Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets: WARCRAFT II THE DARK SAGA
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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Cheat Codes 

Pause the game then go to the ENTER PASSWORD screen and enter these 
passwords using the C button. 

DCKMT -- Full upgrades 
VRYLTTL -- All spells and renewal of mana with each spell cast 
NSCRN -- Show entire map 
GLTTRNG -- 10,000 gold, 5000 lumber and oil 
TSGDDYTD -- Invincible units 
MKTS -- Fast building and upgrade 
NGLS -- Disable magical traps (runes, ect.) 
NTPRF -- Laser show 
NVRWNNR -- Removes victory sequence and lets you continue playing 
NTTCLNS -- Instant victory 
YPTFLWRM -- Instant defeat 
THRCNBNL -- View ending 
VLDZ -- Gain oil 
HTCHTXNS -- Gain lumber

Dark Portal Passwords 

Level  Password

2      SKLLFG
3      THNRL
4      RFTWKN
5      DRGNSF
6      NWSTRM
7      SSFZRT
8      SSLTNK
9      DPTMBF
10     LTRC
11     VFDLRN
12     DPDRKP

Skeleton Bug 

There's a bug in the game that you can exploit if you're playing as Ogres. 
Cast "raise dead" on any fallen comrade or enemy. Then load the skeletons 
onto one of your transports and leave them there for a good long time. 
When you check on them again they should look different. When you 
unload them they are going to be randomly made into either a building, 
or the type of creature that they were before their death. 

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