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           Instruction Manual

Table Of Contents
Getting Started 2
Controls 3
Game Over 4
Saving the Game/Memory Card 4
Stage Clear 4
A Whole NEW Adventure! 5
Welcome to the Warp Room! 6
Special Items and Boxes 7
Bonus Paths 8
Cast Of Characters 9
Some Helpful Hints 13
Credits 14
________________________________________________________________Page 1
Getting Started
Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its 
Instruction Manual. Make sure the power is OFF before inserting or removing a 
compact disc. Insert the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back disc and 
close the CD door. Insert a game controller, turn ON the PlayStation game 
console and AWAY we go!
________________________________________________________________Page 2
UP - Move Crash forwards
DOWN - Move Crash backwards
RIGHT - Move Crash right 
LEFT - Move Crash left
X Button - Jump, Hold down the X Button to jump higher
O Button or R1 - Crouch/Duck while standing
Run + R1 or Run + O - Slide
Square Button - Spin
Triangle Button - Review inventory
X + R1 or X + O - Body Slam
R1 + X or O + X - High Jump, combine with direction (Up, down, right, or 
left) for Long Jump
R1 or O + Up, down, right, or left - Crawl in specified direction
Start Button - Pauses the action at any time. Once paused, the game will let 
you choose between resuming from where you are and returning to the Warp Room.
__________________________________________________________________Page 3
Game Over - If you see this screen, you've used up all your lives and gone to 
the great Bandicoot beyond. But not to worry - select YES to continue at the 
last Warp Room door you entered with five brand new lives.
Saving the Game/Memory Card - The in-game save system lets you record data to 
a memory card any time you go to a SAVE WALL. Each Warp Room has one Save 
Wall. Pause to get to the Warp Room, then just stand in front of a Save Wall 
to activate the save system.
Stage Clear - Once you collect ech crystal, go to the end of the path and 
transport back to the Warp Room where Dr. Cortex may give you hints to help 
you in your travels.
__________________________________________________________________Page 4
A Whole NEW Adventure! - Thanks to Crash, the evil Dr. Neo Cortex find 
himself hurtling earthward at terminal velocity, his maniacal bid for 
world-domination - thwarted...or so the story goes.

But, as it turns out, the world's problems are really only the beginning. 
Cortex awakens to find himself in a dark cavern filled with glowing crystals. 
Convinced that they hold tremendous power, he retrieves one and crawls back 
to his laboratory to examine it. 

The crystal leads him to a terrible discovery: soon the planets will align to 
create a catastrophic solar flux - and only the crystals provide a means to 
contain this incredible force. Determined to redeem himself for his past evil 
deeds, Cortex sets out to develop a new, crystal-powered Cortex Vortex that 
will capture the stellar energy and harmlessly dissipate it. He enlists the 
aid of his old colleague and infamous physicist, Dr. N. Gin, to help him 
design such a device.

25 crystals are needed to provide the necessary power matrix. Cortex knows 
there's only one hero with any chance of success - Crash Bandicoot!

Crash saved the planet from Cortex before...but can he save it again, this 
time for Cortex?
__________________________________________________________________Page 5
Welcome to the Warp Room! 
Totally oblivious to Cortex's discoveries, Crash is laying out soaking up the 
sun. His little hacker sister Coco is typing furiously on her laptop, trying 
to finish her program before the battery runs down. She yelps - her screen 
has gone black - and she pleads with Crash to get her a new battery. On his 
way home to get her power pack, Crash is suddenly blinded by a flash of 
light. Next thing he knows, a holographic projection of Cortex is talking to 
him in an ancient Warp Room!

