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                                            APE ESCAPE
 (X) = X Button     (C) = Circle Button      (S) = Square Button          (T) = Triangle Button

 Page - 1

                             Table OF Contents
Monkey Mayhem ---- 2                       Checking Inventory & More! ---- 13
Gadget Screens --- 13                       Get Goin'!--- 3     
Status Screen ---13                          Use Analog Controller Only --- 3     
Option Screen ----13                        Memory Cards ------- 3    
Starting a Game ----- 3   
                            Nabbers, Nets & Knockers:
Using the Gadgets ------------ 14                 Controller Action! ------- 4    
Stun Club ----- 14                                          More Controller Functions ---- 5     
Time Net----- 14                                            Water Net ----- 14
The Great Ape Hunt ------ 6                           Monkey Radar ------- 14
 Stop the Chimps ------- 6                             Row Boat/Tank -------- 14
 You've Got Mail! ------- 6                              Slingback Shooter ----- 15

                              The Clue in the "Headlights" - 7     
Super Hoop -------15                                 Got Monkeys? -------7     
Sky Flyer --------- 1                                 Remote Control Car ----------- 15
Messing with Time! ------- 8                     Gadgets Rule --------15
Status Window --------- 8
                                16-Zero to 60,000,000 in Five!  
Man of Many Moves ------------- 9           Training Room ---------------- 16
Run/Walk --------------------- 9           Mini-Game Corner ------------- 16
Crouch/Crawl ----------------- 9          Warp Room -------------------- 17
Jump ------------------------- 9
Climb/Swing ------------------ 9         Credits ----------------------- 18

Finders Keepers! -------------- 12       Health Cookies --------------- 12 
Specter Coins ---------------- 12
Energy Chips ----------------- 12        Other Items ------------------ 12

 Page - 2

                             Monkey Mayhem!
 Spike, can you hear me?... It's Natalie!

 You've  warped  through  the  Time Station and you're miles... actually
centuries  away. The good news is that the Professor's Time Station is a
huge success!

 The  bad  news  is  that you, Jake, and a wild band of mean monkeys are
lost in the past!

 I'm  sorry that we weren't able to explain what was going on in the lab
before you were transported away but... we were "tied up!"

 Anyway the Professor and I were about to test the Time Station, becouse
it seemed like we were pretty close to making it work.

 When  all  of a sudden, the door flew open and a gang of monkeys ran in
and  took control. They were all wearing the Peak Point Helmets that the
Professor  had  created! Their leader is Specter, that sly little simian
from  the  Amusement Park. Somehow he got ahold of the Peak Point Helmet
and his intelligence level is unbelievable!

 While  they were tying us up, I heard Specter ranting changing history!
He's  going  to  make  the monkeys the masters of the world, and put all
humans in the Amusement Park!

 We  need you to stop them. You're our only hope. But beware, with their
helmets on, the monkeys are much smarter than you think.

 The  Professor's  putting  the final touches on some new Gadgets. We'll
send those to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, watch out for
those apes!

 Page - 3
                                                        Get Goin'!
                               Usual PSX setup stuff not enetered.


We  recommend  using  the  DUAL  SHOCK analog controller for the coolest

                                           Memory Cards
To save game settings and progress, insert a Memory Card with at least 1
free  block  into  Memory  Card  slot  1 of the PlayStation game console
before  starting  play.  You  can  resume your saved games from the same
card,  or  from  any  other  Memory Card containing previously saved APE
ESCAPE games.

Note - Memory Card slot 2 is not used.

                                      Starting a Game
When  you  see  the Title screen, press the START, (X), (C), (S), or (T)
Button  to  start  a  NEW  GAME. If you have a Memory Card inserted with
saved  games,  pull  the  left stick back to LOAD GAME, press the START,
(X),  (C),  (S),  or  (T)  Button  and  use the Load/Save Game screen to
continue play.

 Page - 4

                           Controller Action!
The  Professor's  a genius. He invented a bunch of power-packed Gadgets,
and  your  DUAL  SHOCK  analog controller is souped up to use them. It's
really  cool  -  both  analog  sticks work: the left stick operates your
moves, and the right stick controls your Gadgets. That's more action any
way you slice it!

It  takes  just  a  few run throughs to get used to the controls. And to
practice  using  the  Gadgets, the Professor's Training Room in the Time
Station  is  always open. You'll be a major ape-hunter in no time. We're
counting on you!

