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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Banana Bomb Trick 

When you have a banana bomb, walk up to a wall with a worm near it.... 
make sure you are against the wall and that it rises above you at least 
half an inch...also make sure the worm you are trying to kill is also 
close...when nextto the wall, aim strait ahead and chargeup fully and 
the bomb will get stuck in the wall...when it goes off it will do max 
damage to any worm near it. easy kill... (note: you will lose your worm 
also...last resort only) 

Boxing Ring 

While playing, execute a fire punch or a dragonball, then quickly hold 
SQUARE and press R1, L1, CIRCLE. If you did it correctly, one worm 
from each team will be teleported to a boxing ring where all you can 
do is punches and dragonballs. When one of the worms dies you will 
teleport back to the original landform. 

Extra Weapons and Rope Trick 

At the Weapon Options screen, press X + Square 10 times. This 
code also lets you swing 360 degrees with the ninja rope. 

Infinite banana bombs 

If you go to the weapons options screen and hit Down, Right, X,  ,  , 
X,  ,  , X,  ,   you will recieve infinite banana bombs. NOTE: not for 
use with the upgraded weapons code (X+  8 times) 

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