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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

255 Items 

Perform the following actions during any round of a battle. 

Have the first person to attack use a Heal Berry. 

Have the second person to attack use a Heal Berry. 

Have the third person swap any item you have one of with the Heal 
Berries, then attack as normal. 

Note: The 255 Item trick is great, as long as you don't win before the 
above steps are completed. If you do win beforehand, you will not only 
not recieve 255 of the switched item, you will lose it completely! 

Fun Things to do in Surf Village 

Throw the chicken that starts near Tony's house. If you threw the right 
one it will turn into a Light Shroom (cures Flash.)

Bomb or Punch Tony's dog to get him to chase after you.

Use Cecilia's Magic Wand to talk to the horses for funny messages.

Almost every tool makes the guard at the entrance of the village talk to you. 

How To Reach The Abyss 

This code only works for the end of the game! After you get the punching 
glove for Rudy go into any Elw Temple and walk up right next to the 
transporter. Quickly hit it with the glove and the run in. Continue doing 
this until you get stuck in the sattelite the you would normally bounce 
off of. When you go inside you will be in the Abyss. Consider it carefuly 
before you leave because it takes a long time to get back in! 

How to get the Chrono Rune 

After getting the Courage Guardian, go to the Wind Altar in Baskar 
village. Zephyr will finally answer you. Have Cecilia use the wand on 
Chief Baskar's dog and then go to Adlehyde. If you paid money the 
whole way through the game to the kid in the mayor's house, he'll ask 
for 100,000 gella. After paying leave and re-enter and talk to the new 
guy in the pub to get "Dispellado". Now, at the odd rings north of Baskar, 
use Dispellado on the stones in this order: NW SW SE NE W S E N. The 
Illusion Temple will open and you can get the Chrono Rune.

After doing this, go to the Pub in Milama Village for a funny conversation 
between Jack and a waitress. 

Temple of Memory 

The password for the Memory Temple is "Emiko". 

Two-Player Battles 

During a battle insert a second controller into slot 2. And the person with 
the second controller can use the characters also. 

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