Move Spike
Tilt  the  left  stick  all  the  way  in  any direction to RUN. Tilt it
slightly  to WALK. Press and hold it down (like a button) to CROUCH, and
push to CRAWL.

Use Gadgets
Use   the   right  stick  to  operate  the  Gadgets.  Each  one  handles
differently. (See page 14.)

Press  the  R1  or R2 button to jump from a standing or moving position.
Press twice to double-jump.

Jump on a tree or overhead rail and use the left stick to climb, descend
or swing hand-over-hand.

Press  the  (X),  (C),  (S),  or  (T)  buttons to activate the different
Gadgets,  depending  on  which  ones  you have and how you configure the

Moveable Monkey Cam
Press  the  L2  button  to view your surroundings and search for apes at
close  range.  The L2 button has an extra special ability when used with
the Monkey Radar. Move the Monkey Cam with the left stick.

Normal Cam
Press  the  L1  button  to  return to normal view (behind Spike). The L2
button has a special ability when used with the Slingback Shooter.

Rotate Cam
Press  the  Directional  Buttons  to  move the camera in either Moveable
Monkey Cam or Normal Cam modes.

 Page - 5
                                More Controller Functions
Bypass opening story.
Accept options.
 Return from certain screens.
Close Help screens.
Display Pause Menu.

                                    Left stick 
Select options.

Select next Stage.
(T) Button - Select GADGET from Pause Menu.
(C) Button - See STATUS from Pause Menu.
(X) Button - Select OPTION from Pause Menu/Advance through Help screens.
(S) Button - EXIT back to Level Select Menu from Pause Menu.
(X), (C) Button - Start selected stage from Level Select Menu.
(S), (T) Button - Return to Time Station from Level Select Menu.

Note  -  The  buttons may have other functions.  You'll always see which
buttons to use viewing any screen or menu.

 Page - 6
                              The Great Ape Hunt
Spike, listen up! Specter and his apes are messing with the past. You've
got  to  stop  them, or something terrible may happen. Specter's already
turning history into a mystery!

Swing  the Stun Club that warped through time with you to knock down and
stun  the  monkeys.  Then flip to your Time Net to capture them and warp
them back to the Time Station.

We'll send you other Gadgets as soon as we can. You'll be able to access
up to four at a time. But remember, the Time Net is the only Gadget that
snares monkeys. Never give up the Time Net!

Stop the Chimps before they make Chumps out of The Human Race!

The Professor will send you messages to help you, especially when you're
entering new areas.  Please listen carefully. He'll give you hints about
surviving  unknown  lands.  You'll  need this, and he'll often have news
about  what  Specter  is  up to. With the Professor on your side, you're
good to go!

You've Got Mail
Want  to  stay  in  the  game longer? Check out your mail. Mailboxes are
super  sources for Gadget instructions, survival tips, advance warnings,
"how-to"  hints, and loads of other information. Press the (X) Button to
read through an entire note.
If  a  message doesn't appear when you approach a mailbox, swipe it with
your Stun Club.

Page - 7

The Clue in the "Headlights"
With their helmets on, the apes are much smarter than you think. They'll
attack you with different weapons, just to keep from being caught.

The  lights  on  the  monkeys'  helmet are indicators that let them know
you're  near...  learn  to  read  these giveaway "headlights" and you'll
outsmart the apes escapees.

They  have  no  clue  you're  there.  Ignorance is bliss. Approach with
stealth,  and  make  the nab! Try crawling toward the simple simian with
your  Time Net ready, or hide behind objects to remain invisible as long
as possible.

  They  see  you!  They'll  either  attack  or  run  away, or both. Avoid
attacks,  and  chase  the ones who run. If you're close, you have a good
chance of netting them.

They  sense your presence but don't know exactly where you are. Lay low
for a bit until the light turns blue and then get 'em!

A  helmet  light  flashes  or changes color when they're hunting you or
about to attack you.

Got Monkey's?
Before entering  a stage, check Casi's warning message for the number of
monkeys  you  MUST  capture.  Then  watch the bottom right corner of the
Status Window, each time you get a pillaging primate you'll see a tally.
When  you net the required number, you'll clear the stage. Get ready for
the next one!

Note:  Once  cleared, it's OK to replay a stage and capture more monkeys
while  solving  riddles  you  missed before - not to mention, it'll ruin
Specter's day!

Sometimes you'll need a Gadget to get a monkey you've missed.

