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Although you may have beaten all the levels, the only way to
complete this game is to find all the hidden Greek tablets. Look
at the 6x6-square on-screen level map, and imagine that the
squares across are labeled left to right A to F, and that the
squares going down are numbered 1-6. Using that grid system, here
are areas where each of the tablets are hidden.

  Wreck of the Conception: A-1 
  Hitler's Lost Gold (tablet frame): A-1 
  Montezuma's Revenge: E-4 
  Diver Straits: A-4 
  Sub-Trafficante: E-5 
  Bermuda Triangle: E-2 
  Great Barrier Reef: C-1 
  Maru Rescue: F-5 
  Bottom of the Earth: D-4 
  Safe Passage: D-5 
  Deep Freeze: C-4 

If you find all of the tablets you get to play in Atlantis. This
level has pretty simple puzzles to solve. Once you beat Atlantis,
you will get a special cinema ending with the people who worked
on the game.

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