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Liu Kang

Liu Kang: It's over. I once again defended my title as champion
of Mortal Kombat and defender of the realm of Earth, but I have
failed to save the realm of edeneia. In doing so, I have also
lost Kitana forever...Kitana? Kitana: Yes, Liu Kang, it is I. Liu
Kang: But I thought you were going to...? Kitana: With Shinnok's
destruction, you have not only saved the realm of Earth but you
have also saved my own realm. For that, I never repay you. Liu
Kang: Knowing that you survived is all that I need. Kitana: As
heir to the thrown of my realm, I offer you the chance to rule by
my king of Edeneia forever. Liu Kang: I cannot accept
your offer. I belong here on Earth as champion of Mortal Kombat.
Kitana: Then I wish you good luck Liu Kang on all your journeys.
Liu Kang: Goodbye, Princess Kitana.


Sonya: It's over Jarek! Shinnok is dead...the good guys won.
You're coming back with me. Jarek: Never Sonya. I agreed to help
defeat Shinnok, not turn myself into the Special Forces. The
Black Dragons live on! Sonya: The Black Dragons died with Kano.
You're the last one Jarek. Jarek: Never...ahhrhghgh... Sonya:
Come in Major Briggs...this is Lieutenant Sonya Blade...over. (A)
Jax: Sonya, glad to hear you're alive. Sonya: You actually sound
happy to hear from me Jax. Things get boring? Jax: Not since you
followed Liu Kang into the Nether Realm... Sonya: Well, it is
over now. I'm returning to base. 10-4, Jax...


...from Sonya Point (A). Sonya: Come in Major Briggs...this is
Lieutenant Sonya Blade...over. Whaaaa [as she's pulled over the
edge of a cliff]... Jax: Sonya this is Major Briggs...come
in...Sonya this is Jax...are you there? Jerek: Ha ha hah. (B)


...from Jerek Point (B). Jax: Going somewhere Jarek? Jerek: Jax!
I thought you were... Jax: Dead? Like my partner you just threw
off the cliff? Jerek: I'm sorry Jax. Please don't drop
me...Wait...I promise... Jax: To late, Jarek. Jerek: Wait you
can't drop me, you have to uphold the law! Wait...wait..this is can't do it! Jax: Wrong Jarek. This is not a
brutality--this is a fatality! [Drops him]


Tanya: Follow me Liu Kang. Raiden has aked that I lead you to
him. Liu Kang: What about the others? Tanya: He has something
special planned for them. Liu Kang: Tanya what's going on? Tanya:
Ha ha ha! I don't know what Kitana saw in you. Can't you see Liu
Kang that is is a trap? Quan Chi: Welcome, Shaolin warrior. Your
thunder has been beaten, Earth warriors destroyed and you are
the last remnant of the forces of light. Do you wish to beg for
mercy from your new master, the Lord Shiinnok? Liu Kang: Never
sorcerer...ahhh...[as he is blown into little pieces]... Shinnok:
Fool! Ha ha ha...


Raiden: Elder: Raiden, for many years you have protected the
Earth realm from the forces of evil. You have earned your place
among us. With your ascension to the pantheon of elders, you
must choose a successor--a new protector of Earth. Raiden: With
the aid of Earth mortals, I once again managed to defeat Shinnok
and his minions. I choose Fujin--he will guide the mortals of
Earth as we move into the new millennium.


Reptile: Quan Chin, I have served Lord Shinnok well in the
destruction of the Earth warriors. Quan Chi: Yes, we are most
appreciative of your efforts. Reptile: Now I wish to return in
time to my home world before it was destroyed at the hand of Shao
Kahn. As the new ruler of the supreme all reality, Shinnok alone
has the power to grant me this wish. Quan Chi: You dare make such
impetuous requests from your lord and master? Reptile: It is a
simple request for one of such power. Quan Chi: It is also not
worth his attention. Reptile: I demand It! If it were not for
warriors such as myself, his attack on Raiden's forces would have
failed. Quan Chi: Perhaps you could convey your feeling to Lord
Shinnok himself. Reptile: What? Shinnok: Infide! You are in no
position to demand anything. I could kill you with a mere
thought. Reptile: But we had a deal... Shinnok: A deal? I am not
a god of my word, Reptile. All deals are off!


