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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Alternate Uniform 

To select your character's alternate uniform, highlight the desired 
character and press Start. 

Easy Way to Win Quickly 

Knock your opponent out of the ring. They don't defend themselves as 
well outside the ring. Keep knocking them down until the count reaches 
about 16 or 17, then throw them into the far fence and climb back into 
the ring, before the count reaches 20. You win. This saves time when 
you're trying to access the giant and Jaguar. 

Hidden Characters 

To access the hidden characters, beat the game in League Challenge 
Mode with every league. When you've finished, go to the character 
select screen and scroll to the bottom. 

Make Your Opponent Groggy 

To make your opponent groggy quickly, hit him with your special attack 
(R2, or Triangle+Square). Lift him up (Square) and use your special 
attack again. Keep repeating this until he becomes groggy. It will then 
be easier to do moves on him or get behind him. 

Pause While Getting Up Off The Ground 

As soon as you get thrown or dropped on the floor when you see your 
man start to move to get up off the ground, hold down the square button 
and when your man is half way standing up,he will pause while getting up! 

Play as Tiger Mask and The Giant 

To play as both of these characters, you must beat every league with 
the same guy as a junior heavyweight and heavyweight. Once you beat 
all six of the leagues, a Super Jr./Heavyweight Division shows up under 
the last given league. Beat these and you have the Original Tiger Mask 
and The Giant. Tiger Mask will be in the top left corner and The Giant 
in the top right corner. 

Random Selection 

To choose a character at random, press CIRCLE at the character 
selection screen. 

Signature Moves 

Charge your spirit meter up. While it's blinking, hold Circle to grab your 
opponent. Keep holding it down until your character raises his arms into 
the air, then release to perform a signature move. 

Tip: This is a lot easier if you beat up on your opponent first to get him stunned. 

Throw your Opponent out of the Ring 

For an easier way to throw your opponent out of the ring, throw him 
off the ropes and stand fairly close to the opposite ropes. When he 
comes close to you press L1. Your wrestler will either do a leap frog 
or a duck down, and your opponent will go sailing through the ropes. 

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