongs in the world.  
Well, nice guys finish last, and Hawk learned that lesson all too well.

He has run into Mace several times and though the two are acquainted, they have never spent 
any real time together Hawk has seen Mace fight and this is the one thing that stirs him inside 
like nothing else.  When Mace approaches him for the job - by pinning him to the ground, 
smiling, a sexy smile and telling him that she needs his help, Hawk is DEFINITELY stirred!

Hmm...there's some sort of chemistry here, but both are too headstrong and stubborn to admit 
it.  Hawk has several jobs at any given time, but he takes on this job because it is his choice 
to get closer to the elusive Mace Daniels.  In addition to that, he also took the job because 
it is the first job in a long time that is tinged with a bit of "goodness".

Age: 26                 Chest: 48"
Height: 6'2             Neck: 20"
Weight: 196lbs          IQ: 187
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Biceps: 36"

After Hawk Manson agrees on briining Dr Zeia down, he heads to one of the world's most, 
dangerous prisons to find Ben (Smasher) Jackson,

Ben Jackson has been serving multiple life sentences.... and the prison is very fond of him You 
see, they've been renting Ben Jackson out.  The public doesn't know it, but it cuts down inmate 
deaths and above all, it brings the prison a wad of money every time he gets sent out.

The Prison's number one and repeat client of Ben's is Hawk Manson.  Hawk has been bribing the 
prison for years.  He wants Ben to be set free and made the bargain to "contract" Ben 15 times.  
Sorta like Rent to Own

Only a few problems: Ben is like a loose cannon.  He smashes EVERYTHING in sight.  His temper 
is immeasurable during heated times and you never know if he'll turn on YOU next.



Age: 29
Height: 6'4
Weight: 280lbs
Hair: Brown
Biceps: 48"
Chest: 50'
Neck: 26"
IQ: 106

Alana is a raver She spends her nights dancing away and most of her days with little sleep 
While she goes to school.  The semester is over and Alana is raging at all the cool warehouse 
parties where she Chances ,With her friends.

Alana has been planning on putting an end to Or Zeng ever since he tried to experiment on her 
with drugs he had created.



Height: 5'5
Weight: 108lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Vitals: 28-20-28
IQ: 240

We find out that Alana is Dr. Zena's illegitimate daughter.  Not out of vengence, but 
RESPONSIBILITY, does she decide she must find some way to stop her stepfather from doing this 
to others.

When Mace comes to her and asks for her help, Alana is overjoyed.  A little too overjoyed.  
Mace wanders if Alana, at her young age, really understands how dangerous this is.  Believe me, 
Alana knows.  It's just not her style to get serious until she's kicking butt and believe me, 
some heads will CRACK!

This crime boss has his name suddenly on everybody's lips.  It appears as if Dr. Zeng is up to 
no good, but what is he doing.  It seems Dr. Zeng is trying to destroy the world as we know 
it.  What he is really doing is still a little bit of a mystery, bit it does involve some low 
down dirty tricks!


Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210lbs
Hair: N /A
Eyes: Grey
IQ: 300 +++


Be an the lookout for First Aid Kits and food items to replenish your health during the 
mission. Try punching, it can to increase your score. and kicking as many objects as possible 
for they may conceal useful items or be used as weaponry throughout the game.  You never know 
what you might find!

When enemies are defeated certain items may appear (coins, cash, gold bars, jewels).  Pick up 
as much as you can to increase your score.

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