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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

4X Damage Taunt 

Press Up, Down, Up, Down and your wrestler will taunt, and the next 
move you perform within the next few seconds will result in a High 
Risk Attack, causing 4 times the damage!

Cheat Codes 

To use these codes, pause the game and enter any of the following. 
To turn a code off, just re-enter it. 

Freeze computer players -- Left, Left, Up, Down, R2 
Extra damage -- Up, Up, L1, L2, Down 
Enable combos -- R1, L2, R2, L2, Right 
Humans take minor damage -- Down, Up, L2, Right, Left 
Automatic super-pins -- Down, Down, Down, Down, Left

Special Moves 

Here are several special moves, some of which are strange even for 
professional wrestlers. 

Charge for 3 seconds to turn Vader into a bison. 

Charge punch for 3 seconds and release for Goldust to throw Gold 
Dust in their eyes. 

Powerslam opponets as the British Bulldog by tapping FF SuperKick. 

Tap DF Punch to do the Undertake's Sliding Choke Grab. 

Owen Hart's card shuffle is performed by tapping DF Kick. 

Ahmed Johnson Pearl River Plunge is by tapping BB Superkick 
from a headhold. 

Charge SuperPunch for 3 secsonds and release to do Bret 
Hart's Crucifixion. 

Super Pins 

With these pins at your disposal your opponent will be blubbering in no time. 

Fighter           Move

Bulldog           D-U-P-SK-SP-K
Undertaker        D-U-P-SK-SK-SP-SP
Ahmed Johnson     D-U-P-SK-SP-K
Bret Hart         D-U-SP-D-U-SP
Vader             D-U-K-K-K-K
Owen Hart         D-U-P-P-K-K
Golddust          D-U-SK-D-U-SK
Shawn Micheals    D-U-P-SK-SK-P
HHH               D-U-SP-SP-SP-SP
Ultimate Warrior  D-U-P-P-P-K

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