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                           (X) = X Button
                           (C) = Circle Button
                           (S) = Square Button
                           (T) = Triangle Button

Page - 3

              4..Getting Started
              8..It's A Long Way From Home
              9..Starting the Game
              9..Nowhere Land
              10.Selecting an Era and a Mission
              10.Off to an Adventure Through Time
              12.Pausing the Game
              13.Bugs Bunny's Energy Level
              13.Special Pick Ups
              15.The Ultimate Goal
              16.Useful Objects and Weapons
              17.Secret Levels
              18.How to Eliminate an Opponent
              18.What is the "?" over Bugs Bunny's Head?
              19.What is the "!" over Bugs Bunny's Head?
              19.Saving Your Position
              19.HInts and Tips
              21.Help Line

- Page - 4

                           Getting Started

Normal PSX set-up page.

 Page - 5

                                    Controlling Bugs Bunny

 Default Game Controls: (Configuration 1)
  Ears (C) Button                             Jump (X) Button
  Kick (S) Button                             Dive (X) + R1 Button
  Action R1 Button                           Roll L1 Button
  Eye (T) Button

[The Vibration function of the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK) only
operates when the Analog Controller is in LED Red Mode.]

                   Directional Buttons or Left Stick
UP - Run forward/climb up objects (i.e. poles and ropes)
DOWN - Run towards the camera/slide down objects (i.e. poles and ropes)
 LEFT - Run Left
 RIGHT - Run Right

 To walk, lightly move the Left stick.

Page - 6

Jump/Bounce - 
Press the "Jump" Button.

Bounce High -
Hold the "Jump" Button while bouncing.

 Crouch - 
Press the "Ears" Button.

 Walk Softly and Quietly - Hold the "Ears" Button and use the
                           Directional Buttons or the Left Stick.

 Push an object - Hold the "Action" Button and use the Directional
                  Buttons or Left Stick when near an object that can
                  be pushed.

 Pick up an object - Press the "Action" Button and use the Directional
                     Buttons or Left Stick when close to an object
                     that can be picked up.

 Drop object - Press the "Action" Button.

 Throw an object - Press the "Kick" Button.

 Kick object or villain - Press the "Kick" Button.

 Roll - Press the "Roll" Button while running.

Page - 7
                           Special Controls

Land softly using Bugs Bunny's ears like a helicopter:
   Hold the "Ears" Button while falling.

Dive into a Rabbit Hole:
   Press the "Jump" Button then the "Action" Button when standing over
   a rabbit hole.

Tunnelling Underground:
   Use the Directional Buttons or the Left Stick while Bugs Bunny is

To Climb out of a Rabbit Hole:
   Press the "Jump" Button.

Bugs Bunny's View:
   Hold the "Eye" Button and use the Directional Buttons.

Jump Over an Activated Fan or Fountain:
   Control Bugs Bunny's float with the Directional Buttons or Left
   Stick. The Jump action is also functional.

 Driving a Car or Motorcycle, Riding a Bike or Goat:
   Use the Directional Buttons or the Left Stick to move left or
   right. The Jump action is also functional.

Three other controller configurations are available.

To  change  the  configuration,  choose Controller Configuration after
Loading/Starting a New Game, and follow the instructions.

 Page - 8

                      It's A Long Way From Home
      On  his  way  to  Pismo  Beach,  Bugs  Bunny  accidentally  finds and
activates a time machine.  Bugs Bunny is immediately propelled through
five different Eras in time and must find his way back to the present.

 It won't be an easy task, because blocking his way back home are some
of  the  wildest troublemakers  he  has ever known - Elmer Fudd, Witch
Hazel, Yosemite Sam, Rocky and Marvin The Martian.

 Now  lost  in time, Bugs Bunny must accomplish a number of challenges
in  five adventure-packed Eras until he finds all the Clocks needed to
return to the present time.

 In  each  level,  puzzles  must be solved, switches, clocks and other
useful  objects  must  be  found  and  opponents  must  be defeated to
complete the game.

 Remember the saying: "There's no place like home!"

Page - 9

                          Starting The Game
The  first screen displays the following option:  PRESS START.  If the Start Button is not selected, the demo mode is launched.

When  you  press the Start Button, the following message is displayed:
"Bugs Bunny Lost In Time requires one free block to save".

If  no  Memory Card is inserted in the Memory Card slot 1, two options
are displayed: START NEW GAME and RETRY.

If  a  Memory  Card  is  inserted in the Memory Card slot 1, two other
options are displayed: LOAD GAME and NEW GAME.

Choose  LOAD  GAME  to continue a previously saved game or NEW GAME to
begin the game.