 Page - 8

                           Messing With Time

Status Window
You're  on  the  Status Window, Spike!  That's where the action is.  You
get  a  cool  fly-through  first,  to  check  out special areas.  Try to
remember  what  and  where  they  are  - these are good visual clues for
clearing the stage.

Three  displays  always appear on the Status Window while you're messing
with the monkeys:

 Health Cookies
 You  loose  one  with each hit. Toss all your Cookies and you'll lose a
life. That bites!

 Gadget Buttons
Press  a  button to activate a Gadget. You've warped into time with the
Stun  Club  and  Time  Net. More Gadgets will be sent as soon as they're
ready,  so  your choices will increase. Button assignments are up to you
(by selecting GADGET from the Pause Menu).

 Cam Mode
 Press  the  L2  Button  to toggle between the Monkey Cam (zoom in for a
close-up look) and Normal Cam (behind Spike). Note: The Monkey Cam works
only in conjunction with the Monkey Radar.

 Ape Count
Net  a monkey and see the results. The nets cover the apes as you catch
them, and the ape faces indicate the number you still need to catch.

You  start with five lives. You lose one when all your cookies crumble,
or  when  you  fall off a cliff (be careful!). Lose all you're lives and
your history!

Page - 9

                           Man Of Many Moves

Push  the  left  stick  all  the  way  in  any direction to run. Tilt it
slightly to walk.

Press  and  hold  down  the  left stick (like a button) to crouch. While
holding, push the stick in any direction to crawl.

Press  the  R1 or R2 Button to jump from a standing or running position.
Press either button twice to double-jump to higher places.

Jump on a tree or pole and use the left stick to climb and descend. Jump
on an overhead rail and use the left stick to swing hand-over-hand.

Page - 10 & 11                       {Centre fold.}

Page - 12

                            Finders Keepers!
Health Cookies
Go  completely  ape to keep up your health. Knocking over pests, big and
small, releases Health Cookies by the handful. Really tough stages might
have "bottomless" cookie jars that spill Cookies whenever you club them.

Hint:  Collecting  more  than five Cookies doesn't increase your health.
Ignore  pests  when  your  Health Bar is full so you can collect Cookies
from them later.

Specter Coins
Pay your way into the Mini Games. Collect 10, 20 or 40 Specter Coins and
head for the Mini Game Corner in the Time Station. For more details, see
page 16.

Energy Chips
The solid  Gold Chip is worth 1, and the hollow Chip is worth 5. Collect
100  and add a life. Chips are scattered in quite a few places, and also
dropped by defeated pests.

Hint: Water doesn't hurt them, and some are lighter than air.

Other Items
Flash  and  guided bullets for additional primate defeating power. There
are  other  strange  items  you may come across. See if you can find out
what they do.

Page - 13

                     Checking Inventory - And More!
                     Press  the  START  Button  to pause the monkey mayhem and check out your
inventory. While on this menu, you can: 
Press the (T) Button to check out your Gadgets and change their button assignments.
Press the (C) Button to see your Status. 
Press the (X) Button to set some game Options.
Press the (S) Button to exit back to the Time Station.

Gadget Screen
Select  a  Gadget by pressing the left stick, and then assign the Gadget
by  pressing  a  corresponding  button  ((T),  (C), (X) or (S) only). On
returning  to  the  Status  Window, press any one of the four buttons to
activate the corresponding Gadget.

Status Screen
Check  your  standing  in the current stage. You'll see the stage number
and name, your ape count, best completion time in this game session, and
Specter Coins collected/available.

Option Screen
Move  the  left  stick  in  the  direction  (UP/DOWN  to select options;
LEFT/RIGHT to change settings).
Select  DEFAULT  SETTINGS  and  press the (T), (C), (X) or (S) Button to
restore the original settings.

Page - 14

                      Nabbers, Nets and Knockers:
Using the Gadgets and Other Toys

Stun Club
Push  the right stick toward an ape or other pest's to stun them. Rotate
the right stick to swing 360 degrees to bowl them over.

Time Net
Push  the  right stick toward an ape to snare him in the net. Rotate the
right stick for a swinging snare.

Water Net
To  swim,  push  the left stick in any direction. Press it DOWN to dive;
release  to float up to the surface. Press the R1 Button to swim faster.
Press  the  right  stick  DOWN  (like  a button) to shoot the net in the
direction you're swimming.

