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High Heat Major League Baseball 2002

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003
Game Shark Codes Master Code (Must Be On) ECBDA2D4 1456E60A No Balls 4D15C390 1456E7A5 No Strikes 4D15C394 1456E7A5 Press L1 + R1 For No Outs0C171646 1456B40C 4D15C38C 1456E7A5 Press L2 + R2 For 2 Outs 0C171646 1456B30C 4D15C38C 1456E7A7 1 Out Per Inning 0D15C38C 1456E7A5 4D15C38C 1456E7A7 1 Strike is an Out 0D15C394 1456E7A5 4D15C394 1456E7A7 1 Ball is a Walk 0D15C390 1456E7A5 4D15C390 1456E7A8

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