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The Legend of Dragoon

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003


Final addition

To get the final addition for all characters except Miranda and Shana,
master the previous ones. You will get their 7-hit master combo. Most
of them gain SP of over 100 and damage over 400 %.

Easy way to master additions

Go to the Forest near Seles. Go to the area where the Merchant was
located (with small rabbit-like creatures) and just run around. The
battles happen quickly in this area and your opponents are easy to kill.

Easy experience

If you are at the Phantom Ship, stay there. Run into the blue flames
and fight them. You will get experience easily.

Ultimate Wargod

You can buy an Ultimate Wargod in Lohan. It makes your additions
perform perfectly without any penalty. It may cost 10,000, which may be
very hard to get at this point in the game. However, it makes battles
much easier and your Dragoons will still level up.


The following trick allows you to heal without a Mind or Body
Purifieron stock. Later on in the game when you have Dragoon Spirits,
turn Dragoon and the status will be gone.

Temple traps

When you are in the temple looking for the Dragoni plant to save Shana
on Disc 1, there are several traps set to delay you progress. The first
is a number combination -- the combo is 352. Almost directly after that
are two statues that must be turned in the correct direction to allow
you to reach the top of the stairs. There statues are gold and stone.
Leave the gold statue facing the front and turn the stone statue to the
left. As soon as this is done, you can run up the stairs to find help for Shana.

Free water bottle

When you reach the town of Lohan, you must save Shana. To do this you
will need to get a bottle to hold water. After speaking with Dabas, go
down the stairs to reach the ground level of the town. When you do
this, a merchant will get your attention. He has a bottle, but wants to
sell it for an amazingly high price. Keep telling him to take down the
price he will eventually offer it for 100g. Select the second choice of
"..." and the merchant will give you the bottle for free.

Defeating S.Virage

Wait until it uses up its ten lives. Just make sure all your characters
have a high HP before its final attack, which does a lot of damage.

Defeating the Dead Captain and 4 Dead Knights

When you get to the end of the Ghost Ship, you have to defeat the Dead
Captain of the ship and the 4 Dead Knights. However, if you kill one of
them after a certain amount of time they will come back to life with
full health. Get all of the Knights and the Captain to a red health
meter. Once they are low enough, use either Dart's Explosion ability or
Kongol's Grand Stream and Meteor Strike magic abilities. Also, if you
have any of your Dragoon Spirts to level 5 you can use their Dragon
ability to make sure they are defeated.

Defeating the second Viarge Boss

You will have to fight a stronger Viarge Boss in the Gravity Breakdown
Valley. Take out his left hand (the hand on the right side of the
screen) first and he will not be able to do his instant death attack
until it returns. After you take out his left hand, concentrate on his
head. If his hand comes back, destroy it again. You will win the battle
after doing 1,600 damage to his head. Here is a list of how much health
each part has:

Head: 1600 HP
Left Arm: 320 HP
Right Arm: 320 HP
Body: 600 HP

Dragoon Stone Locations


You start with his stone at the beginning of the game but you
cannot use it until you defeat Kongol at the Battle of Hoax.


To get the Lavitz Dragoon stone, you have to defeat the Green
Tusked Dragon and the man who turns into the Jade Dragoon. Albert
will then inherit the Lavitz Dragoon stone at the end of the Disc 1.


You will get Shana's Dragoon stone after getting to the temple and
defeating the Bandit. Then answer the questions that the ghost
asks you. Miranda will inherit Shana's Dragoon stone on the Disc 3.


After defeating Kongol at the Battle of Hoax you will get Rose
with her Dragoon stone.


You will get Haschel's Dragoon stone after defeating Emperor Doyle
at the end of Disc 1.


You will get Meru's Dragoon stone after defeating the Blue Sea
Dragon and Lenus.


After you get Kongol go back to the City of Loan and walk to where
the man who sold you the bottle is located. You will automatically
walk up to him. After talking he will sell Kongol's Dragoon stone
for 1,000G.

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