Cortex tells him about the impending disaster, and urges Crash to help him 
find the 25 crystals needed to power the only means of survival the Earth has 
left - the new Cortex Vortex. He explains that an ancient civilization built 
the Warp Rooms centuries ago, and that their doors provide instant access to 
points all over the world - places hiding the coveted crystals! Of course, 
Cortex doesn't know that the Earth also contains valuable gems - 42 clear and 
5 colored - which may hold the key to his downfall!
__________________________________________________________________Page 6
Special Items and Boxes (From Pages 7 to 8)
Wumpa Fruit - Collect 100 pieces of Wumpa Fruit and earn a free life (1-up).
Aku Aku (Witch Doctor's Mask) - When possessing a Mask, Crash is shielded 
from one enemy's attack or contact. Collect three Masks to earn a temporary 
invulnerability from all minor dangers.
Arrow Crates - Boxes with arrows (pointing "up") let you know that there is 
something good waiting for you when you Jump on top of this box. You can only 
open an Arrow box by using the Spin Attack. 
Bounce Boxes - Like Arrow Boxes, Bounce Boxes can be jumped upon several 
times to earn multiple prizes. They look almost like regular boxes except...
? Boxes - Who can say what's in these boxes? You'll just have to find out for 
! Boxes - These boxes may cause something in the background to change. 
__________________________________________________________________Page 7
Special Items and Boxes (continued)
Green ! Boxes - Spin or jump on these boxes to detonate ALL of the Nitro 
Boxes on that level. This is important for Box Completion.
TNT Boxes - Jump on these to start the 3 second fuse. Don't hang around for 
the explosion or Crash will need more than glue to be reassembled.
Nitro Boxes - NEVER EVER touch a NITRO box. (Just a suggestion).
Crash Boxes - If you see a box with a heroic-type mug on it, it usually 
contains a 1-UP for Crash. Collect this to earn a free life.
C Boxes - Check Point. Allows you to return to the stage where you opened the 
first C Box. If you opened more than one C Box in a stage, you'll return to 
the location of the last opened C Box.
Bonus Paths 
Bonus paths (marked by a ?) lead Crash to secret regions of that path. In 
these areas, you can earn lots of goodies if you carefully navigate to the 
end of the path, but only if you're successful. If you don't then you won't 
get to keep any of your hard-earned bonuses. 
__________________________________________________________________Page 8
Cast Of Characters (Pages 9 to 12)
Crash Bandicoot - He's a marsupial on a mission! He's cool, he's brave and 
he's ready for action! He's a hero who believes, but he's no fool!
Dr. Neo Cortex - Cortex claims to have learned his lesson. He says he's out 
to save the world. But a word of advice no matter what you do, don't turn 
your back on this guy unless you're running full tilt in the opposite 
__________________________________________________________________Page 9
Cast Of Characters (Continued)
Dr. N. Gin - Once a world-renowned physicist within the Defense industry, Dr. 
N. Gin was taken in by Cortex shortly after one of his missile projects went 
terribly wrong and hit him in the head. The missile was reconstructed as a 
cyber life support system but is still live so don't get him upset or he'll 
literally blow his top!
Coco Bandicoot - Coco is the spirited younger sister of Crash and is highly 
intelligent. When her face isn't glued to a computer screen, she's trying to 
get Crash's relaxed life more organized. Count on Coco to hack into Cortex's 
plans to warn Crash with some important information.
Ripper Roo - Ripper Roo is back, madder than ever. He's had time to perfect 
his attack so make sure you don't try to stand toe to toe with this one.
_________________________________________________________________Page 10
Cast Of Characters (continued)
Komodo Joe & Komodo Moe - Cold-hearted and cold-blooded, the brothers form a 
dangerous combination of brains and brawn, speed and strength, loyalty and 
Komodo Joe is the brains of the operation. While not physically powerful, he 