If  a  Memory  Card  is inserted in the Memory Card slot 1 and no save
file has been created, you will be asked to create a save file.

                             Nowhere Land
Before  Bugs  Bunny  sets  off  to explore time, he will need a little
training.   When the game begins, Bugs Bunny will appear in a location
called the "Era Selector".

At  the  beginning,  Bugs  Bunny  can only travel to a location called
"Nowhere".  To access Nowhere, press the (X) button.

Page - 10

Here  Bugs  Bunny  will  meet  Merlin Munroe his mentor throughout the
game.  In Merlin's world, Bugs Bunny is taught all the skills required
to  complete  the  five  different  Eras  in  order to get back to the

Once  he  has  successfully accomplished the challenges Merlin has set
before  him,  Bugs  Bunny will be awarded his first Clock.  This Clock
enables Bugs Bunny to return to the Era selector and access an Era.

                    Selecting An Era And A Mission
Once in the Era Selector, use the Directional Buttons or Left Stick to
move  the time machine left and right.  Bugs Bunny will not be able to
access  all  Eras at the beginning. Each Era requires a certain number
of Clocks to gain entrance.  If Bugs Bunny has enough Clocks to access
the desired Era, press the (X) button.

Upon  entering  an  Era,  look  for  Rabbit Holes that offer access to
different  missions.  Similar to Eras, missions also require a certain
number  of  Clocks  to gain access.  If Bugs Bunny has accumulated the
required  number  of  Clocks,  he can gain entrance by pressing "Jump"
then "Action".

                 Off To An Adventure Through Time...

Now  Bugs Bunny can explore time and meet up with some of the toughest
adversaries in the Looney Tunes universe.

 Page - 11

The Stone Age-------------
A  prehistoric  world filled with dinosaurs and a very persistent cave
man who resembles Elmer Fudd.

The Medieval Times------------------
A  world  of  castles, knights and Witch Hazel, who wants to make Bugs
Bunny the main ingredient in her rabbit stew.

The Pirate Years----------------
A  Carribbean  island  filled  with  crabs,  oysters,  and  enough sea
treasures to satisfy even a crusty old pirate like Yosimite Sam!

The 1930s---------
An  American  city in the time of zoot suits and gangsters.  Here Bugs
Bunny  finds  himself  in  the middle of a bank robbery and two of the
toughest gangsters around:  Rocky and Mugsy.

 Page - 12

Dimension X-----------
Marvin  The  Martian's  Space  Station  is  filled  with transporters,
electrical hazards, robots and, of course, Marvin's minions.

There are also many secret areas to discover...

                           Pausing The Game
Press the START Button to Pause the game. A menu will appear.

Use  the  Directional  Buttons  or  Left  Stick  to scroll through the
options and press the (X) Button to make your selection.

Select CONTINUE to return to the game.

Select OPTIONS to change the game.

Within the Options Menu, you can access:
 Music Volume - Change the volume level of the music.

 Sound FX - Change the volume level of the sound effects.

 Speaker Setup - Select either Mono or Stereo sound.

Page - 13

 Vibration - Select the vibration function of the Analog Controller
             (Dual Shock) to turn ON or OFF (Default setting: ON).

Select QUIT to exit the present level or game.

                      Bugs Bunny's Energy Level

Bugs  Bunny's energy is displayed by a special Carrot Bar that appears
at  the top of the game screen.  A full energy bar displays three full
carrots.   The bar appears only when Bugs Bunny loses or gains energy.
It can also be checked in the "Pause" menu.  Bugs Bunny's energy level
decreases  by  one  half  carrot  each  time  he is injured and can be
refilled  by  picking up Normal Carrots.  When it is empty, Bugs Bunny
must restart from the last Checkpoint.

                           Special Pick Ups
There are four main pick ups in Bugs Bunny Lost In Time:

Normal Carrots-------------
These  give  Bugs  Bunny his energy.  They can be found throughout the
game,  and  are usually on the ground.  If you collect enough carrots,
you might earn a bonus Golden Carrot!

Page - 14

Golden Carrots--------------
These  provide access to bonus levels.  Each bonus level has a minimum
number  of  Golden  Carrots  required  to gain access.  These are more
difficult  to  find than Normal Carrots and are usually awarded when a
more tricky task is completed.

These  allow  you  access to new levels.  When enough Clocks have been
collected the player will be allowed access.

Collecting Clocks are also the key to returning to the present time.

Acme Boxes----------
Bugs  Bunny  must  break  all  of  the red Acme Boxes in a level to be
awarded an extra Clock.  To break an Acme Box, Bugs Bunny must jump on
top of it or kick it.

