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Starting Up                                           2
Multi Tap                                             2
Game Controls                                         3
2096                                                  4
Instructions                                          4
Free-For-All & Eliminator-The Multi-Player Games      9
Solo Survivor-The One-Player Game                    13
Obstacles, Death Traps and Other Surprises           15
Power-Ups                                            16
Camera Movement                                      18

page 3
Game Controls
L1 = camera up
L2 = camra move right
R1 = camera down
R2 = camera left

d-pad = run
triangle = autocam toggle
circle = not used
x = jump 
square = shove opponent down
start = pause

page 4


In a twisted, amoral future, you are not like normal people.  
Genetically engineered to be the ultimate athlete, you were 
raised from birth with others like yourself in training complexes 
called stables.  Isolated from the rest of the world, you exist 
for only one purpose: to win a competition known to you only as 
The Game.  After years of specialized development and skillfully 
applying yourself, you are finally awarded the honor to represent 
your stable in The Game.  Once you arrive, however, you discover 
the horrifying truth ... the real reason for your total isolation
 from the outside world.  What you called The Game is known to the 
rest of the world as Blast Chamber.  The rules are the same, but 
the consequences of defeat are lethal.  Your life has suddenly become 
worthless.  Because to the owner of the stable, you are property" to 
the masses, you are entertainment.  And nothing is considered to be 
more entertaining than a game of life or explosive death in ... the 
Blast Chamber.


When you turn on the PlayStation game console, you will see an 
introductory sequence, which can be interrupted by pressing Start.  
Whether you interrupt the introductory sequence or not, you will 
eventually come to ...

The Title Screen

Press Start here to go to the Main Menu screen.
page 5

The Main Menu Screen

The Main Menu screen has six icons.  At the top: Chambers 
(Chamber Select), Games (Game Select), Load and Options.  
The two icons at the bottom of the screen are the Training modes.  
If you want to jump right into the fire, go ahead and press Start 
here- you'll begin a Free-For-All game (against one to three 
computerized or human opponents).  But not so fast-, if you 
have never played Blast Chamber before, you would be well 
advised to begin with Training.  You'd better know what 
you're doing before you start playing with fire.

Training Modes

There are two training modes: one for the multi-player games, 
and one for Solo Survivor To enter one of the training modes, 
highlight a Training icon and press X. You'll find yourself in 
a training chamber.  Throughout the session, the computer voice 
will instruct you on the basics of Blast Chamber.  Learn and 
obey, and you'll live through the training session-, it's that 
simple.  When you've either failed spectacularly or completed the 
chamber successfully, the training mode ends, returning you to the 
Main Menu.
Ready to play now?

To Select A Game

You could jump right in and start playing the Free-For-All mode by 
pressing Start when you're on the Main Menu, or you can select from
 the five game modes.  Just highlight the Game Select icon, which 
displays images of players, and press X. You'll then come to the 
Game Select screen which will have the following list of player 
page 6

Free-For-All Tournament
Eliminator Tournament
Solo Survivor

Free-For-All and Eliminator are the multi-player games.  These games 
enable you to play against one to three other human or computer 
opponents.  Solo Survivor is for 1 player only, with no opponents.

Free-For-All:   When you die in this game (note that we said "when," 
not "if"), you instantly come back to life for more explosive action.  
The objective in this game is to die the least number of times before 
the game clock winds down to zero.  In the regular made, you only play 
in the chamber(s) you select.  But in Tournament mode, you play in all 
20 chambers, each of which is deadlier than the one before it.

Eliminator:     In this game, death is a little more permanent: you can die 
only once.  No resurrections as in Free-For-All.  The sole survivor is 
the winner of the game.  Eliminator also has a Tournament mode.  Like a 
Free-For-All Tournament, you play in all 20 chambers- each one being 
more difficult than the preceding chamber

Solo Survivor is a one-player game.  There are no opponents in this 
game-, it's just you against the clock.  You must survive 40 
progressively difficult chambers.

To Select A Chamber

If Free-For-All or Eliminator are selected on the Games menu, you can 
select a chamber to play in. (If Solo Survivor is selected, you can't 
select a chamber, unless you have saved a previous game, or have a 
password.) On the Main Menu, highlight the Chambers icon and
page 7

press X. This takes you to the Chamber Select screen, which offers 20 
different chambers to choose from.  Each is special in its own way and 
will make your multi-player experience as lethal as possible.  You can 
choose one, or as many as all 20 chambers, to play in.  Once you , have 
selected your chamber(s), press Start.  This will return you to the Main 
Menu screen.

