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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

All Characters 

At the menu screen quickly press right, down, down-right, down, 
down-left, left, triangle. You should hear a "whack" sound and the 
Game Start" letters should turn red. Start a game or a versus match. 
A new menu should appear that allows you to play as any character. 
Note: The enemies have the same HP as in the game. Pick a bunny 
and you're easy pickings. Pick Zeiram and your near invulnerable. 

Extra Mode 

At the menu screen hold left for several seconds, then quickly 
press right, circle, triangle. You should hear a "whack" sound and 
the option letters should turn red. You can now enter options and 
select "Extra" mode where you and the enemies are energized and sped up! 

Versus Mode 

At the main menu, rotate the joystick 360 degrees then press X, 
Square, Circle, Triangle. If done correctly you will hear a sound 
and Versus Mode will be available. 

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