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Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003
Restart battle Pause the game if a defeat cannot be avoided during a battle. Select "Equip" and resume the game at the start of the battle, with all energy restored. Game Shark Codes Master Code (Must Be On) ECB78508 1456E60A Infinite Health Main Characters4CCF40FE 1456E7BC Infinite Herb 3CA3BB35 1456E70C Infinite Emerald Incense 3CA3B81C 1456E70C Infinite Blue Incense 3CA3B81D 1456E70C Infinite Purple Incense 3CA3B81A 1456E70C Infinite Emerald Lantern 3CA3B81B 1456E70C Infinite Blue Lantern 3CA3B820 1456E70C Infinite Purple Lantern 3CA3B821 1456E70C Infinite Bug Attractor 3CA3BB30 1456E70C Infinite Sleeping Chimes 3CA3BB31 1456E70C Infinite Summoning Bell 3CA3BB2E 1456E70C Infinite Smelly Bag 3CA3BB2F 1456E70C Infinite Perf Scented Bag 3CA3BB34 1456E70C

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