Loading a Saved Game

In Solo Survivor, you play through 40 progressively challenging chambers.  
Every 5th chamber you are given the opportunity to save your progress on 
your memory card (you are given a password if you don't have a memory card).  
To load a saved game, simply go to the Load icon
on the Main Menu screen.  On your memory card, you can save the following 

*       Up to ten Solo Survivor games.  Not only is the last chamber saved, 
but also your score and your number of lives at that point in the game.

-       The top ten high scores for Solo Survivor, the Free-For-All 
tournament, and the Eliminator tournament.  Select UPDATE HISCORES 
on the Load screen before turning off your Playstation.

⋅       Preferences such as your favorite controller configurations, 
volume settings and difficulty level.  Select SAVE CONFIG on the 
Load screen.

Options Menu

When you select the Options icon on the Main Menu screen, you can 
adjust the level of difficulty, configure your controller, view 
game statistics, and balance the volume of sound effects and music.

The Levels Of Difficulty

The four difficulty levels determine several factors, both in Solo 
Survivor and in the multiplayer games.
page 8

In Solo Survivor, the number of lives that you start with depends on 
the difficulty level below).
In the multi-player games, putting a crystal in your reactor adds - 
seconds (fill in the k according to the chart below) to your kill-clock, 
while putting a crystal in an opponent's tor subtracts - seconds 
(fill in the blank according to the chart below) from his killclock.  
In Free-For-All -- FFA), your kill-clocks start with different initial 
amounts of time.  The A.I. @Artificial Intelligence) level of the computer 
opponent varies as well.  And a very insidious feature called 
"Blow-up-yer-buddy" @BUYB) comes into play in the higher skill 
levels-, with Blow-up-yer-buddy, when you explode, if an opponent 
is standing a little too close, you'll take him out with you!

Level           Name                    Lives   Add     Sub.    FFA     A.1.            
Beginner        "Low Burn"              5       0:30    0:15    1:00    Easy    
Normal  "Medium Boil"   4       0:25    0:20    0:55    Med.    
Advanced        "Conflagration" 3       0:20    0:25    0:50    Hard    
Expert  "Thermonuclear" 2       0:1 5   0:30    0:45    Expert

Configuring Your Controller

From the Options menu, highlight the Config icon and press X. 
You can choose from several standard controller configurations.  
Scroll through the choices and press X to select your favorite.

Viewing Game Statistics

From the Options menu, highlight the Stats icon and press X. 
You can scroll through all 40 Solo Survivor chambers and see 
the best times recorded.  Wanna see your initials up in lights?
page 9

Balancing Audio Levels

From the Options menu, highlight the Volume icon and press X. 
You can slide the Sound Effects control and the Music control 
until it's at the balance that you like.

To Start Play

Simply press Start when you're at the Main Menu screen.  If you 
have not selected a game mode, you'll be playing a Free-For-All 
game-, otherwise, you'll be playing the game mode which is 
selected on the Game Select screen.  If you are starting a Solo 
Survivor game, you'll go straight to the first chamber If you are 
starting a multi-player game, you'll first stop at the Player Select 
screen where you land your friends, if they're there) choose a player 
color.  You can also select colors for any desired computer opponents.  
Follow the on-screen directions to select colors for human and computer 
players.  You have to have a minimum of two (and a maximum of four) human 
and/or computer players selected before you can start playing.  Once 
your players are all selected, you won't need to set them up again as 
long as the PlayStation game console is turned on.  Once you've 
finished selecting, press Start.  And get ready to cook.


At Start Of Play

Two to four players appear at the floor of the chamber Each player has a 
device strapped securely to his body.  This device is a Blast Pack.  The 
Blast Pack is a very lethal time bomb.  The detonated bomb will completely 
disintegrate its victim.  This is to prevent the possibility of any debris 
from littering the chamber and interfering with the remaining players' 
page 10


There's a white clock at the top center of the screen.  This shows the 
overall time for the game.  The colored clocks in the corners of the 
screen are the players' kill-clocks - the color of each kill-clock 
matches the player's color.  The kill-clocks show how many minutes 
and seconds each player has until his Blast Pack explodes.  Under 
each kill-clock is a death counter for each player, which counts 
the number of times the player has been vaporized.

Goal:   Be the player who has died the least (or who has more time left on 
his clock than anyone with the same number of deaths) when the white game 
clock hits zero.

Free-For-All Tournament: In the Tournament mode, you'll play 20 Free-For-
All games.  The player with the best overall Tournament score wins.

