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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Hidden Outfits 

When choosing your character press the start button 

Moves List 

Here are some moves to help your game. 

Character    Move Name                Move Sequence 
Mia          Elbow Lunge              Back, Forward + Punch
             Chop with Elbow Lunge    Down-Forward + Punch, Down-Forward + Punch
             Break Dance Sweep        Down + Kick, Down + Kick

Vikram       Spine Smasher Grapple    Punch + Escape
             Shin Kick Combo          Back + Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick,
             Side Kick Combo          Forward + Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick

Oleg         Catapult Throw	          Back + Punch + Escape
             Shin Kick/Reverse Kick   Back + Kick, Kick
             Elbow Thump/Side Kick    Down-Forward + Punch, Kick

Slim Daddy   Crouch Kick with High Kick  Down + Kick, Kick
             Snap Kick/Dash Punch Combo  Forward + Kick, Punch
             Overhand Combo              Back + Punch, Kick, Kick

Kenny        Armlock Takedown Counter    Back + Punch + Kick
             Pirouette Kick Combo        Forward + Kick, Forward + Kick
             Twin Punch Combo            Punch, Punch, Punch

Calucag      Tsunami                     Back, Forward + Punch + Kick
             Snap Kick with Axe          Forward + Kick, Forward + Kick
             Backhand Jab Combo          Punch, Punch, Kick

Mineo        Knee Buster Kick Counter    Down + Punch + Kick
             Punch Combo                 Punch, Punch, Kick
             Crouch Kick/Elbow Upper     Down + Kick, Punch

Kara         Face Smash Takedown         (to opponents back) Punch + Escape
             Crossover Kick              Kick, Kick
             Punch Medley                Punch, Punch, Punch, Kick

Harold       Shoulder Charge                  Back, Forward + Punch + Kick
             Circle Punch/Lunge Combo         Back + Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, 
Punch, Punch, Punch
             Circle Punch/Uppercut/Back Kick  Back + Punch, Punch, Kick

Kathleen     Horse Kick                       Down + Kick, Down + Kick
             Overhand Chop with Elbow Smash   Down-Forward + Punch, Punch
             Elbow Jab with Shin Breaker      Forward + Punch, Back + Kick

Leath        Backflip Attack             Up-Forward + Kick
             Pivot Kicks                 Down-Back + Kick, Kick, Kick
             One-Two Revolution Punch    Back + Punch (tap), Back + Punch (hold)

O'Doul       Laugh Attack                Back, Forward + Punch + Kick
             Punch with Charlie Horse    Forward + Punch, Punch
             Lunge Punch Combo           Down-Forward + Punch, Punch, Kick

Ramos        Power Uppercut                  Down-Forward + Punch + Kick
             Step Kick with Side Kick        Forward + Kick, Forward + Kick
             Crouch Kicks with Side Kicks    Down + Kick, Down + Kick, Kick

Jalil        Axe Kick with Body Kick     Forward, Forward + Kick, Kick
             Turning Kick Combo          Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick
             Crouch Kicks                Down-Back + Kick, Down-Back + Kick

Thana        Axe Kick                    Forward + Punch + Kick
             Axe Kick/Lunging Axe Kick   Forward, Forward + Kick, Kick
             Jabs                        Forward + Punch, Punch

Paco         Football Shoulder Charge    Back + Punch + Kick
             Crouch Kick/Power Uppercut  Down + Kick, Punch
             Step Kick, Rising Knee      Forward + Kick, Kick

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