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Quake 3: Revolution

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003
Game Shark Codes Master Code (Must Be On) ECBB8E64 1456E60A Max Machine Gun Ammo 4CFF0730 1456E404 Max Shotgun Ammo 4CFF0734 1456E404 Max Plasma Gun Ammo 4CFF0748 1456E404 Max Chain Gun Ammo 4CFF075C 1456E404 Max Grenade Launcher Ammo4CFF0738 1456E404 Max Rocket Launcher Ammo 4CFF073C 1456E404 Max Frag Medals 4C002DEC 1456089C Max Impressive Medals 4C002D1C 1456089C Max Gauntlet Medals 4C002C4C 1456089C Max Excellent Medals 4C002C7C 1456089C Max Accuracy Medals 4C002CAC 1456089C Max Perfect Medals 4C002CDC 1456089C Max Flag Time 4C00ACCA 14561DA6 999 Frags 4CFF0468 1456E404 Never Been Killed 4CFF048C 1456E7A5 0CFF0438 1456E7A5 Extra Armor 4CFF0438 1456E7DD 0CE15EBC 1456E7A5 4CE15EBC 1456E7DD

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