Scoring:        When the game clock hits zero in a chamber, the player who got 
torched the least in that chamber gets 500 points, 2nd place gets 400, 3rd 
place gets 300, and 4th place gets 200.  In case of ties, tied players get
 equal scores.  For example, winner gets 500, 2nd-place winners tie for 
400 points each, and the player who died the most still gets 200 points.  
At the end of the tournament, scores are added up.  The player with the 
most points is not only the least
"well-done," but also the winner.


Because death is final in this game, there is no game clock or death 
counter.  Just kill-clocks.  Let your kill-clock run down, and you're 
a goner

Goal: To be the last one alive after all the others have detonated.

Eliminator Tournament: In the Tournament mode, you'll play 20 games of 
Eliminator, in all 20 of the multi-player chambers.  If you die in one 
chamber, you are revived for the enjoyment of the masses in the next.
page 11

Scoring:        In Eliminator Tournament mode, the player still standing at 
the end takes first place.  The slow player who dies first takes last 
place, and so on.  First place gets 500 points, second place gets 400, 
third place gets 300, and fourth place gets 200.  In case of ties, tied 
players get equal scores (just as in Free-For-All).  At the end of the 
tournament, scores are added up.  The player with the most points is the 

The Crystal

This glowing orb is the only way you're going to live through Blast 
Chamber, whether in a multi-player game or a Solo Survivor game.  
You can put the crystal in your reactor to lengthen your kill-clock 
or you can put the crystal in your opponent's reactor and shorten his 
kill-clock.  Once a player holds the crystal, he starts flashing and 
his kill-clock temporarily stops counting down.  When you have the crystal, 
do your best to keep the crystal from opponents until you can deposit it 
in a reactor.  When your opponent has the crystal, do whatever it takes 
to take it away from him (see Possession of The Crystal).  To put the 
crystal into a reactor, simply walk onto the reactor.

Possession Of The Crystal

One can never stress enough how important it is in this deathmatch to 
obtain and hold and use the crystal.  If an opponent has the crystal, 
you have several ways to take it away from him.

Push The Sucker Down: Run to him and press the SQUARE button (assuming 
you have your controls set at the default configuration)- this pushes 
him down, and he will drop the crystal.

Rotate The Chamber And Make The Loser Fall: Doing this will cause your 
opponents) to fall-, the opponent holding the crystal will lose possession 
of it.  If you are holding the crystal and you initiate a chamber rotation, 
you do not drop the crystal.
page 12

Play The Waiting Game: The lazything to do is simply wait until he puts it 
into a reactor, at which time a new crystal will appear somewhere in the 

Offensive vs.  Defensive Play

In this game, there are two ways to survive: give yourself more time 
or give your opponent less time.  When you put the crystal in your own
 reactor, time on your kill-clock is extended.  If you put the crystal 
in an opponent , s reactor, time on the poor fellow's kill-clock is 
shortened.  The amount of time added or subtracted depends on the 
difficulty level (see "The Levels of Difficulty," elsewhere in this 

Rotating The Chamber

It took hundreds of scientists and engineers to create the technological 
marvels that are called Blast Chambers.  These unique chambers are 
specially-built arenas that can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise.  
To turn a wall into a floor, go to one of the flashing green arrows 
("Kickers").  The direction that the arrows are pointing to is the 
direction you walk when the chamber turns and the wall in front of 
you becomes a floor.  The arrow must be pointing up the wall, and 
flashing, in order for it to work.  When an arrow is on the floor, 
it is inoperable.  Once you are at one of these flashing arrows, 
face the arrow and walk into it.  This will cause the chamber to rotate 
90 degrees in the opposite direction.
In the multi-player games, once the chamber is rotated, the kickers are 
de-activated for a few seconds (they stop flashing).
page 13


At Start Of Play

You are beamed into the chamber with a Blast Pack strapped on your body.  
Unlike the multiplayer games where you have to worry about your opponents, 
in this game the chambers themselves are your primary concern.  You have to 
figure out how to put the crystal in the reactor before time runs out.  
The kill-clock at the top of the screen shows how much time you have to put 
the crystal in the reactor.  For your convenience, when your kill-clock has 
five seconds remaining, the computer voice will begin a countdown.  As a 
further reminder of impending doom, your Blast Pack will start to burn 
quite robustly-to move things along.  When the kill-clock reaches zero, 
you die a very fiery death.
Each chamber has its own way of making your life difficult, and they only 
get harder.  In all, there are 40 chambers.  The 40th chamber has been 
known to cause grown men to weep profusely.
You start the game with a limited number of lives, depending on the level 
of difficulty (see "The Levels of Difficulty," elsewhere in this manual).  
Unless you changed the settings, you start Solo Survivor with four lives.  
You can earn more lives along the way, if you play really really well.

