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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Additional Circuits 

To unlock the four hidden tracks, take gold with one or more of the 
default teams on the following course(s).

Hidden Circuit         Racing Team            Circuit
Hi-Fumii               any team               all initial tracks
P-Mar Project          any 2 teams            Hi-Fumii
Manor Top              any 3 teams            P-Mar Project
Terminal               all default teams      Manor Top

Cheat Codes 

To activate a cheat enter its corresponding code as a Default Name. 

All challenges -- THEHAIR 
All prototype circuits -- CANCER W 
All racing circuits -- WIZZPIG 
All teams -- AVINIT 
All tournaments -- BUNTY 
Change blue Turbo triangles to white -- BEBEDEE 
Collisions with walls slow down vehicle -- NOWHEELS 
Enable 4P Link mode * -- LINK 
Phantom class -- JAZZNAZ 
Random weapons -- DEPUTY 
Unlimited hyperthrust -- MOONFACE 
Unlimited shields and thrust -- GEORDIE 

* Link mode is enabled on two PlayStations running two copies of the game. 

Hidden Racing Teams 

To unlock the four hidden racing teams, successfully complete the indicated 
circuit(s) with the following team(s).

Hidden Team            Circuit                Team(s)

Quirex RD              Terminal 4             all default teams

AG-5                   any 2 tracks           Quirex RD

Assegai                any 3 tracks           AG-5

Icaras                 any 4 tracks           Assegai

Prototype Circuits 

To unlock all four prototype circuits, successfully complete all tracks 
(using the default teams) in Single Race mode. A Prototypes option 
will appear on the main menu. 

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