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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Ahmed Johnson's Finisher 

Press: Left, Right, Up, Square+X When opponent's meter is on red and 
both players are standing. 

Alternate Costumes 

To use the wrestlers alternate outfits, simply hold down L2 while 
choosing your wrestler. For more costumes, make sure your difficulty 
is set on Medium or Hard, then follow the instructions below.

To unlock Goldust's hidden outfits (Marilyn Dust and Dusty Dust), win 
the WWF title in Challenge mode with him. 

Beans Mode 

To access Beans Mode, win the World Title with Mosh on Medium difficulty. 

Big Heads 

Beat the Challenge mode with the British Bulldog. 

Bonus Wrestlers 

To play as Dude Love and Cactus Jack, win the title with Mankind in a 
one-player VS. game.

To play as Sue the ring girl, win the World Title with Bret Hart or Owen 
Hart on Medium Difficulty.

To play as the Trainer, enter Training mode.

To wrestle as Pamela beat the challenge mode with Sue the ring girl on 
medium or hard difficulty. 

Cactus Jack/Dude Love's Double Arm DDT 

When using Cactus Jack or Dude Love press right, left, up, circle and X 
when in ready position. 

Call for Backup 

To call for a certain wrestler to run in during a match, hold all four 
shoulderbuttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) and press a direction + a button. 
Each combination of a direction and a button corresponds to one of 
the 16 wrestlers in the game.

Note: It becomes a Handicap match with you and whoever you called 
in against your opponent, but no matter what happens, your opponent 
will win by Disqualification. Also, it can only be done in a 1-on-1 VS Match.

Here are the combinations corresponding to the person you call in: 

Steve Austin -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Up+Kick 
Faarooq -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Up+Punch 
Mankind -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Up+TieUp 
Ahmed Johnson -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Up+Block 
Ken Shamrock -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Down+Kick 
Kane -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Down+Punch 
Thrasher -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Down+TieUp 
Mosh -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Down+Block 
British Bulldog -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Left+Kick 
Shawn Michaels -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Left+Punch 
Bret Hart -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Left+TieUp 
Owen Hart -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Left+Block 
The Rock -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Right+Kick 
Goldust -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Right+Punch 
Triple H -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Right+TieUp 
The Undertaker -- L1+L2+R1+R2+Right+Block

Change Character Cheer 

When the crowd is cheering for you or your opponent you can change 
the cheer by pausing the game and then unpausing it. This only works 
if the character has two cheers. 

Cheat Menu 

When the elevator on the main menu is going up, press L1, then press 
R1 to descend into the basement. This is where your cheat codes will 
appear once you've unlocked them. 

Create Lara Croft 

Gender: female
Belt:Chain 2
Accessories:Sunglasses 3

This only works if you have the codes Ladies Night and New Duds. 

Different Color Wrestler 

In "Create Wrestler" mode, get the bottom skin color that looks gray. 
Use L1,L2,R1, and R2 to change the color. You can also make the 
Incredible Hulk with this code HULK SMASH! 

Dizzy Wrestler 

At the create-a-player mode, hold down square and when the wrestler 
starts to sway let up and he will be dizzy. If you keep doing this he 
will act like he is going to throw-up. 

Duplicate Any Belt 

Play the challenge mode with any wrestler and win at least one belt. 
Then save game. Play as any wrestler without the belt in any 2 player 
mode against the wrestler with a belt. Play for a belt. Play 2 player 
mode by yourself without any one controlling Player 2. Beat 2nd player. 
You win belt. Go to options and save the game on the wrestler that won 
the belt not the loser. Then reset your PlayStation. Now both wrestlers 
have a belt. Keep doing that against another wrestler to get more belts 
if wanted. 

Ego Mode 

For Ego Mode, win the World Title with Ahmed Johnson on Medium difficulty. 
On Ego mode, your Head gets bigger and bigger as you cause more damage 
to your opponent. 

Extra Cold Outfits 

To obtaion the "Extra Cold" feature, simply beat the game with Stone 
Cold Steve Austin. This will give you access to two additional outfits. 
To pick them, Hold the appropiate shoulder button while choosing him.

L1=Regular Outfit (Black tights)
L2=Alternate Outfit (Tights and 3:16 vest)
R1=Extra Outfit 1 (Jeans and 3:16 vest)
R2=Extra Outfit 2 (Jeans and 3:16 shirt) 

Extra Points for Created Wrestlers 

Once you've created a wrestler go to a one player game and chose either 
tag team or cage. After you beat one of these a box will come up showing 
that you've earned extra attribute points. Cage matches give you 2 
attribute points and tag team gives you three. 

Faarooq's Finisher 

Press:Up,Up,Up,Circle+X When opponent's meter is on red and both players 
are standing. 

HBK's Finisher 

Opponent's energy must be in RED, Sweet Chin Music Right Down Up Square+X

Ladder Match 

To fight in a ladder match, finish the challenge mode twice on hard mode 
with any wrestler then on your last match on the second challenge it will 
be a ladder match. 

Ladies Night 

To create a female wrestler, complete challenge mode with Triple H or Shawn Michaels. 

New Masks 

Beat the challenge mode with Kane and you will get a lot of scary masks 

No Meters 

To turn off all meters, beat the Challenge mode with the Undertaker.

No Wimps Mode 

To get the "No Wimps Mode", which turns off all blocking, win the title 
with Ken Shamrock on medium or hard modes. 

Random Selection 

At the character selection screen hold UP and press X. 


To do the rock bottom when standing and the opponent is in the red press left,left,up,punch+tieup. 

Shawn Michaels' "Extra Taunt" 

Pick Shawn Michaels or someone with his move set then go by the upper 
left or right turnbuckle and do a normal taunt but push up while doing it. 
If done right he will lay on the turnbuckle. 

Stave Austin's "Kick Stunner" 

To do something a little cooler than the regular stunner just press right, 
right, up, tieup+block to add a kick before doing the stunner like he 
always does when he kicks Vince Mikmayon. 

Stone Cold Stunner 

If you're in a tieup and your opponent's health meter is in the red, 
press Left, Left, Tieup or Right, Right, Tieup to execute the Stone 
Cold Stunner. 

The Rattlesnake 

Beat challenge with a created player. Go to selection screen and then 
to custom and it will say "The Rattlesnake" (stone cold with jeans)

The Rock's "Tornado DDT" 

When using The Rock, Press right, left, up, triangle to perform a 
Tornado DDT.

Triple H Finisher 

Press:Left,Down,Right,Triangle+Circle When opponets meter is on red 
and both players are standing.

Undertaker's "Tombstone" 

Get your opponent on red, tieup and push down, up, tieup. Kane can also 
do this move. 

View all Cinema Scenes 

At the Press Start screen, press Up+Triangle, Right+O, Down+X, 
Left+Square in that order four times, then press L1+R1, L2+R2, 
L1+R1, L2+R2. Above the Press Start text will be the word "Movie". 
Press up or down to select one of 64 different cinema scenes throughout 
the game.

After you view the first movie, the "Press Start" screen will be pitch 
black. From there press up or down to change the movie, then press X 
to view a different movie, but keep in mind that you will not be able to 
see what number movie you are going to because the screen will be black. 

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