The Crystal

This glowing orb is the only thing that will prevent you from blowing up 
into burnt fragments of flesh ... provided you put it in the reactor in 
time.  You can automatically pick it up by simply walking over it.
page 14

Rotating The Chamber

To turn a wall into a floor, go to one of the flashing green arrows 
("Kickers").  The direction that the arrows are pointing to is the 
direction you walk when the chamber turns and the wall in front of 
you becomes a floor.  The arrow must be pointing up the wall, and 
flashing, in order for it to work.  When an arrow is on the floor, it 
is inoperable.  Once you are at one of these flashing arrows, face the 
arrow, and walk into it.  This will cause the chamber to rotate 90 
degrees in the opposite direction.

The Reactor

Somewhere in the chamber there's a colored square zone called a reactor, 
with a revolving pyramid floating over it (the reactor is the same color 
as your player and your kill-clock).  You must place the crystal in the 
reactor as soon as possible.  To automatically place the crystal in the 
reactor, simply walk onto it.  This completes the level.  As your reward, 
you'll be taken to the next, more difficult chamber (Hey, you lived, 
didn't you?  What were you expecting, cookies and milk?)


When you finish a chamber, all remaining seconds on your kill-clock are 
counted, then multiplied by 100.  This is your score for that chamber.  
At the end of the game, all your chamber scores are tallied for your 
overall game score.  If you die, you still have a slim chance at 
immortality, since high scores are entered on the Top Ten list, 
which is seen in the intro sequence of the game.
page 14


⋅       The small yellow-and-red squares are triggers.  Stepping on these 
squares activates something somewhere in the chamber.  Most likely 
you'll always need to use them.  But watch out when you do!

⋅       Hazard pits.  You can run or stand over them when they're closed.  
If you're running or standing over them when they're open, you're dead.

⋅       The spikes are razor-sharp.  Don't fall on them unless you're 
feeling suicidal.  If the crystal gets destroyed by spikes, you lose 
in Solo Survivor.  In multi-player games if the crystal gets spiked, 
it re-appears somewhere in the chamber.

⋅       The glowing plasm clouds and laser-like streams are very deadly.  
You have to time your moves so you don't get fried!

⋅       The moving platform will take you for a ride.  Just hop on.

⋅       The fans will either give you a lift or push you around.

⋅       The dark gray boxes are hydraulic launchers.  These devices 
propel you high in the air.  You can use them to leap to otherwise 
unreachable spots in the chamber.  You can control your movements 
in the air while leaping.

⋅       Crumbling platforms can only be run across once.

⋅       180's: jumping on these small platforms will turn the chamber 
180 degrees.

⋅       Ladders are for climbing up and down.

⋅       The large metal boxes are cages.  Gravity makes them fall.  
Just make sure one doesn't fall on you.
page 16


The blue-and-red spheres that appear at various times are power-ups.  
You can take one by simply running through it.  The computer voice will 
then announce the name of the power-up.  To prevent your life from 
becoming too easy, if you already have one power-up you can't pick up 

Mag Boots       Allows you to run on walls and the ceiling.

Gravity Bomb    Reverses opponents' gravity, forcing them to run on the 

Paralyzer       Freezes all opponents.

Psy-bomb        Reverses your opponents' controls.

Hi Jumps        Allows you to jump high.

Mercuries       Allows you to run very fast.

Time Bomb       Subtracts time from opponents' kill-clocks.
page 17

Crystal Disruptor       Makes the crystal warp to another location.

ViseGrip        Allows you to hold onto the crystal during rotation or 
when you get pushed.

Crystal Magnet  Draws the crystal to you.

Reactor Swap    Makes the reactors change colors.

Extra Time      Gives your kill-clock more time.

Crystal Bomb    Makes the crystal explode with deadly force.
page 18


The "camera" or POV (point of view) automatically tracks your movements 
in the chamber.  You use the camera to help you see around obstacles, 
to get a grip on the 3D positioning of objects, and to get a better 
view of a wall or the ceiling.  You can override the autocam at any 
time and change the POV by using the shoulder buttons.

        Ll      Up      (Improves your view of the floor)
        L2      Right   (Improves your view of the left wall)
        Rl      Down    (Improves your view of the ceiling)
        R2      Left    (Improves your view of the right wall)

To turn off the autocam and perhaps zoom in a little, press the 
Triangle button.  Press it again to turn the autocam back on.

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