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GETTING STARTED                 2
CONTROLS                        3
INTRODUCTION                    5
MAIN MENU                       6
THE GAME SCREEN                 8
OFF TO THE RACES                9
COURSES                         10
AIRPLANES                       12
WARRANTY                        17


Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its Instruction Manual.  
make sure the POWER IS off before inserting or removing a compact disc.  Insert the BRAVO AIR 
RACE disc and close the disc cover.  Insert a Game Controller in Controller Port I and turn on 
the PlayStation Game Console.

Press the START Button at the title screen to go the Start/Options screen.


In BRAVO AIR RACE, the controls can be configured in a variety of different ways, including a 
simulation of a real flight control system.  Below are the default settings:

L1/L2, RI/R2 Button: Stunt Roll left or right
Triangle Button: Toggle between viewpoints/Cancel
Square Button: Decrease airspeed/Cancel
Circle Button: Decrease airspeed/Select

X Button: Increase airspeed/Select
START Button: Start/Pause
Directional Keys: steer/Move the cursor

Note:  You can alter the controller Configuration in the Controller Configuration
screen under the Options menu.


Anyone Can Race on the Ground...

But only the best of the best have what it takes to compete in Bravo Air Race!  Scream through 
wilderness vistas, fly by snow-capped", mountain tops, scrape the walls of the steel canyons in 
the heart of a modern metropolis and race against the world's finest pilots.  Buckle up 
daredevils. The racing genre has just reached new heights!
- 12 authentic aircraft, from World War II vintage fighters to modern day stunts planes
- Astoundingly accurate speed and characteristics.
- Beautifully rendered courses.
- Split screen mode for head-to-head air racing mayhem.



1. After selecting 1 Player Mode, you will he asked to select your course.  Scroll through the 
courses with the Left/Right Directional buttons, then press X to select.

2. To choose your aircraft, use the Left/Right Directional buttons to scroll through the 
available aircraft, then press X to select.

The computer defaults your chosen plane to AT (Automatic Tracking) to help beginners stay on 
course.  If you want to change to MT (Manual Tracking), use the Up/Down Directional buttons 
before selecting your aircraft.


After choosing a course, both players should repeat the steps described above to choose their 
aircraft and tracking mode.  You and a friend can now race using the split-screen display.

Note: In order to improve playability in 2-Player Mode, perspective adjustments have been made 
which may cause the apparent visual location of the planes to differ from their actual 
numerical ranking.  Numerical rankings 3rL, correct based on the actual position of the planes.


1. Use the same steps to choose your course, aircraft and tracking mode.  In this mode there 
are no other planes on the course.  The clock is your only adversary!


If you select OPTION from the title screen, the OPTION menu will appear.  Controller Config: 
Choose this option to customize your airplanes controls.

Audio Config: Set the volume and test the sound, set the balance of the background music and 
the sound effects, choose between stereo and mono outputs.

View Best Times: Display your best performances.

Load Gets: Load your ranking, controller configuration and other data from the Memory Card.

Save Date: Save your ranking, controller configuration and other data onto the Memory Card.

Exit:   Exit the Option Screen.

Note:   There are three ways for the player to quit out of gameplay.  The player can
Pause the game, highlight and SELECT "QUIT" then highlight and select "YES".  Additionally, 
during the game's paused state, if the user simultaneously presses the Start and Select 
buttons, the game returns the user to the title screen.  Lastly, the player can press the Start 
button (to pause the game), then press the Select button and highlight and select "YES".


Press the START button during a race to pause the game and bring up the pause menu.  From this 
screen you can continue, quit the race or turn the guide (blue navigation bubbles marking the 
center of the course) on or off.



1 - Lap Time                                                    1       2       4
2 - Time remaining to reach the next checkpoint                    
3 - Guide                                                                               
4 - Position                                                            3 6             5
5 - Course Record
6 - Your Plane                                                                          7
7 - Air Speed Indicator


1 - Altimeter
2 - Rate of climb indicator 
3 - Horizon Indicator 
4 - Air Speed Indicator                                         2       1       3       4



- You must guide your aircraft through the course three times within the time limit.
- When you successfully reach a checkpoint, additional time is awarded.
- If you fail to reach the next checkpoint before time expires, it's Game Over.


There are some pick-ups along the courses to help you along.  They'll come in handy if you can 
manage to get them.

S icon: Speed Boost
D icon: Sudden deceleration
T icon: 5 Seconds added to your remaining time HOT SHOTS

If you can manage to execute a barrel roll in the middle of a race without killing yourself, 
you'll be awarded an Extra 2 seconds of time. KEEP in mind that you will not he able to steer 
while Executing a barrel roll.


Take the scenic route on this fast-paced tour of the mountains.  Race against vintage and 
present-day aircraft who'll try anything to keep you grounded.

Attack the serpentine fissures and valleys of a large canyon while battling the world's best 
pilots in a wilderness free-for-all.  Stay on track or you'll find yourself becoming part of 
the scenery!

This thriving community boasts steel and glass canyons that would rival any scenic landscape.  
Stay one step ahead of the competition or they may just send you careening into the nearest 

There's something about snow and ice that sends most accomplished pilots running for the 
emergency exit.  Sail through snow-capped mountain tops and ice formations that leave little 
room for error while you try to stay away from the other pilots, otherwise this winter 
wonderland may be your worst nightmare!


LIGHTNING       U.S.A. -1939
The Lightning's unique twin-engine and fuselage design made it an effective counterattack 
fighter.  Its forte was the hit-and-run mission.  Now, it's simply fast.

MUSTANG         U.S.A. -1941

The Mustang is still believed to be the best fighter plane from WWII.  Both the U.S.A. and 
England used it actively in their campaigns.

THUNDERBOLT     U.S.A. - 1941
Because of its weight, this aircraft lacks mobility, but its high nose-dive speed gave it a 
useful role in WWII.

CORSAIR         U.S.A. - 1942
A high-Speed, mainly carrier-based plane, the Corsair sports a distinctively large propeller.

ZERO FIGHTER    Japan - 1940
Its Superior Performance at the beginning of the war distinguished it as one of the most famous 
fighting machines in the World.

SINDEN          Japan - 1945
Developed at the End of WWII, this is a high-Speed fighter plane with forward mounted wings.  
The Sinden was never tested in battle, though, as the war came to an End before it could be 
used.  The Sinden has been clocked at speeds of up to 750 km/hour.

MESSERSCHMITT   Germany - 1937
This fighter played a very active part in Germany's WWII aerial campaigns due to its balance 
and versatility.

SPITFIRE        England - 1938
The pride of the UK, the 20,000 Spitfires manufactured for WWII incorporated over 20 different 
designs to form its unique capabilities.

GEEBEE          U.S.A. - 1932
Manufactured, and named after, the Pranville brothers.  The version featured in Bravo Air Race 
is the R2 model.

Pitts           U.S.A. - 1944
This recreational craft displays Excellent stability and is very easy to fly.

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