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Even as Sephiroth is defeated, the Meteor still plunges to its
doom. Everyone makes it out alive, but the explosion sends the
Hawkwind crashing. The "flower girl is present" and Holy is cast.
Alas, notes Red X777, it is having the opposite effect! As the
only hope the lifestream of the planet answers the call and
engulfs the Meteor in its energy. After 500 years. Red's clan
lives on to protect the great valley and the now fully restored

After Angel is defeated, The characters talk about what's going
to happen to the planet. They all leave, but cloud feels
Sephiroth's presence. Cloud flies through the lifestream and sees
Sephiroth. You then flash to a battle screen where you beat
Sephiroth up using OmniSlash. It shows Sephiroth's bloody death,
and then Cloud returns to the crater with Tifa. After that, it
shows Cloud & Tifa boarding the Highwind, and Meteor is falling.
Cid (barely) hits the Emergency Override switch. The Highwind
hightails it out of there, and you witness Holy (basically a
green beam) coming down. However, it has the reverse effect. It
presses meteor on, then it stops. After this, Holy creates a
green ribbon, wrapping the land. Soon after, it flashes to Kalm
where Marlene is shown, thinking. Finally, Holy dissolves Meteor
into nothingness, and bounces around the land.

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