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Clarie's 1st Senario:

After you have prepared the vaccine for Sherry, I suggest
collecting alot of herbs before you go through the door that
requires the MO Disk. Go through the door and walk up to the big
elevator at the other side of the room. Push the red light and
the elevator will start comeing down. The William attacks, run
around and shoot him with your spark shot every time you get a
chance, the he drops to the ground and starts to mutate again.
Now he runs on all fours and jumps around once you've killed him,
run into the elevator and head for the train, there Leon will be
on the train, Clarie then jumps onto the end of the train, and
meets up with leon. After a brief talk Clarie gives Sherry the
serum(If you processed it right) Sherry wakes up and then the say
all that Mushy stuff. Then Clarie and Leon start to talk, Leon
says "Well, this is the end" Clarie then says "No, I still
haven't found my brother" Leon once again says "Right, this is
only the beggining" Then It shows credits, and a picture of
Claire and Sherry(Apperently Claire adopted Sherry) It shows How
long it took you, number of saves and Your rank, A,B,C,D. Thats
the end.

Clarie's 2nd Senario:

Claire hops on the train and get's ready to leave. She turns on
the train and they start to leave. Leon is at the sidewalk
waiting for Claire. Leon jumps inside the train and then they say
it's all over. They were wrong. The train was set to explode in 2
1/2 minutes. Claire goes out and checks to see what's going on.
The door locks on her! She goes inside the other part of the
train and meets with the FINAL MUTATION BOSS. Once you beat that
boss you go back to the door and the FINAL MUTATION BOSS meets
you again, but this time you don't have to fight it. Sherry stops
the train by pressing a button. Leon, Claire, and Sherry jump out
of the train and it exploads just in time. They land outside on a
farm. They talk about it being all over, but Claire said it's not
over till we find my brother. That's the end. I bet there will be
a sequal. She will find him someday.

Leon's 1st Senario:

For the first senario with Leon after you kill William, you go
into the elevator and just make it onto the emergency train.
After that you meet Claire and Sherry on the train and Leon says
"Its over" and then Claire says "No it's not, I still have to
find my brother." Then Leon leaves the room, and goes to the
front of the train. He looks around for a few seconds and then
says "Goodbye Ada!?"

Hunk's ending:

When you come out of the Helicopter hallway with the wrecked
helicopter and lots of zombies, you go into the crow hallway,
greeted by the Tyrant-103. Just shoot him down with your magnum
or any other weapons you have, or if your healthy, run up to him,
take a ht, and run past him to the door, where you'll light a
flare, and an Umbrella helicopter will come and get you the heck
outta there with the G-Virus, and you ride in the helicopter out
of Raccoon City and it says Umbrella has obtained the G-Virus and
they have plans to do something with the G-Virus.

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