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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Level select

At the options screen, press Right, Left, Circle, Triangle(2) to unlock all
levels. Note: You will still need to collect the Pizza Planet Tokens.


Battery locations

Start a game on the Bombs Away level and move all the way to the left
to find a battery. Then, move all the way to the right to find another batter.

Green laser locations

Green lasers will allow enemies to be killed with a single shot. They
can be found at the following locations:

Andy's House: When you go to the garage, find a way to get up to
the van. When you get to the top, you will see a green laser.

Andy's Neighborhood: Find your way to the location with a broken
car. The green laser should be right in front of you.

Alleys and Gullies: Turn to the right when you see the first
airplane box.

Getting on the trees

Begin a game on the Andy's Neighborhood level. Climb on the swing, then
reach the other swing. Move to the tire with a rope. Climb up the rope,
then jump on top of the tree. Note: There is a kite Boss at the very
top of the tree. When you first get on the tree, Hamm will appear. Find
50 coins bring them to Hamm to receive a Pizza Planet token.

Finding the green army men

Begin a game on the Andy's Neighborhood level. After starting, you
should see a tractor that will chase you. Do not leave the yard. Turn
around and you will see a green army man. Go up the steps and approach
him. He will offer a Pizza Planet token to you if you can find all five
of his army men. The other army men can be found easier if you see flames.

Finding Mr. Potato Head's eye

To retrieve Mr. Potato Head's eye (and receive the disc launcher), keep
climbing up the construction site. You will eventually find the eye.

Defeating the Wind Up Robot

Shoot him with a charged laser while he is winding up.

Defeating the Jackhammer Boss

Get the disc launcher from Mr. Potato Head. Shoot the Boss, but do not
allow him get too close to you, or he will shoot out hot bolts. Note:
You must find Mr. Potato Head's eye to unlock and receive the disc
launcher. You only receive ten disks that may be used over and over if
you return.

Defeating the final Bosses

You have to fight the Gunslinger, the Blacksmith and the Old Prospector
in the final level. Defeat them in that order. To defeat the
Gunslinger, use lasers. Use the spin for the Blacksmith and the Prospector.

Debug mode 

At the title screen press: X, Circle, Square. 

Outrun the RC car 

In the second level, Andy's Neighborhood, you can defeat RC without 
the jet boots. Here is how: Every time the RC car attempts to pass you 
by, simply stand in front of it and wait for it to collide with you. It will 
stop for a short time. Keep running along and run into him at all costs. 
Be sure not to land in the cemnt mixture. You can repeat this process 
to get the Pizza Planet Coin. 

Replenish Health 

When your health is gone, quickly exit the level then return to it and 
you should be invincible. 

Secret level 

On level one if you get 100 or more coins go talk to Hamm and he will 
invite you to the secret room called Woodys workshop. Here you can 
collect extra hints, cheats, and tips in order to beat the other levels 
(this will make it easier and will show you were everything is at) 

Shortcut to Mr. Patotohead's ear 

In the first level. In the room Hamm is in. Jump on the chair so you go 
In the air and land. Instead of jumping over to the next platform just 
walk off and turn around. You should get his ear. 

Unlock All Levels 

At the title screen press Up 4 times, Down 2 times, Up 2 times, and 
finally Down 3 times. If the code is done correctly you will unlock all 
the levels but you still have to complete all the missions because the 
Pizza Planet Tokens will not be available. 

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