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Alex: Alex goes to an archaelogical sight, and discovers some
raptor fossils. He sees them and has flashbacks or Jurassic
times, he starts to run akwardly, then remembers his past and
starts to run like a raptor.

Angel: Angel is sitting on a roof and sees images of all the
Tekken fighters she had to defeat. She falls from the roof and
shoots her laser. She flies off into the sky.

Anna: The lovely female fighter is taking a shower. Nina walks
in and takes a picture (that pervert!)

Armor King: A-King is sitting on a bench. We see a few X-rays
and presume he is dying. He finally gets up, and starts walking,
he stumbles, and we see a few drops of blood. He walks out into a
cheering crowd.

Baek: Baek is waiting for a bus ,he pulls out a picture of his
family and smiles (A la Forest Gump)

Bruce: Our favorite kickboxer is inside a room with a punching
bag. There is some little kid outside the window watching. Bruce
does a few kicks and sends the bag flying off the hooks at the
window. The kid gets scared and falls down, Bruce smiles at the
kid and gives him thumbs up.

Devil: The winges one is sitting on a roof. His power builds up
and he shoots a huge laser. He flies off into the night.

Ganryu: Probably the dumbest ending of all, Ganryu is shown in a
picture of a sumo arena.

Heihachi: After defeating Kazuya, Heihachi takes his body to a
volcano and throws it in (what a bad father).

Jack-2: Jack goes to an island with that little girl from the
opening cinema. He is then shot by a sattelite laser and

Jun: Jun gets off a bus and goes into the forest and all the
animals come to her. (Kinda like Snow White)

Kazuya: After Kazuya defeats Devil, he starts to walk away and
Devil wakes up. Devil fires his laser at Kazuya, and at the last
second, Heihachi jumps in front of the laser and saves his son.
Kazuya smiles and runs at Devil using his dad's body as a shield.
He throws it at Devil and when he knocks it away, Kazuya dragon
uppercuts him and sends him to the floor, once and for all. Evil
grin follows.

King: The wrestler with a heart of gold goes to the orphanage
and leaves some presents outside, the kids then come out and hug

Kuma: Kuma goes through Paul's Tekken 1 ending warm-up movie.

Kunimitsu: After defeating Yoshimitsu, Kuni takes his sword and
is in the forest, where she slashes a gravestone in half
(presumably Yoshi's)

Law: Law and Paul are in a dojo. Law is training Paul how to do
flipkicks. Paul tries and falls on his head. (this is probably
where Paul's Flip attempt move in T3 comes from)

Lee: Lee runs the MFE and has Kazuya and Heihachi put in cages or

Lei: Lei is shown at target practice. His bullet holes spell "The

Michelle: Michelle is looking at her necklace. She sees an eagle
flying overhead (probably her mother as a reincarnation) and
throws the necklace into a lake.

Nina: Nina is at a grave (Richard Williams: her father?). Anna
sneaks up behind her and Nina pulls a gun on her. Anna shows that
she doesn't want to fight so Nina walks away, smiling.

Paul: Paul is riding his bike along a highway and a rockslide
blocks his path. He steps off the bike and starts to break the
rocks with his punches.

Prototype Jack: PJ flies up a shaft and we see a few loose
screws and bolts fall. A loud crash follows.

Wang: Wang goes to a hill with a grave (presumably his wife's,
or maybe Jinhachi) and pours wine on it.

Yoshimitsu: The Yo-man (sorry i just can't help saying that)
sees the helicopter with Bosconovitch flying away and he jump up,
breaks through the window, and grabs Bosconovitch. He jumps out
and does the deathcopter as the helicopter explodes.

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