relies on speed and cunning in a fight and is a master of the deadly art of 
Samurai swordplay.
Komodo Moe is not necessarily the most intelligent. But, what he lacks in 
brain power, Komodo Moe makes up for with size, unbelievable strength, and 
the force of a runaway freight train.
_________________________________________________________________Page 11
Tiny - A fearsome opponent if ever there was one. Tiny has a few tricks up 
his enormous sleeves. Try to stay one step ahead or you might be crushed.
N. Brio - Doublecrossed by Cortex, this one-time partner in crime will now do 
anything to stop Cortex and his fiendish plans, regardless of the 
_________________________________________________________________Page 12
Some Helpful Hints
Each enemy warrants careful consideration when trying to beat them. Here are 
some helpful hints to guide you through this adventure:
Armadillo and Seal: You can use any of your attacks for enemies like these.
Razor-Back Turtle: Watch out for enemies with deadly topsides. Only spin or 
slide attacks will conquer these guys.
Turtles, Rats, and Vultures: Jumping on enemies with side spikes or those 
that attack from the front may be your only chance.
King Lizard and Mechanical Horse: Keep an eye out for enemies with sharp 
necklines. Sliding into these enemies is highly recommended.
_________________________________________________________________Page 13
Created and Developed by Naughty Dog, Inc.
Andy Gavin, David Baggett, Bob Rafei, Justin Monast, Charlotte Francis, 
Stephen White, Greg Omi, Eric Iwasaki, Eric Pangilinan, Rob Titus, Joe Labbe 
II, Dan Arey, Morgan, Jason Rubin.
Soundtrack by: Mutato Muzika, Mark Mothersbaugh, Josh Mancell
Character Design and Art Direction by: American Exitus, Inc., Charles 
Sound Effects by: Universal Sound Studios, Mike Gollom, Ron Horwitz, Kevin 
Voice of Dr. Neo Cortex: Clancy Brown
Voice of N. Gin and N. Brio: Brendan O'Brien
Voice of Coco Bandicoot: Vicki Winters
Animation Reference: Jeff Etter
Special Thanks: John Cutry, Dan Kollmorgen, Taylor Kurosaki, Joe Pearson
In Association with Universal Interactive Studios
Producer: Mark Cerny
Special Thanks: Paul Rioux, Diane Fornasier, Jackie Evanochick, David Siller, 
Susan McCready
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment America
Executive Producer: Connie Booth
Associate Producer: David Gracia
VP Marketing: Andrew House
Sr. Director of Marketing: Peter Dille 
Sr. Director of PR and Promotions: Jeff Fox
Sr. Marketing Manager: Ami Matsumara-Blaire
Sr. Public Relations Manager: Molly Smith
Creative Services Manager: Howard Liebeskind
Marketing Coordinator: Nemer Velasquez
QA Manager: Mark Pentek
Lead Analyst: Donovan Soto
Assistant Lead Analysts: Pete Mayberry, Anthony Gomez
Game Analysts: Ian McGuinness, Andrew Woodworth, Andrew Bryne, Jack Amato, 
Chris Johnson, Conner Morlang, Ivan Kougaenko, Ken Chan, Steve Dreo, Sean 
Burke, Tim Duzmal, Weldon Chen, Ryan Joseph, Annette Dancel, Bruce Cochrane, 
Christian Davis, Samuel Thompson, Leighton Chin, "Uncle" Dave Kinel, Ramon 
_________________________________________________________________Page 14
Special Thanks: TBWA Chiat Day, Donna Armentor, Shelley Ashitomi, Brian 
Balistreri, Maggie Baquero, Kim Bardakian, Gary Barth, Allan Becker, Christa 
Carter, Aimee Duell, Christy Favrhow, Kelly Flock, Peggy Gallagher, Phil 
Harrison, Kaz Hirai, Kerry Hopkins, Kim Hornecker, Jeff Hutchinson, Lisa 
Lunger, Colin MacLean, Nikki McGrath, Dennis O'Malley, Frank O'Malley, David 
Patton, Quin Pham, Terri Rago, Yvonne Smith, Jack Tretton, Michelle Vercelli, 
Marilyn Weyant and Michelle Whitmer
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Japan)
Producers: Shuhei Yoshida, Tsurumi - 0600
Marketing Manager: Megumi Hosoya
Lead Analyst: Masayuki Mizuno
Special Thanks: Junichi B. Kobayashi
Sone Computer Entertainment Europe
Sr. Producer: John Roberts
Associate Producer: David Bowry
Marketing Manager: Caroline Stokes, Kenny Mathers
PR Manager: Liz Ashford
Package Design: Axiom Design
Manual Design: Katherine Lee, Beeline Group
_________________________________________________________________Page 15

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