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If the difficulty is normal or hard and you make it to Hong Kong
you will face Dark Tooth, who wants to challenge you for killing
his son (Sweet Tooth). After you beat Dark Tooth you go on a
rooftop and get your prize and last Twisted Metals winner is

Individual Endings:


Roadkill asks Calypso to be sane, and it doesn't matter if the
world is insane, it only matters that he is sane. Calypso gives
him his wish, and Roadkill wakes up in a hospital bed and finds
his children and hugs them and thinks the whole thing was a
dream. Then, he looks around, and lying next to him in another
hospital bed is Axel, and part of another fighter. Roadkill goes
"I remember fighting these people but when and where?" Then the
screen goes blank.


Twisters asks Calypso to go faster than the speed of light.
Calypso gives Twister her wish and she becomes the world's first
time traveler, considering that when something goes faster than
the speed of light, it goes backwards in time. Twister goes back
and back in time, until she runs out of gas and ends by herself
in prehistoric times. It shows her and her car getting smashed by
a T-rex's foot and then it shows her helmet in a museum.


Axel asks for the courage to face his father, who put him in this
contraption 30 years ago. Axel confronts his father and his
father says: "Why have you come back? You were too slow and too
damn stupid, and you still are. Looks like another ten years for
you on the wheels to set you straight. Axel says "No father, I am
a free man," and Axel rips his arms out of the contraption, part
of his arm still in the contraption. Axel leaves while Calypso
says that no one has ever yet seen Axel to this day.

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