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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Alternate Costumes 

When selecting your wrestler during any mode other than Career Mode, 
press X for the default outfit, hold L1 and press X for outfit 2, hold L2 
and press X for outfit 3 and hold R2 and press X for outfit 4. 

Break free from Pins and Holds 

While your opponent attempts to pin you (or has you in a submission hold), 
press R1 to break free.

Career mode Bonuses 

Win the following events in Career mode with any wrestler (on any 
difficulty setting) to unlock wrestlers and bonuses.

European Title

Additional items in Create A Wrestler mode

Squeak mode (high-pitched voices)

Wrestle as Mero, Sable and Jeff the Trainer

Intercontinental Title

Additional attributes in Create A Wrestler mode

Big Head mode

Wrestle as Chyna and Jaqueline

WWF Heavyweight Title

Beep mode (censors foul language)

Ego mode (as wrestlers gain/lose momentum, their heads swell/shrink)

Wrestle as Head, Al Snows dummy

King of the Ring (pay-per-view event)

Wrestle as Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku

Summer Slam (pay-per-view event)

Wrestle as Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels

Royal Rumble (pay-per-view event)

Wrestle as Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer 

Extra T-shirts 

To get an additional shirt, put a logo on a blank one. (Note: This works 
particularly well with black Ts with Attitude tattooed on them.) 

Extra chances in Royal Rumble 

When you lose a royal rumble or get elimated hold the shoulder 
buttons (R1,R2,L1,L2.)You will get a list of wrestlers that are in 
the game. Choose a wrestler. Then you will be able to enter the 
ring as him. 

Fake Stun 

To pretend to be stunned by your opponent, press R1 while they 
are pounding you. 

Random Wrestler Selection 

When selecting your wresler, press R1 and the icon will be randomly 
placed on a name. 

Royal Rumble Elimination 

With your back to the ropes, perform a Back Body Drop on your 
opponent to eliminate them from the Royal Rumble. 

Royal Rumble Replacement 

When your wrestler loses or leaves the ring during a Royal Rumble, 
hold the shoulder buttons (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2) to play as your partner. 

Tag Team Call-In 

During a Tag Team match, hold X and press R to wrestle as your partner 
without having to tag him. 

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