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When you get to Laura's father, he'll tell you that in their
family runs the blood of Dracula, and then everyone requires the
desire for human flesh. Laura had this, but her father erased the
memory. But now Laura's father wants her flesh! Use the gun on
her father. If you want the bad ending, though, walk to her

If you take the bad ending, Laura's father will thank her, and
then the credits will roll with chewing sounds. You know what
this is obviously...Laura is eaten by her father (yuck!)

If you take the good ending, Laura shoots her father, and then
everything returns to normal. She runs over to her father, and he
tells her that his experiments backfired, but it's good that she
shot him. Now Laura's father can die a man of flesh and blood.

After he dies, Laura starts to cry over his body, even though you
don't hear anything. I've always wondered why she never says
anything throughout the whole game. But that's aside from the

The credits will roll, with pictures of all the staff. After
that, it'll show a screen showing all of the scarabs. If you
didn't get all four of them, it'll tell you to try again. If you
did, though, you'll hear a baby cry, and it'll tell you to watch
out for the next game.

FYI, they were referring to D2, where they made Laura pregnant
one year after the incident. It was originally going to be
released for the M2, but since they scrapped that, the next game
was Enemy Zero, except Laura Harris became Laura Lewis.

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