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Once Eon enters Hades, he's confronted by Demaar. Demaar reveals
to Eon that Eon is the Mah Oh Zeruge. Eon is in denial about
this. But, just before the final battle Zeruge speaks to Eon
telling him that he is the Mah Oh Zeruge in a former life. Due to
the fact that Eon was the Mah Oh, he is impure. So Eon needs a
pure soul to aid him in the final battle. At this point, Eon must
choose between Laramee and Arcia. Both women are willing to
sacrifice themselves to Eon, but Eon must choose the one he loves

Choose Arcia:

Eon takes Arcia's soul into the septer, and then battles Demaar.
Once the battle is over, Laramee is restored and asks Eon about
Arcia. Then they agrees to take time away from each other
promising to see each other again. Then Arcia talks to what seems
to be God. She explains that the humans are confusing creatures.
Eventhough, they cause war, they still have the ability of
compassion. God tells Arcia to continue her chronicles on the
humans. The screen changes to overviewing the lands. It starts
with Shilf, in the Elders house. A young girl asks the Elder
about Eon. And the Elder is reasured that the children now will
have a prosperous future. The next land is Aquas, in Afto's
house. Afto thinks about Eon and his friends and how much he
misses them. The next land is Volcos. Geintz is now unemployed
and is thinking about starting a resaurant. And on Zepher in the
Spirit Shrine, Laramee is waiting for Eon, and she reminds
herself about Eon and her brother. Then Eon is walking in the
center of the town. Laramee comes rushing out. She stares at Eon
and turns away. Eon takes the coral necklace and puts it around
Laramee's neck. She fills up with emotion and spins around crying
on Eon's chest. Then they hug, and the screen fades to Arcia
closing a book.

Choose Laramee:

Eon takes Laramee's soul into the septer, and then battles
Demaar. Once the battle is over, Arcia is restored. Arcia and Eon
talk for a while and then agree to spend a few more moments
together. They check out the lands, tracing it all back to where
it began. Then they part. The screen fades to Prince Zeruge (Eon)
running from some soldiers. Zeruge falls into a patch of weeds
and looks up at a familiar looking bird. Zeruge chases the bird
until he falls off a steep hill. Some time passes and Zeruge is
awakened by Princess Ellemera (Arcia). They talk for a few
moments and the bird lands beside them. They both say, "Korky!!!"
Amazed that the somehow know this bird, they feel as if they had
met before. Zeruge helps Ellemera up and someone in the distant
calls for her. Ellemera asks Zeruge if she will see him again.
Zeruge promises her that she will see him again. And then they
both part.

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