Page - 15

                          The Ultimate Goal
Of  course  the  ultimate goal is to return to the present.  When Bugs
Bunny  has  collected  enough Clocks, the door to present time will be
opened  in the Era Selector.  However, to fully complete the game, you
must visit all areas, break every Acme Box, collect all Golden Carrots
and  collect  all  the  Clocks.  Bugs Bunny must even complete all the
bonus  levels  and collect all their hidden items to complete the game


An  Inventory  Screen  is  displayed when the Start Button is pressed.
This  screen  displays how many Clocks, Golden Carrots, and Acme Boxes
have  been  collected  in  each  level  and  how many are available to

 - The Golden Carrot icon displays the total number of Golden Carrots
   found and the total number available in the level.

 - The Clock icon displays the total number of Clocks found and the
   total number available in the level.

 - The Acme Box icon displays the total number of Acme Boxes found and
   the total number available in the level.

Page - 16

                      Useful Objects And Weapons
Useful objects may be found throughout the quest.

A  timer  or  limited  number  of  shots  may restrict the use of some
objects.   Once  time  has  expired,  Bugs Bunny returns to his normal

Here is a partial list of items that can be found:

 - Stackable boxes can be used as steps.

 - A Torch to light certain objects.

 - A large Mallet to break objects or squash an enemy.

 - Timed Explosives (TNT sticks or powder barrels) Bugs Bunny can arm
   or throw.

                           Special Features
During the game, Bugs Bunny will be visited by Merlin Munroe.

Page - 17
Sometimes,  Merlin provides hints about movements or hidden locations.
He  will also give Bugs Bunny magic spells to reach and open locked or
inaccessible  locations.   To  obtain a special feature, position Bugs
Bunny over a special symbol and press "Action".

Here is a list of spells:

 Hocus-Pocus! - Starts fans for a limited time period.

 Olly-Olly-Oxen Free! - Gives Bugs Bunny a super jump to access difficult areas.

 Open Sesame! - Opens magic doors.

 Magical Tune - Gives Bugs Bunny the ability to play music.

                            Secret Levels
The  entrance of each Secret Level is marked with a specific number of
Golden Carrot symbols.

Bugs  Bunny  must  collect  the  same amount or more Golden Carrots to
enter  a secret level.  When Bugs Bunny fails or quits a Secret Level,
he will reappear in front of the Secret Level entrance.

 Page - 18

                     How To Eliminate An Opponent
There are many ways:

 One way is to jump on their head. It will either stop or eliminate
 the opponent.

 Then  give  him  a  kick!   This  method  can be used on most smaller

 You  can  also  use  special weapons or trap them under heavy falling
 objects like anvils and bank safes!

 Some  larger  opponents  require  different methods.  For example, to
neutralize  a  medieval hangman, first make him run after you until he
becomes tired.  Breathless, he will stop.  Now run behind him and give
him a kick.

 Do it quickly, because he will soon be chasing you again.

               What Is The "?" Over Bugs Bunny's Head?
When  a  question  mark  appears  over  Bugs  Bunny's  head,  it means
something nearby can be either read or checked.

Press  the "Action" Button to see what the question mark is all about.
Either you will hear dialogue or text will appear at the bottom of the

Page - 19

Text  will disappear after a short period of time or after a requested action.  Follow the on-screen instructions.

               What Is The "!" Over Bugs Bunny's Head?
When an exclamation mark appears over Bugs Bunny's head, it means that
something nearby can be activated.  Press the "Action" button.

                         Saving Your Position
To avoid having to restart at the beginning of a level, it's necessary
to find special locations called Checkpoints.  They are represented by
an icon of Merlin's hat.

When Bugs Bunny touches a Checkpoint, it saves this position until the
next Checkpoint is crossed.  To Save a game, press "Action" when a "!"
appears  over  Bugs  Bunny's  head,  Merlin  will appear and ask about
saving Bugs Bunny's position.  Answer "Yes" or "No".

                            Hints And Tips
The game progression is partially non-linear.  Though you will need
a varying number of Clocks to enter Eras, you can leave and return to
an Era without entirely completing it.

Page - 20

The  best  way  to  find  hidden  objects such as Golden Carrots or
 Clocks, is  to  use  Bugs  Bunny's eyes (the (T) button + Directional
 Buttons) and pan the camera around.

 Move the camera when you find your vision blocked - by using the L2
 and R2  Buttons.   This  will allow you to choose the best view of an

 To activate switches, either kick or jump on them.

 To activate TNT, either kick it, jump on top of it or throw it.

 You can stack multiple items. Carry one, jump on the other and drop
 the first one. Then you can carry both at the same time.  If you want
 to "unstack" them, just throw them with the "Kick" Button.

 Page - 21
                              Help Line

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