Raiden: You fought well Kai. You are now a true Shaolin warrior.
Kai: Thanks Raiden, but I'm not interested in becoming a Shaolin
warrior any more. I've got too many problems to deal with.
Raiden: What will you do next? Kai: I don't know...wander the
Earth, search for my soul--that kind of thing. Raiden: Well
perhaps you could use this on your journey? Kai: Your lighting
staff? Raiden: It holds the power to thunder and lighting. Wield
it wisely, because it can show you the path to immortality.
You've earned it. Kai: Thank you, Raiden. I will not fail!


Sub-Zero: You're finished. Your quest for vengeance is over.
Scorpion: You cannot kill a dead man. You have defeated my
physical form, but my soul is eternal. You will pay for massacre
of my clan and family. Quan Chi: Well done Sub-Zero. Like your
brother before you, you have served my purposes well. Sub-Zero: I
serve no one...not the Lin Kue and not you. Quan Chi: Scorpion
agreed to fight for us in exchange for his freedom from the
nether reamls--a deal I had no intention of fulfilling. By
killing him, you have saved us the trouble. Both you and Scorpion
were pawns for Shinnok [Scorpion gets up from the ground and
blows Quan Chi into little pieces]. Scorpion: Our battle is
finished! You are now free from my curse. Live well, Lin Kue

Johnny Cage

Fans: Yeah... Cage: Wow! I don't know what to say? [Standing at a
podium in front of his fans] I guess I could start by thanking
all of my fans out there...But that's enough of the mushy stuff.
I mean, let's get real here. When am I going to get some real
competition? Fans: [silence] Cage: Come on! Don't get silent
now...where are all the cheers? Fans: Boo! Cage: Hey, wait a
minute...I'm your number-one guy...I'm going to remember this!
Fans: [throw things at him] Cage: Ow! OK, now I'm mad...hey come
on...quit it!

Quan Chi

Shinnok: As payment for your loyal services, Quan Chi, I grant
you the gift of your existence. Quan Chi: My existence? Shinnok:
Understand sorcerer: I consume all energies, including all those
that live, but I shall spare yours. Quan Chi: If it was not for
me, you would still be a tortured soul rotting in the pits of the
nether realms! Shinnok: You dare question me! Quan Chi: I do more
than question you, Shinnok--I challenge you... Shinnok: Then you
shall die...what!?! Quan Chi: Your powers are useless against me.
Shinnok: How can this be? Quan Chi: I am in possession of your
sacred amulet. Years ago, I delivered to you an exact duplicate
while I retained the original. I even fooled Raiden. Now I am
ruler supreme and you, elder god, are finished [as Shinnok is
blown into little pieces].


Shinnok: For millions of years, I suffered in the bowels of the
nether realms. You, thunder god, are responsible for my
suffering. Now the mortals of earth will pay for my grievance.
Raiden: You turned againts your fellow elders. You betrayed
your title. You deserve much worse. Shinnok: But it's too late
Raiden. I win. With the elder gods out of the way, I will take my
place as rightful ruler of all eternity. I can already feel the
power surging from within. Raiden: You're mad! Shinnok: Farewell
thunder...ha ha ha ha...[as he blows Raiden into little


Scorpion: I have defeated you, Sub-Zero. I have avenged the death
of my family and clan. Now my soul can finally rest. Sub-Zero:
Your soul will nver rest Scorpion. The Lin Kue may have been
responsible for your murder, but your family's true killer
remains free. Scorpion: If you are not the murderer, then who is?
Quan Chi: I am the one you seek. To defeat my nemesis Sub-Zero, I
needed the power of a specter. You've done my bidding well
Scorpion, but now I must return you to the nether realms [as the
portal opens, Scorpion pulls Quan Chi into the portal with him
and take Quan Chi back to the nether realms].


Fujin: Our forces of light have defeated Shinnok's. Now I must
return to my duties as Earth's god of wind. Elder: You have
served your element well Fujin, but we have a new mission for
you. Raiden: Our battle with Shinnok's forces are over. I must
move on to my new position as an elder, and you, Fujin, must
take my former position as protector of Earth. Fujin: Raiden, it
would be an honor to succeed you. Raiden: Take special care of
the mortals of Earth. They are great people but have the ability
to self destruct. Be patient and offer your wisdom and guidance.
Fujin: Farewell, thunder god, I will not fail you. Raiden: That
is why I picked you.


He goes back to his home Realm.

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