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South Park Rally

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Cheat mode

Successfully complete championship mode without using any tokens to unlock
all tracks, cars, skins, and other cheat options.

Random Checkpoints option

Successfully complete championship mode.

Speech Test option

Successfully complete championship mode.

Cheat Sheet option

Win the Rally Days 1 race without collecting any pick-ups.

All skins

Collect the three hidden pick ups in the Valentine's Day race. The first two
are located at each tower. The third is found behind the Skater picture in
the jungle.

Race as Bebe

Lose the Cowdays race without collecting any health pick-ups.

Race as Big Gay Al

Win the Pink Lemonade race.

Race as Cartman Cop

Hit Chicken Lover five times with the salty balls in the Read-A-Book Day

Race as Damian

Win the New Year's Eve race and be the only racer to touch the millennium

Race as Death

Win the race Halloween race after only dropping off four candies at a time.

Race as Grandpa

Win the Halloween race.

Race as Ike

Collect the hidden pick-up on top of the airplane in the Memorial Day race.

Race as Mephisto

Win the Independence Day race.

Race as Mr. Garrison

Activate all four checkpoints on the Rally Days 2 race.

Race as Mr. Mackey

Win the Spring Cleaning race.

Race as Mrs. Cartman

Drop off all lemonades without letting anyone else get to a checkpoint in
the Pink Lemonade race.

Race as Ned

Collect thirteen turbo pick-ups (caffeine, Terrence, Philip, etc.) in the
Independence Day race.

Race as Pip

Only activate checkpoints one and four on the Rally Days 2 race.

Race as Satan

Win the New Year's Eve race.

Race as Scuzzlebutt

Find a Phillip Phart on the Easter Egg Hunt race. Then find the waterfall
and Phart your way to the Golden Cow next to the waterfall.

Race as Sheila Broflovski

Collect the Pot Pie next to the building on the Easter Egg Hunt race.

Race as Shelly

Win the Valentine's Day race.

Race as Starvin Marvin

Lose the Thanksgiving race without collecting any turkeys.

Race as Terrance and Phillip

Collect the four hidden pick-ups in the Christmas race.

Race as Tweak

Collect five caffeine pick-ups in the Spring Cleaning race.

Race as Visitor

Collect the hidden pick-up above checkpoint one and the another pick-up that
is between check point four and the wood bridge in the Memorial Day race.

Game music

Play track two and higher of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear
sound samples and music from the game.

Extra credit coin locations

Rally Days 1

There is a row of cows on the way to Checkpoint 3. Instead of turning
completely, go behind the red building. It is located behind the
houses, before the town square.

Rally Days 2

At the first bridge, turn left at the tracks. It is located at the end
of the train track.

Cow Days

At the south end of the room with all the hay.

Valentines Day

At the end of the Big Gay Boat Ride. It is located at the edge of the
river before the ball room.

Spring Cleaning

In the pool of sewage by Checkpoint 2.

Read-A-Book Day

At the top of the steps in the cemetery.

Easter Egg Hunt

Near the beginning on the right mountain ledge.

Pink Lemonade

The red carpet hallway.

Memorial Day

On the edge of the cliff on the cracked concrete by the laser location.

Independence Day

Next to the right side of the building by Checkpoint 2.


Behind the trees in the "city" area.


In the Ring Jump, in the tire in the staircase room.


Behind the blue car in the parking lot by Checkpoint 3.

Millennium New Year's Eve

On the ring on the other side of the old Checkpoint 1 from the Memorial Day Race.

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