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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

All Characters 

Go to Mayham Mode and make both teams have all players. Leave it on set 
teams and enter the following code. Press CIRCLE + SQUARE, then press 
SQUARE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE + SQUARE. If the code is entered correctly, it 
will say ALL PLAYERS in the bottom right. 

Easier Secret Characters, Battlefields and Maps 

The normal way to get these secreates exists, but is much harder. The 
same code is used each time but in different places. The code is 
simultaneously press Circle and Square. Press select four times. Press 
start three times. Press square two times. Press circle once. Simultaneeously 
press circle and square again.

Places to type/effect

In Mayhem mode highlight "set teams" type the code to get the two 
awesome secret characters. (useable in Mayhem only) The words all 
players will appear in the bottom right portion of the screen.

In Mayhem mode highlight "Accept Teams" and type the code. All of the 
secret areas are now available. (Useable in Mayhem only) The words all 
levels will now appear.

In Strategy mode highlight "Set War" Type the code. You can now choose 
any map to battle on. (useable in Strategy only). 

Secret Warriors and Mayhem Backgrounds 

To release two secret fighting backgrounds, beat Strategy Mode on Normal 
level with each side.  The Arcane victory will release the Menhir Circle; the 
Teknos, the Dark Maze.

To gain control of two secret super-warriors, beat Strategy Mode on 
Hard level.  The Arcanes earn the nasty MegaPrana, while the Teknos 
recieve the Beta-Razorfane, their first truly effective flying character.

All of the above are usable in Mayhem Mode only. 

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