Hint:  Watch  your  Oxygen  Meter  when  underwater.  Blue: you're fine.
Yellow:  you're  running out. Red: danger - get to the surface fast - or
you'll lose a life!

Monkey Radar
Rotate  the  right  stick  slowly  to turn the monkey radar 360 degrees.

Listen  for  the  sound  change  -  a sure sign there's a monkey in that
direction.  Press  the  L2  Button  to  take  a closer look. If an ape's
nearby,  you'll  get a live video bio, including name, attributes, and a
line on the little guy's personality.

Row Boat and Tank
Rotate  the  left and right sticks to operate the oars or the track (for
the  tank),  either  separately or together. Watch out or you'll row and
drive yourself in a circle!

Page - 15

Slingback Shooter
Pull  the  right stick back or towards you to aim, and release the stick
to  shoot.  Press the L2 Button to bring up a targeting sight. Press the
right  stick  (like  a  button)  to  change the "shot" type (look at the
Status Window's center right to see how many rounds remain).

Super Hoop
Rotate  the  right  stick to spin the Super Hoop. Move the left stick to
swerve  into  enemy  targets.  Gain an additional turbo boost, while the
glowing hoop protects you and takes out enemies.

Sky Flyer
Rotate  the  right  stick to spin the Sky Flyer and take flight. At your
high point, use the left stick to move around.

Remote Control Car

Press  and  hold  down the right stick to initiate the Remote-Controlled
car  and  drive  it with the right stick. The car stops when you release
the  stick. Steer the car into tight spots to small for you to enter. It
can activate buttons and also flatten rowdy monkeys.
You always have the Stun Club and Time Net  (they warped with you from
the Time Station).

                  Never  trade  off your Time Net for another Gadget. It's the  only one
  that  actually captures apes.  Keep  it  with you always. (But you can 
change its control button.)

The Row Boat and the Tank can be used as soon as you find them.  

These cannot be added to the Gadgets menu.

Page - 16
                           Zero to 60,000,000 in Five Seconds!
We're  talking  years  here!   The Time Station is fast!  Too bad it was
Specter  and  his  monkey  minions  who  proved  it.   Specter is hiding
somewhere  in  time,  wrecking  the  past as it was and the future as it
never  will  be.  That's a lot of nanoseconds to search.  Hope you're up
for time travelling! But while you're in the Time Station, I'll give you
the tour...

Training Room
The  Professor's  always  thinking up new Gadgets for you.  Each time he
sends  one, he'll arrange a practice session in the Training Room.  Take
your  time,  and  get  it right before trusting it with our future!  The
Training  Room is always open, so come back whenever you want to bone up
on how different Gadgets work.

Note:  Only the Gadgets you've already received will be available in the
Training Room.

Mini-Game Corner
Take a break and play three cool mini-games.  Collect the right amount
of Specter Coins while monkey hunting, and you're in!

You'll see controls for each game when you enter.  Once you play a game,
it's always available.

Ski Kidz Racing - 10 Coins 
Carve the slopes  using both analog sticks.

Specter Boxing  - 20 Coins 
 Put up your dukes! With both analog sticks,the combinations are wild.

Galaxy Monkey   - 40 Coins 
 Save the galaxy from alien  invaders!  Both analog bring alive the arcade thrill.

Page - 17

Warp Room
Here's  where  you flash in and out of time.  When your ready, just step
up  onto  the podium, and zap!  - you slip into the time continuum.  Use
the  left  stick  to  select a Stage, and press the (X) or (C) Button to
warp  there.   Whenever  you  clear a Stage, a new one opens up for you.
You  can  always  go  back  to Cleared Stages to take care of unfinished


You  will  also  be able to load and save games in this room, and manage
your Memory Card data.  Use the left stick to make selections, and press
the  START  Button  to  accept.   Each  screen lists the button controls
you'll use to operate its menu.

Save  the  current  game.   Try  to do this whenever you're in the Time
Station,  and for sure every time you Complete a level.  

Insert a Memory  Card into slot 1 before Saving your game.

Load  a  Saved  game.  Insert a Memory Card containing previously Saved
Games into slot 1 before Loading.

Change  the  name  on  any  Saved  Game.   Use the left stick to select
characters,  and  press  the (X) or (C) Button to enter them on the name

Remove a saved game from the Memory Card.

Monkey Book 
Take a look at the monkey's you've captured.

Page - 18 & 19

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